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  1. Kung Fu Fighting

    I have a series of question regarding unarmed combat. 1) Does having monk as a secondary class actually work for unarmed combat > 3? 2) Does power strike affect unarmed strike damage at all? 3) is there a particular technique on how to punch one’s opponents? 4) does wearing gloves improve...
  2. Undead Priests

    If I am a cleric and use turn undead, would undead troops I control die as well?
  3. I'm confused

    How do I recruit new units to my party other than mercenaries?
  4. The Titles You Can Get and Piracy

    What are the differences between the titles you can pick when you make an empire? Some are pretty easy to figure out. King gets Swadian troops, Sultan get sarrianids, Tsar get Vagier troops, but what on earth is THE ANITPOPE??? Also, what kind of troops would be best if I wanted to make a...
  5. My Orc's not 100% ****, soooo...

    Who would it be acceptable for him to recruit into his army of orcs, other than orcs?In an RP sense.
  6. Questions about the New World

    What is required to make a colony, and do you need to be a vassal or ruler to make a colony? Also, can you conquer the Aztcoa empire? And what happens if you take over Zendar?
  7. What is Nóregr

    I really don't know Please tell me where the name Kingdom of Nóregr comes from.
  8. Religion

    What can I use my faith for? Just asking.
  9. Faction Distinctions

    What are the differences, both lore wise and mechanically, between the factions? Swadia is Nazis, Kherigts are China, Vagiers are Russia, and Sarriands are Islamic states, but that is the extent of my knowledge.
  10. Questions about effectiveness of bards.

    Alright, since I have recently found out that bards have a chance to get groupies when they preform, I basically. want to make a celebrity who unites the world in music. Obviously I'll start as a bard, but I will get a holy symbol as soon as possible to make him actually good near a battlefield...
  11. Questions about Swordmages and Battle-wizards

    First of all, incredible mod. I have pumped in dozens of hours already. To my point, I was think about making an Orc charecter I'm coining as, The Dark Warchief. Basically, a might Orc fighter with magic powers and necromatic abilities. What should I do to make this kind of charecter effectively?
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