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  1. Resolved Mixed icons in singleplayer

    I have a problem with mixed icons for items and skills in my current campaign. I tried reloading my game, closing the game entirely and then loading again - didn't work. I don't want to start another campaign and while this is not game breaking it is very annoying
  2. What's the best workshop to open in 1.5.3?

    Hello I tried to figure out a good location for my workshop and I was using information such as multiple villages bounded to the town that produce the same resource, town's prosperity and watching town's traffic and noting what is being sold / bought by visiting caravans. Sadly no matter how...
  3. Is skill progression much slower now? (Beta 1.5.3)

    Hello I was away from the game for 4 - 5 months now and I came back recently and started playing on 1.5.3 version. It's day 509 in my current campaign and I fought a lot, I have max points in athletics, one handed and polearms and around 6 points in vigor and 10 in endurance but despite that...
  4. What affects character's weight? My hero is loosing weight

    So I started out with a normal looking guy but after a while he looks more and more thin. My other hero got really muscular and fat. I've tried a few things but I cannot determine what are the factors in this process. Can anyone help?
  5. Character getting thinner / fatter

    Hello, my character started to get thinner and thinner. Now he looks like stickman. Whate are the rules to this mechanic? What makes my character grow muscles / get fatter?
  6. Khuzait Heavy Lancers stats too low

    Khuzait Heavy Lancer's stats are way too low, much lower that Kuzait Lancer's
  7. How to make units form more lines / rows?

    Is there a way to make units form a single line? Or stand in two / three lines? When I use my archers I would like them to form a single line so they have clear line of sight. When I move them around sometimes I can put them in that formation but sometimes it forms many rows / lines instead. It...
  8. [BUG] Imperial Lance has too much swing damage (135 Cut)

    Imperial lance has 135 cut damage making almost any other melee weapon obsolete
  9. Unresolved [BUG] Archer are not shooting the enemy

    When starting a battle my archers are not shooting the enemy, they just stand around doing nothing. Sometiems telling them multiple times to hold fire / fire at will makes them shoot again
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