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  1. Official Bug Report Thread. Post all problems here!

    I just fixed it by going into the files and changing the shaders that caused the problem, thanks for the suggestion anyway!
  2. L'Aigle Patch 1.4 Release + 1.41 Hotfix!

    Are there any snow scenes? If not when are they coming?
  3. Official Bug Report Thread. Post all problems here!

    Hello, for some reason, the trees and some plants in the game are really bright.

    Any ideas to help fix this?
  4. Legendarian's L'Aigle Skin Shack (other skins in comment section)

    Kacper1234PL said:
    Hi Darian! Freikorps is ready to fight? :grin:

    We are not amused.
  5. Any news on the FSE Forums being down?

    usnavy30 said:
    NickyJ said:
    And so, most of us leave Mom's basement Taleworlds to return to FSE.
    I never leave both forums :smile:

    Me too!
  6. Any news on the FSE Forums being down?

    I remember when PSN was attacked.
  7. Any news on the FSE Forums being down?

    Oh, right. My mistake.
  8. Any news on the FSE Forums being down?

    Just found this,

    "Unfortunately, as many of you may have already noticed, both the FSE forum and website are currently down. The reason for this downtime is a DDOS attack that has been conducted against our server located in Germany. Upon beginning of the attack, the server has been promptly disconnected by our hoster, in order to prevent further servers from being affected and us, the FSE team, currently have no means to restart it nor reestablish the regular functioning of our forums due to temporary unavailability of the only team member who possesses the server login data. There have been made attempts to retrieve this data through other email addresses or browser-saved passwords, but so far all our attempts have failed. Consequently, the regular functioning of our forums and website should coincide with the return of our previously citated team member, which should occur in roughly 4-5 days. Until then, we do hope you understand the current situation and stick with us once more. We are certainly not going to neglect this event and if this DDOS attack will be confirmed by adequate proof, legal actions are going to be undertaken, in order to find the culprit behind such criminal acts.

    The FSE Team

    If it's coming from Germany then it is probably Betty. I was her friend on steam for a while, but she wanted me to delete some of my friends for her "cause".

    It might not be her, but, you never know.

    Sorry I brought up Betty again.

    BSM "Shut Up" Williams
  9. Any news on the FSE Forums being down?

    FSE forums is off google now. I doubt Betty has a thing to do with it. I swear it could land you in prison? If I'm not mistaken.
  10. Any news on the FSE Forums being down?

    The waiting is the hardest part...
  11. L'Aigle Development Log Thing.

    When the update does come out, I'm gonna start playing again :smile:
  12. Rules of Recruitment and Availability

    If you find British soldiers in a tavern, your download is messed up.
  13. Garrison

    I wonder what it holds.
  14. What's your favorite weapon loadout?

    -Hunting Musquet

    -Musquet cartridges


    -Light cavalry sabre

    I always have a pistol with only one shot for the just-in-case moments.
  15. Development Roadmap?

    Could it have occurred to you that he could be busy? And he won't "let us dwell in the dark again".
  16. Official Bug Report Thread. Post all problems here!

    You installed it all wrong, then. Delete it all then re-install it.
  17. Loving this mod, had 2 questions

    I want to find out how to build castles too.
  18. Version 1.1

    I'd like to know this too.
  19. Official Screenshots and Video Thread.

  20. Do you like/dislike zero wages payment?

    oppai said:
    I'm by no means an expert but, they way the system works its that the gov./Kingdom pays for the army, a sergeant earning 10 francs wouldn't be able to pay for the men he leads. So in this sense its historically accurate. For some people to be set at ease, adding a system were you see whats going on behind the scenes when you get paid would be beneficial, like say you have this instead:

    wages for this party 1250 Francs
    Kingdom of France payed 1260 Francs
    wages for Players Rank 10 Francs
    total ending balance      10 Francs

    :grin: my two cents

    And the nation pays you the exact number of men a sergeant should maintain and command. And a little extra for other things.
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