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  1. Eafa

    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

    seid ihr euch sicher das ihr Rum und nicht Ruhm meint?
  2. Eafa

    POLL: Want you a future Brytenwalda expansion? You Choose (Read before voting)

    arthoz said:
    hfghjhu6u said:
    Vikings rock..!!!


  3. Eafa

    Campaign Event: Epic Battle. MONS BADONICUS

    Friday 19:00 would be ok
  4. Eafa

    News 1.36: RELEASE 19/08/2011

    If you have a pld pc ( <4 GB of memory and <1GB of graphic card) use this:

    If you have a very pld pc (<2 GB memory) this:

  5. Eafa

    diplomatic event: New Angle settlers arrive Britannia soon!

    New Ships are seen at the east coast of Britannia! Hundreds and Thousands of new angle settlers are on the way to Britannia to conquer Briton Land and they are led by Eappa the one eyed, the twin brother of Cyning Eafa Cuthwulfing. He have heard rumors of the great achievements of his Brother...
  6. Eafa

    POLL: Want you a future Brytenwalda expansion? You Choose (Read before voting)

    Tatem said:
    so I was doing some quick math on the polls and I would like to say congratulations. 2372 people have voted. That is a huge number for a mod. I was absolutely awed by this and just thought someone should point it out. Great job guys.

    lol there under the poll are the overall votings listed xD
    and there stand that it was 2362 votings and not 2372  :lol:
  7. Eafa

    Woman has no hair!!

    sir joselito said:
    she has cancer  :smile:
    not funny, really, not funny  :???:
    You shouldnt make jokes about it
  8. Eafa

    Battle in Anglia: Eafa and Krisvk vs. Arthur and his welsh lord

    so Ballista will play as the welsh lord. I hope you all have time for the battle tomorrow, Krisvk please send me a PM beacause the money you want to invest.
  9. Eafa

    Welche Mods ...

    In den tavernen
  10. Eafa

    Welche Mods ...

    Beim Buchhändler  :wink:
  11. Eafa

    Welche Mods ...

    schau einfach mal bei den englischen foren, bei "The Caravanserai" da sind so ungefähr alle mods drin die schon released sind
  12. Eafa

    Woman has no hair!!

    just close you eyes and think she have hairs, maybe it work.

    enough of the jokes, you could fix it with the face code and mhorgs editor but I guess you have to start a new game then and I think that its isnt worth.
  13. Eafa

    Woman has no hair!!

    maybe she shaved her head?
  14. Eafa

    troop balancing...

    We alwas need much balancing at the troops: The battle yesterday, where I fought for Beron against Ballista, was like a bad joke. The Angle infantry have bashed the forces of murtagh and ballista, just with a few losses and I attacked up a very steep mountain!! We made another battle on a map...
  15. Eafa

    Battle in Wulfbruk land: Aelle vs Wulfbruk

    just say me a date and I will try to find time on that day
  16. Eafa

    Class system overhaul

    hehe I didnt read right what you was writing.
    Partizan_Rusi said:
    Its elder Boyarin-"general" who charged with leading troops for Knyaz.
    yeah I wrote something like that, I wrote that the Knyaz are higher lords than Bojars.

    I didnt read any wrong Information, and wikipedia was right too ( :lol: ), so forget this silly post please
    Eafa said:
    seems so, I thought wikipedia would have some right informations.... wrong thought  :lol:

    The Knyaz would fit as leader troops for great warbands/armys yes, but not for skirmish parties of 10-20 troops, like hrotha wrote.
    So The Bojar or maybe the Starschaja Druschina, would be a better choice for the module.

  17. Eafa

    troop composition in general

    Thorgil said:
    - why do britons have such a disadvantage in troops that they have to rely/build on "special" tactics, terrain conditions, superior number, ... luck?! and invaders can just recruit heavy infantry and overrun everything?

    Because Invaders are better  :wink:

    No, just Joking, you are right there is a big problem, wich have to be solved, I would say give the Britons a better cavalry unit and some kind of heavy Infantry, delete or debug the cantaber luventus, because its silly that they are archers.

    But with one point I dont agree:
    Thorgil said:
    - british archers (even if "better" than jute or angle archers, hard to measure anyway) are useless vs heavy infantry, not one infantry dies before archers get hacked.
    all Archers in Brytenwalda are useless against heavy Infantry, they are just a cheap support unit, alone they are not better than recruits.
  18. Eafa

    Class system overhaul

    Partizan_Rusi said:
    Looks like you read wrong book about us.

    seems so, I thought wikipedia would have some right informations.... wrong thought  :lol:
  19. Eafa

    Battle in King Arius land: King Ballista vs King Arius

    Ha! Ballista was defeated by the Untameable Jute hordes!

    The Britons had their God, but the Jutes had a hill!
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