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  1. findecanno

    Ra - The Following

    Sup nerds come get some
  2. findecanno

    NA Battlefield » Public Battle Server

    Can we please get some more admins? Every time I go on the server there seems to be tkers.
  3. findecanno

    North American Duel Server [NA_Duel]

    chowski said:
    ACanadianPolarBear said:
    andrei will literally kick you from the server is you refuse to duel him lol
    PM me if you have been I never seen him do this personally or seen you on the server in ages
    He did it to me under one of my aliases, that's one of the reasons I asked you for admin.
  4. findecanno

    Ra - The Following

    I forgot about that! That event was so sweet.
    Derped said:
    MrNevino1 said:
    I totally forgot this thread existed until I got an email saying there was a new reply... I had email enabled on here???

    Anyway, good times, we sucked at the game, but it was fun.

    How do you say we sucked ?  :meh:
  5. findecanno

    [NA] Sword & Bored 2 - Congrats to Gibby!

    Beer 7 - 1 Lidor
  6. findecanno

    Warband Fantasy League (Player Rankings Added)

    Roberta_Baratheon said:
    On a unrelated note we are adding a little new feature to my usual stats. We have every other player in the tournament divided into a region except the following. If you know any of these players regions please inform me on Steam or here.

    Consider everything from Texas and above to be West Coast and everything to the right of Texas to be East Coast. Yes I am aware there are some Canadians in here, so use the same guidelines.

    Alexson, Arthennos, Biff, Exmarius, Geoffrey, Harx, LockedOut, Mantis, Milky, Panda, Pico, RicottaNinja, Skyway, Slowbro, Tony Vordiac, Trefleh, Vandahl, Wert, Disco, Kira, MOG, Rallix

    Here are the other regions, if you see any mistakes please let me know.

    West Coast - John, Beansacks, Beer, Cradoc, Kr8dle, Gorlock, Grimsight, Matthew, Ron Burgundy, Marquis, CreamPie, Chev, Conure, Jytrem, Squeaks, Moric, Glitterball, Juve, Ummmmmmmidk, Serj, Nikkle,

    East Coast - Guaccmoleboy, Aporta, Roberta, Jeffrey9792, Insane, Heat, Arys, Bacon, Bubs, Danate, Sigi, T, Joshua, Oodle, Prime, Red, Rake, Pizza, Nero, Zaffa, Stone, Ebdanian, Tito, Abellard, Alejanbro, Achaner, Cru, Fatso, Edwards, Narmin, Nero, Troubadour, Trox, Zacty, Magerick, Nigerian, Easter Cow, Daemon, Platypus, Ruthven, PolarBear, Maccle, Tammo, Natebesosavage, Nevino, Snazzelicious, Waste, Gelden, Landalore, Longhorn, Castratikron, Hayden, Killershark, Mike, Laban, Predurrer, Aelia, Yoshie, Shawrin, Dryykon, goldenPrototype, Tymo, Rhine, Forsaken

    West Europe - Anchor, Apollo, Cheese, Fietta, Gibby, JarvisAndPi, Mattrick, OGL, Pepper, PuffTheDragon, Shingen, Shovenio, Slade, Viktor, Ciiges, Kane, Smiley, Surkan, Tallie, Charlini, Darklight, Donut, Gasset, SirAlecks, Brian, Tardet, Kiano, Sean, Berg, Horace, Greedalicious

    East Europe - Firunien, Grafblade, Habimana, HKP, Kragen, PurzelBlume, Razer, 3, Arni, Red War, Rempica, Sifon, Zoyka, Belendor, Can, Mango, Menethil, Rayden, Bauglir, Dopey, SotaMursu, Error, Matafiks, PrinceLele, Grey Warden, Azrud, Slow, Bash, Kern
    Despite being a west knight, I'm actually east coast.
  7. findecanno

    Warband Fantasy League (Player Rankings Added)

    ty old man cal.
  8. findecanno

    Warband Fantasy League (Player Rankings Added)

    Main Class:inf
    Do you want to be a caller? (Yes/No)no

    Is it too late?
  9. findecanno

    [NA] Sword & Bored 2 - Congrats to Gibby!

    In-game name:wK_Beer
    Steam contact:Beer
    Faction desired:vaegirs
  10. findecanno

    Ra - The Following

    I'm still here!
  11. findecanno

    NA Battlefield » Public Battle Server

    EXPERIENCE:Admined PRT server beack in the day and GK siege
    WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE ADMIN: I have a big dong
  12. findecanno


    Bring back random plains. Also get rid of map fixtures and go back to letting teams pick their maps, with some kind of ban system in place maybe.
  13. findecanno

    NA 2v2 Tournament

    trot888 said:
    Why can't we use maces?
  14. findecanno

    TBD- To Be Decided

    Mad Dawg said:

    McBev we got a match with PRT on village soon, can you come?  We need you!
    PRT :sad:
  15. findecanno

    Top North American Players of All Time (Fun Poll #3 Is Up)

    Septimoose said:
    Close this useless thread. It's pointless to create such a thread, people often have different views and opinions. 
    mad cause bad
  16. findecanno

    Top North American Players of All Time (Fun Poll #3 Is Up)

    Danate said:
    Magerick said:
    As this is an all-time list and I'm a fairly new player compared to lots of the much older players on this list, I'm fine with giving Leo my position in the dueling list if he really wants it.

    However a best current duelists list, which people seem to be confusing the all-time list with, would be a much different case. :lol:

    I don't think you should give it up. You can trash most of those duelist on the list lmao.

    Also Leo may have started meta and stuff but isn't all that stellar...

    I'm not trying to start BM about Leo, he's a nice guy, but enough talking about the past where apparently everyone was a legend. In this day and age of dueling. There are many better duelist than Leo now. An the meta has changed for better. So talking about the past is irrelevant when a duelist like me can compete that started a year ago.

    Why don't you just add people instead of remove from the list, the list sucks *** anyway.
    Its an all time list, who can beat who now is irrelevant as most of the list don't even play.
  17. findecanno

    Top North American Players of All Time (Fun Poll #3 Is Up)

    Ninja_Jade said:
    This is GK_MA_Leonidas

    May I ask, why I have been taken from the top duelists of all time.  I defeated Beer in  Koa Duel Tourney in his Prime 7 - 3,  and there has never been a time when Tyrian or Deafening were better duelists than me.  I understand, that because I have never played in the competitive scene I don't have many friends who are involved in making these lists, but still if we are having a legitimate conversation of top duelists of all time, I think I should be included. 

    Beyond my personal skill, I have also trained countless Duelists over the years  and contributed to the Dueling community.
    Ya beat me when I was still on the comeup, idk if id call that prime beer. Leo deserves to be on the list though. I don't think he ever won a dueling tournament, but he had consistent results through much of the early history. idk who I would remove though.
  18. findecanno

    Top North American Players of All Time (Fun Poll #3 Is Up)

    Why are there euros on the NA list? If that's the case, I would like to nominate M for winning every single NA dueling tournament he entered.
  19. findecanno

    keyboard issue

    So I recently bought I new compact mechanical keyboard which is great, except the keyboard doesn't have a number pad. Now this is an issue because in warband, you can use the minus key on the numberpad to slightly zoom out your character. only the minus key on the numberpad works, not the other...
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