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  1. Grumblingstorm

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    it was a 10mb update for me, so seems like something must've happened, most likely crash fixes if the icon and graphics errors are still in.
  2. Grumblingstorm

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    Yeah, this is kinda unusual, swear the update log comes within the first hour or so usually?
  3. Grumblingstorm

    Big issue with AI in Campaign Map

    If you're having issues chasing someone down, a good tactic I've been using is to have a companion temporarily start a new party with some cavalry/a small fast unit. so that they can quickly engage the enemy while I catch up.
  4. Grumblingstorm

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.7

    no more naked people! fantastic hotfix
  5. Grumblingstorm

    Changing culture after conquest

    Rather than changing the cultures of the cities to recruit different culture troops. why not make it so that you recruit troops from the culture of the notable you're recruiting from?

    This would mean cities will remain their default culture but once conquering a location, after a while you'd be able replace the notables to ones of your own culture to recruit units which you want. Obviously would need working; for example replacing notables could reduce loyalty, prosperity and security for some time (even higher debuffs which last longer if the new notable is of a different culture than the city/village), which would slowly start to go back to normal as the notables because "settled" into their new roles and the citizens of the cities adjusted to their new notables.
  6. Grumblingstorm

    A Discussion About What CAN Actually be Done with Villages

    After reading through the thread, the simplest and most impactful thing regarding villages I'd be able to think of would be add an ongoing project a bit like what the towns and castles have. If I'm not mistaken they're the projects that are picked up in towns and castles when a building project isn't ongoing (4 options at the bottom of the manage settlement page)

    Rather than adding a ton of buildings or changing scenes; only adding ongoing projects could be effective & simple enough. Could do simple things when activated one at a time like increase rate of prosperity grow, decrease impact of a raid & increase recovery rate/time, increase bound settlement militia growth or increase relation with random notable from the village.

    They seem to me like the simplest things to implement as they're already mechanics that exist within the game while increasing the adaptability of villages to someone's playstyle; although I could be wrong as I'm not a programmer or modder.
  7. Grumblingstorm

    Bannerlord Wishlist

    More Kingdom to Kingdom diplomacy in the shape of Defensive alliances (minimum) against dominant factions who've increased their power/territory in a short amount of time or won several wars in a row without conceding any territory. Rebellions countered the snowballing fantastically but it's still kind of apparent & rebellions biggest effect seems to have been that wiping out factions is much much harder as I've seen 2 factions been pushed back to their last city n handful of castles before making a magnificent comeback without any player assistance.

    More Clan control. Would be a fantastic feature if we were able to give party commands, either telling them what to do or at the very least tell them what they can't do. e.g. I don't want my relation randomly falling with places so being able to tell them not to raid, attack villagers or caravans would be great.

    Finally education for children and some more control over children. Maybe controlling which settlement they stay at & being able to try for children with your spouse or not if you feel you need more or fewer.

    Minus optimisation and bug fixing I feel like these are important ones that'd make the mid-late game much more enjoyable.
  8. Grumblingstorm

    There should be an option to deploying troops to villages

    Somewhat agree yeah; basically fixable if they added in the ability to give commands to clan parties e.g. Defend our fiefs/raid enemy fiefs/recruit & train units/join armies/hunt bandit parties etc.
  9. Grumblingstorm

    What you wish you'd known the first time you tried to break away and start your kingdom?

    Huge ass monetary reserve as you'll basically be sinking money for ages, I've been on a playthrough where I'm only a vassal but supporting my parties has resulted in losses of hundreds of thousands especially at peace when I'm trying to train the armies and gear up companions (since my clan parties don't make too much by themselves)

    Already be a high enough clan level to support an army comprised of several clan parties to field around 400-500 troops minimum with enough food and horses to keep 'em fast as if it's crushed you'll be in a tight spot if a huge army comes to take your city/cities, I think 500mid-high tier defenders will basically be able to hold of near anything but obvs very expensive to maintain, so ensure you've got a reliable constant stream of money.

    The Diplomacy feature ain't too in depth yet so I'm not really sure how helpful it is to be on good terms with other leaders but it couldn't hurt. Also if you're planning ahead make sure to get a load of relationship with local notables in the area you want to start your kingdom to field new recruits asap. Don't wanna get over reliant on troops which you can't source locally and have to travel away from your territory to recruit especially if they're in another kingdom as if you go to war with them you're ****ed.
  10. Grumblingstorm

    Bannerlord needs a lore.

