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  1. xXGabidouXx

    EU Skirmish Completed European Nations League

    I think you're talking a bit too fast... I'll give an example of a tournament that surprised us all (2018 Football World Cup). We never imagined that Croatia was a gifted country. And yet, they managed to make it to the World Cup final by facing France. At the beginning, personally, I was convinced that it would be a country like England or Brazil and I didn't expect Croatia. And it's the same for Bannerlord, at any moment Poland could lose its title of best team on M&B. So you should never talk too fast, because you can be disappointed with the final result.
  2. xXGabidouXx

    BL Future VF de Bannerlord

    Merci beaucoup de cette traduction, j'essaye d'apporter mon aide un peu (vote des meilleurs traduction) et j'ai hâte de voir tout les fichiers a 100% accepter par un traducteur pro.... Merci encore.
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