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  1. Trebuchets are far too strong

    In my opinion, balancing trebuchets by requiring a high level Engineering perk (as currently not implemented in the Engineering tree) and require a large number of tools to construct them is a better way to balance things. Even with quadruple trebs, certain towns (Sanala in year 1100, for example) are effectively impossible to breach because they build defensive siege engines so quickly you can't stop them from having a new one up by time the treb is reloaded. Other than that, it still takes a bit to build quad trebs on the map, which gives the enemy faction more than enough time to assault you with an army.
    I totally agree! If not for anything else, trebs should be at least hard to build, requiring high eng skill, a lot of resources, etc etc.
    Yet I still think that fire siege engines should be buffed in any way, as they are pretty useless right now, for the purpose they are meant to - destroying other siege engines.
    Anyway, I agree with your ideas!
  2. Factions and cultural roots in Bannerlord

    I agree to geala, about the point of view he made, and I have editted the post in that part about the Latin Empire.
    I respect dannazgu for expressing his views on the matter, as this was the main point of this post - polite excange of ideas.
    And of course, I agree with Piconi, especially in his final words that "everyone can interpret Calradia as they wish".

    Thank you for your perpectives, expressed here, and I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  3. Factions and cultural roots in Bannerlord

    I want to talk about certain aspects of the game, which I personally love, and which I believe are often misunderstood, but work anyway. Namely the inspiration behind the glorious factions of Bannerlord. And first thing’s first – let’s start with the Empire. It is needless to say that the...
  4. An old loot mechanic to come back

    I remember back when I was playing Viking Conquest, there was a special loot mechanic - if you leave a lot of loot untouched, it automatically transferred to experience to your troops. In other words you leave the loot to your men, and they get better equipped, thanks to that. This was an...
  5. Trebuchets are far too strong

    Hello there, This is an issue I have only on the pre-siege scene, when the attacking army and the defending town/castle hurl boulders at each other. I think that the strength of the trebuchets against other siege machines is far too OP. They literally one shot enemy catapults and that makes the...
  6. Thank you for bringing Summer to Sturgia!

    As the title says, big thank your Taleworlds, for bringing Summer to the Sturgian lands. In the latest of updates, I have noticed, that the snow in Sturgia subsides and the land is green(ish) once again. This brings much needed flavour to the Sturgian scenes, which I greatly appreciate, as a...
  7. Flexible battle size and performance settings

    Thank you for your answer! :smile: You people are great! Now back to Calradia for me... :smile: :smile:
  8. Army influence upkeep

    Hello there, After clicking hundreds of times the +10 button on the army cohesion menu, and after several times when my army disbanded, because I forgot to do just that, I thought that if the army upkeep was a flat reduction, taken from your influence stash each day, it would ease my pains. I...
  9. Better night sky

    I would suggest improving the visuals of the night sky, to make it a bit closer to the one, we had in Warband. There it was full of stars, big ones, small ones, shiny ones, you could see the Milky Way and dream the night away. I could sleep under that sky! In Bannerlord however, the night sky is...
  10. Setting up a training camp

    When a party or an army is in the field, I would suggest, that they have the option to set up camp, for a short time, similarly to siege camp. (a lot shorter time) There a player can take a walk around the camp, as in Viking Conquest, however there would be an important other option to spend...
  11. Flexible battle size and performance settings

    Hello there Dear Devs, I can truly say that I can't get enough of your wonderful game! Bannerlord has surpassed my expectations and now stands among my favorite titles! My suggestion is simple: Why not have a flexible battle size settings for open fielsds and for sieges, just for the sake of...
  12. Formation against formation

    Hello there, Dear Devs, I have a suggestion for an optimal command during the battles. I think that it would be a very nice QOL addition to the game, if you could command a formation of your troops to attack a specific enemy formation. Perhaps if while we are pressing Alt to look at the...
  13. 🎻Bards` Tales

    Damn, Benjamin, I feel your pain! This poem must be ringing in all of Calradia's hearts. I am not complaining, though... (I play as a Khuzait :smile: )

    P.S. And I am here, just like last week, waiting for the stable e1.4.1 to get out of beta. All of that just because I want to have my men climb the siege towers and ladders, just like they are supposed to. I am starved, deprived of Bannerlord, while I wait for this update, and yet I am too stubborn to join the beta. I hope and pray that this Thursday will be the day, when my men will climb the ladders properly... any ladders will do... :smile:
  14. 🎻Bards` Tales

    Thank you, Piconi, I sure hope so! Have a great week, all, and stay safe!
  15. Old folk music of the steppes and bannerlord footage

    I absolutely love these kind of songs and music! :smile: Thank you for posting it here!
  16. Lordly and Royal campaign

    Hello there, I would like to advise for the return of the lordly and royal campaign, the way we know them from Viking Conquest. Those were the options to start the campaign as a lord or even as a king. This will be handy if a player wants to skip the first steps of building of a character and...
  17. 🎻Bards` Tales

    No, I don't think I'll touch it anymore. I like it just the way it is.
    But here goes:

    The primal urge

    The Simpsons’ scourge

    I long for its cold surge

    I’m going for a beer!

    The source for memories, held dear,

    And others lost in visions weird

    Drive to the pub, while you still steer

    It’s time for cheers

    If you’re not queer

    You get some Beer!


    An ocean gathered in a can

    The wettest dream of every Man

    The Paradise of Irish Saint

    Sole aim of Saint Patrick’s day event

    With waves of magic, brisky foam

    Taken on large sips on and on

    Deep feelings escalate in song

    You feel testosterone has grown

    Come Get Some!


    Mmm Beer,

    The deepest secret of Shakespeare

    I bet even the great King Lear

    Was made much softer for the ear

    With heavy portions of dark…


    I am interested of what the community thinks about it, though. :smile:
  18. 🎻Bards` Tales

    And speaking of songs and poems of life: here's a Battanian woodland poem with a little nod to @Piconi's Druimmor Fairy of ancient lore. :wink:

    It is catchy! Nice rhytm to it. Thanks for sharing. I have an old poem called Beer, but it is not on Bannerlord's topic. Or maybe it its, ha? I could share it too, if you'd like?
  19. Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine

    This all sounds great, TW! Looking forward to it all!
  20. Chamber blocking is non-functional

    Yes, I agree with OP! Please fix chamber blocking! Maybe increase the collision tiles of the weapons, so that when at least your timing is correct, your efforts wouldn't go to waste. Currently chamber blocking is a really unreliable system, be it in MP or SP.
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