    Hope that they add this too, there's def room for them to over how much longer the beta is gonna take. Seems they're mostly adding more content and patching bugs atm so personally am quite confident they're gonna add this into the game somehow
  11. Grumblingstorm

    So is 1.5.6 worth a playthrough or.....?

    If you've been playing through 1.5.5 probs not.
    I started a new run with 1.5.6 but took a long few months break so ain't touched it in a while, was waiting for the snowballing effect to be nearly completely taken away.

    It seems to have been fixed somewhat, definitely less snow-bally & the new main quests are enjoyable; still noticed a few minor bugs (or features?) with them but nothing that ruins them.

    tldr; if u ain't started a playthrough in a while go for it, if you did a recent 1.5.5 run just continue if you're not too far and ain't bothered by the main quest if it's already finished.
  12. Grumblingstorm

    The game performance slows after a while.

    This is 100% to do with the latest update (as great as it is). I found it was worst when autosaving after leaving a menu. It sounds like a memory leak or something ain't too technical but since I'd notice it most when autosaving I'd just reload that autosave and the lagging ****ed off for a good while. when it started again repeat. Bit of a hassle but is good enough for now until the next hotfix.
  13. Grumblingstorm

    option to sack city?

    And we should get the mirror option: pay ransom to break the siege.

    If I'm not mistaken this is already in the game? It's in the Beta branch at least; I've been in a city besieged and had the option to bribe the besieging lord to bugger off, that is if they're not obviously going to win as I do remember them saying another time something like "No, we're obviously going to win this, we're not leaving"
  14. Grumblingstorm

    Trade Settlements (Everything has a price) perk

    I had the same problem in my first play through. You have to complete the beginning quest to open up the ability to make your own kingdom.
    Ah that makes a lot of sense, it seems with 1.1.0 the point in the main quest line is bugged so can't finish the bit with the bandit hideouts
  15. Grumblingstorm

    Trade Settlements (Everything has a price) perk

    So with the Beta 1.1.0 I started a new character to concentrate on unlocking the Everything has a price perk which will let you trade settlements with other lords. I'l share my brief experience with this perk so far but I'm just wondering what other people have done or experienced while using...
  16. Grumblingstorm

    Beta Branch e1.1.0

    Regarding the exp it seems to me that all experience was increased to accommodate for the classes which struggled more than was necessarily to level up?
    Like the combat classes seemed okay in the pre 1.1.0 however Trading, Rouge, Charm etc. seemed to level up to nearly 100 then the grind became such that the game would nearly finish with a faction taking the map or such so continuing would become pointless. So to accommodate for this they've made all exp classes gain exp faster. I started a new save with 1.1.0 Beta and have managed to reach 230 in trading after about 450 in game days which I though was nearly impossible with pre 1.1.0.

    I feels like the combat classes are the ones that would need to be reduced if exp would be reduced but a lot of this comes down to the length of the game. We've got these clans and progression trees are great but it seems like the game finishes a lot faster than Warband and easier with factions taking over the map before you can even move onto your children. I believe the devs will get around to fixing this once the games a lot more patched and in later branches and can't wait but at the moment a lot of features are missed or obsolete because of how quickly the map can be taken, and just to add, yes I remembers the first week when the map would get snowballed within 20 hours of game play and that has been reduced massively! but within one characters lifetime the map can still be taken with the help of the player which is what I'm talking about which directly has an impact on how quickly characters can progress. Don't forget with the child & death system you might have to start with a new character in the game several times -generations- (thus begin the exp grind again) before you reach endgame and dominate the continent.
  17. Grumblingstorm

    How do I get high tier armor?

    Best way to get high tier armor is through battles unfortunately. Sometimes you can see some high tier stuff in shops but that's few and far between. I would recommend joining an army and participating in large scale battles for better gear, counting on finding some in shops isn't too reliable. tournaments also give some good stuff however I understand that sometimes u need better gear to win some so like I mentioned, best to join large battles to get better stuff unless u wanna save up early 20-30k for some strong gear which you might or might not find
  18. Grumblingstorm

    All troops in party lost their exp/upgrade points

    When travelling on the map I ran out of food and was unable to pay my troops wages for a day. I had a lot of soldiers ready to upgrade but was holding off till I had more money. 2 Soldiers defect when I can't pay or feed them for the day and when I go onto my party screen to check who I noticed...
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