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  1. Kung Fu Fighting

    Well, thank you for letting me know, just be sure to get back to us when you get a chance, because commuting to unarmed combat feels like a risky investment of you don’t know how it/if works.
  2. Kung Fu Fighting

    I have a series of question regarding unarmed combat. 1) Does having monk as a secondary class actually work for unarmed combat > 3? 2) Does power strike affect unarmed strike damage at all? 3) is there a particular technique on how to punch one’s opponents? 4) does wearing gloves improve...
  3. Suggestions

    Kubin said:
    LordFishius said:
    Also I thought about a Demonlogy skill that lets you summon demons..
    There was a similar idea of Volker32 that I've put my 2 cents into:,305004.msg8405425.html#msg8405425

    But the skill "Demonology" is somewhat tricky, since there's skill limit in the game engine - you can swap existing skill with whatever you want, but alas, you can't add a new one.

    It could be combined with necromancy and just turn that whole school into black magic. Summoning demons seems like something a Lich would do for ****s and giggles.
  4. Currently working on...

    I think we all are. After all, Guspav is the rarest of creatures: A person who's mod has not been updated in like two years, because of just how hard they are working on it.
  5. Currently working on...

    AlienMagi said:
    Is there any estimate to when you will upload the newest updates?

    At this point, we don't know when this update will drop. We've been waiting for about a year or two, but the update's kept on getting bigger and bigger. At this point, it has to be approaching critical content mass. Guspav has to run out of things to fit into the code of this 6 year old game. There has to be a limit. He just hasn't reached it yet.
  6. New skills and powers

    Phantasy Calradia: The Shattering Rebirth of the Old World: The Next Generation: Ghost Protocol: Revengance.

    Bound to be good.
  7. Current State Of The Mod

    That's a fair enough reason Grandmaster
  8. Undead Priests

    If I am a cleric and use turn undead, would undead troops I control die as well?
  9. Suggestions about new troops and NPCs

    There should be a gnome faction, or we should just integrate the gnomes with the dwarves.
  10. Lore debate thread

    I believe what Commie is saying is that some to most of the IA stuff (which I personally know nothing about on any level) will be used, but the factions themselves will be re-flavored to fit into the Red Wars narrative we have created in this little slice of paradise. New factions like san quevara will not be cut, the America side of the map will just get bigger and bigger and the geography of Calardia as a whole might get ret-cond to make this cohesive. Right?

    Also may not have spelled ret-con right
  11. Feedback

    In short, I really like this mod. What is currently available is of some of the highest quality in any mod available. My only complaint it how bare bones it feels, but it is an alpha after all. I can' t wait for the factions to get more filled in.
  12. I'm confused

    How do I recruit new units to my party other than mercenaries?
  13. The Reckoning| The Original Thread

    Humlenerd said:
    Epicrules said:
    Reus said:
    Or you could just go with "Happy holidays" and try to avoid such a pointless discussion, no?

    QFT. People look for too many reasons to be offended nowadays.
    IKR. Can't we all just have a happy Kwanzaa?

  14. How to not be a low born...

    Yes, make that a freaking let's play series! I would pay to see that!
  15. The Titles You Can Get and Piracy

    Should I get Noger Vikings or Nordic Vikings? I still don't know the difference between them.
  16. The Titles You Can Get and Piracy

    I took the antipope to basically be the same as the antichrist, but for popes. Now that I have looked in a dictionary, I see how wrong I was.
  17. The Titles You Can Get and Piracy

    What are the differences between the titles you can pick when you make an empire? Some are pretty easy to figure out. King gets Swadian troops, Sultan get sarrianids, Tsar get Vagier troops, but what on earth is THE ANITPOPE??? Also, what kind of troops would be best if I wanted to make a...
  18. Suggestions about new items

    Can we get a weapon that enhances magic that is not a staff? For the fighter mages.
  19. My Orc's not 100% ****, soooo...

    Yeah, but look at the thread name. That kind of magic is only used by people who are 101% ****. That means they contain more **** than pure **** does.
  20. My Orc's not 100% ****, soooo...

    My problem isn't technical, its more role play based. Drow is the only thing that would ever actually have a chance of happening, as far as I can tell. Maybe mercenaries too, but I don't know who else would willingly work for an orc warband leader, other than other orcs and the upcoming ogres *more squeeing*.

    On a "COMPLETELY UNRELATED NOTE", is there any way to marry a female companion as a male PC?
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