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  1. darksider

    Better sieges

    I've been playin mount&blade warband alot and i kinda got bored of the sieges. the sieges in game are nothin like real sieges like all u have to do is wait till the siege tower magically moves towards the wall and there are are catipults but they only there for show. I think the developers...
  2. darksider

    Gore and dismembering

    This game needs more BLOOD and GORE and DISMEMBERMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please vote.  all of ye mount&blade warriors out there must show the game developers what ye want u decide
  3. darksider


    oN the next version of mount&blade I would like to see some sort of a building feature added so that u could build ur own cassles and villages start ur own kingdom up from scratch
  4. darksider

    How to get modules folder for mount&blade warband

    I looked up on the net how to use modules.It keeps sayin you move the files into mount&blade/modules folder I tried that but I do not have the Modules folder in the mount&blade warband not know how to get it. I need help!!! I am dying to play new modules but...
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