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  1. SomeWeirdSins

    Strategy challenge!

    Fellow Calradians: I have a challenge for you! How good of a tactician are you? Do you win fights because of your strategy, or just because you have amazing troops? Now you have the opportunity to prove your skill! Step 1: Install Enhanced battle test...
  2. SomeWeirdSins

    In Progress 1.59 teleporting spouse

    Summary: Attempt to play game. Unable to play game because of awful design. Why is this a problem? Why is it not fixed? Currently most viewed Bannerlord streamer on twitch and unable to produce content due to feature zero percent of the the playerbase wants. Please allow player to set fixed...
  3. SomeWeirdSins

    Bannerlord Armor System as a bottleneck for tactical gameplay

    Taleworlds team and fellow Bannerlord fans: I wanted to close out my second season of streaming Bannerlord with my thoughts on the current armor system. In 1.59 ranged damage is overwhelmingly strong. This strength creates a fight system where the ability to play tactically with a...
  4. SomeWeirdSins

    In Progress 1.59 Mounted Archery levelling speed incorrectly high

    Summary: When using a bow on horseback riding levels unintentionally fast. It is easy in around 8 hours to max riding. Unfortunately, riding will continue to increase so quickly that the learning rate on the character's other abilities will plummet, and the character will be unable to...
  5. SomeWeirdSins

    Need More Info Former Enemy faction's mercenary bands staying hostile after peace 1.59

    Summary: Fight in a war. Wait for peace. Mercenary bands that fought for the enemy empire stay hostile. How to Reproduce: Fight in a war. Wait for peace. Mercenary bands that fought for the enemy empire stay hostile. Scene Name (if related): N/A Media (Screenshots & Video): N/A...
  6. SomeWeirdSins

    Need More Info 1.59 Velvet Weavery production unintentionally low

    Summary: Velvet weaver production too low to be viable shop type How to Reproduce: Destroy/convert every single velvet weaver shop to ironmonger. Buy and destroy every unit of velvet on map until global velvet supply is zero. Open up velvet weavery in Myzea and sell 200 raw silk. Do every...
  7. SomeWeirdSins

    Need More Info 1.59 Lord spawning in rocks and getting stuck

    In my last three fights against enemy lords, the lords spawned in rocks. After I killed their entire army I was unable to find/kill the lord.
  8. SomeWeirdSins

    In Progress hand and a half swords not switching modes with hotkey

    Summary: 1h/2h hybrid swords such as the cleaver and the "Two Handed Cleaver" and "Battanian Mountain Blade" are no longer able to switch between two and one handed modes by using the 'switch weapon mode' hotkey How to Reproduce: Go into any scene (town or fight) with a 1h/2h hybrid weapon and...
  9. SomeWeirdSins

    Resolved 1.58 Bandits not leaving tracks, causing scouting to not level as intended

    in 1.58 bandits are not leaving tracks. This bug makes levelling scouting unintentionally slow. No mods running when I encountered this bug.
  10. SomeWeirdSins

    Resolved 1.57 Aserai veteran infantry have incorrect throwing value

    Aserai Veteran infantry have 50 throwing (40 on tier 3 unit in tree, 60 on tier 4 unit in tree). I assume that this unit is meant to be a skirmishing infantry with 80+ throwing. Current value is 50. Mods on: formation spawn fix, no death, level 1 companions
  11. SomeWeirdSins

    In Progress 1.57 and 1.58 roguery experience not working as described/intended

    Game's "How to Learn" flavor text: "Raid caravans. Recruit and lead bandit troops. Infiltrate enemy towns. Give bribes. Escape from captivity." All in in game results listed at base skill points gamed pre-multiple effect: 1. SP for ransoming troop: All ransomed troops/lords give 6 flat SP...
  12. SomeWeirdSins

    1.58 Game balance thoughs

    Hello, Taleworlds community. I've been streaming Bannerlord for the last 2 weeks on twitch, and I wanted to share some of my observations in the hope that they can help further the development of Bannerlord. I'm a big fan of what this game is trying to do, and hopefully the missing parts can...
  13. SomeWeirdSins

    Companions are undertuned

    Even with 80k worth of items and years of leveling a companion is a significantly weaker combat unit than a tier 5 unit. Companions need to start with more focus points or they never level
  14. SomeWeirdSins

    Some skills level so slowly that they are not viable builds

    Athletics and Medic level so slowly that they are not worth using in builds. In my most recent play through I ended the run (1.5.0) with 200 2 handed, 200 steward, 115 athletics, and 75 medic. I maxed 2h first, then athletics, then medic, then athletics.
  15. SomeWeirdSins

    Resolved Control groups 5 and 6 start in unexpected places on the fight maps.

    Summary: Control groups 5 and 6 start in unexpected places on the fight maps, often on the other side of the enemy or within enemy archer range. How to Reproduce: Set units into control groups 5, 6, and higher on maps including sea raiders bandit hideout and battonian town maps...
  16. SomeWeirdSins

    Request for clarity on 'captain' combat perks

    Please explain the mechanics for the combat perks that apply buffs to allied troops. I see perks that have text "in the formation you are leading" for example the one-handed perk "deflect" Do these apply to units in my party? Do they apply to units in an army I am leading? If a companion has...
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