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  1. Kamillo

    Wolves [WV]

    Team: Blackitt [KFC] Trebron [WBP] Teblar Krzyzak [Marcin] szymczak1503 gorN DzioOb Rey Shav Iwomichu TonyMpl Prusak Saddam Araneus HarnaS OSGiDaP Bastek adam1993pl Ciastko Konrad Kamillo Shadow                         O WILKACH What can we say about WV...
  2. Kamillo

    One question about WH (not fair play)

    Hey guys ! I have one question because at least one clan which take part in WNL probably has WH cheat. It is not typical that they always know what opponent doing. So my question - do you want to eliminate cheat in WNL? I suppose that I know which clan uses this ****. I think that good way to...
  3. Kamillo

    Gladiators [GoA] not recruiting

    GLADIATORS We are Gladiators ! We are European Clan, where the most members are from Poland. Our main goal is be the best clan on polish and european scene of Warband. We don`t play for fun, only for victory ! Our Dominus is Kwintus Lentulus Batiatus. We have Doctore - Oenomaos, who train us...
  4. Kamillo

    Trinity [_of_Trinity] [not recruiting]

    Trinity (coalition fo 3 clans) is focusing the best players from 3 the best polish clans -  PE [Polish Eagles], ZP [ZeliPaPa] and WV [Wolves]. Nowadays, Trinity is the best polish clan, which want represent polish scene on european scene. Trinity is closed clan, we have not open recruitment. PE...
  5. Kamillo

    [PE] Polish Eagles [Old thread, soon new one]

    Blackhawk Kamillo PriNcelele Blue Cramer Kubus Warhammer Tomato Woj Pon Ganczo Blade Ciastko Tallie Jurdas Teoiss [center]Name Polish Eagles Founded 24.01.2011 Country Poland Team Speak 3 Address: Forum Clan Structure PE_Name - Member Contact...
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