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  1. Musket Balancing [Downloadable!]

    This mini-mod changes the balances with the most used weapons in the game. Muskets without bayonets: Increased accuracy - 90 Muskets with bayonets: The same French Guard musket: Decreased accuracy by 10, melee damage - 60 Hunting musket: Accuracy - 110 This is so the mod has a little more...
  2. Title Music Change (Music Mini-Mod) ASK FOR ANY SONG REPLACEMENTS

    Top o' the mornin'! I just made this little thread so I can post music changes to the mod. Do you want one of the songs in the mod changed? Ask me. I can do in 5 to 10 minutes. 1. Pirates of the Caribbean - Barbarossa Is Hungry...
  3. Winter

    What are the winter months and when will we start seeing snow? IN L'AIGLE
  4. War Diaries (POSTS 1 AND 3) Continued! Royal Highlander Greatcoat Kilt Fixed!

    This is more of an After Action Report thread. Post your experiences from your adventures in Napoleonic Europe! Keep it like a journal/diary where you have dates, and maybe times, if you want. Greatcoat-Kilt bug, fixed...
  5. [NW][M]War of the French Intervention

    Hello, I'm BSM 'Shut Up' Williams, also known as baktech, I am creating a mod about the French Campaign of Mexico on 8 December 1861 – 21 June 1867. Development Notes Musicians will be taken away from the regiment "Choose your Rank" section to be put into the "Music Detachment" class and...
  6. NW Musket Animation

    Here is the Musket Holding animation for you guys! Credits to Nytech Hinkel Lance For making NaS mod with this musket holding. It's used in NaS and it just basically holds the musket closer to the face. Back-up your mmanimations.brf file. It also affects first person. And thanks to...
  7. Which is the MP one?

    As the title says, which one has MP?
  8. Help!

    Whenever I play any faction they all have native stuff. Why? Do I play on WSE?
  9. Uniforms 1861-1865

    Can anyone link me to a website that contains uniforms from the american civil war so I can make re-skins and maybe take requests for some people. Thanks.

    please i really want one i thank you in advance MAKE sure its not World War 1.2 i got it but is wierd maybe World War 1.3 or 1.4, 1.4 is best THANK YOU GUY'S
  11. Unban from 84e_NW_Siege

    please im also banned from 84e_NW_Siege just for asking for rocket troop so could you please unban me thx and i sent an email pls pls pls pls unban me thx the game name i was banned with was Lt*Col*SzkodaVistulaLgn_PL My steam Name is Baktech
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