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  1. SP Fantasy Tohlobaria (v0.8 is out!)

    Okay sweet! Good luck with the uploading  :grin:
  2. SP Medieval Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A World of Ice and Fire (AWoIaF v7.12 released 19/09/20)

    Will there be a script that makes the Boltons betray the starks?
  3. SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Does house Bolton rebel or something in this version or do they stay loyal?  I know there is the quest to kill ramsay.
  4. SP Fantasy Tohlobaria (v0.8 is out!)

    Hey, look forward to the release. Does this have freelancer? It would be even more fantastic if it did. By the way, the dedication you have for the mod is wonderful. I love seeing people actually working on mods and keeping them alive.  Anyway. I really hope that if it doesn't have freelancer. Hopefully one day you will implement it. Cheers
  5. SP Fantasy [WB] The Conquerors of Coultchorn v1.1 Beta (Discontinued)

    Yo!  Is this still going well or nah?  Really love the idea and lore. The fact that there is FREELANCER.  Brilliant! 
  6. Perisno Development Thread | Version: 0.8 | Released >>

    Okay I can't help but be the guy who asks "can we expect a release soon?"
    It just looks soo good.
  7. 2015-6 Brytenwalda Reworked pulling together the best features of BW submods +

    Okay thanks mate, appreciate the help. You definitely are a good responsive user. Some just don't reply :sad:
  8. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    Cheers mate, appreciate the help! :grin:
  9. Perisno Development Thread | Version: 0.8 | Released >>

    Okay, holy moly! I can't wait for this to come out..... How's it going?
    "throws money at screen"
  10. 2015-6 Brytenwalda Reworked pulling together the best features of BW submods +

    Okay hey gdwitt! long time since I've been on here, I'm amazed at how much the project has grown.. I have a few questions: Am I supposed to launch this with WSE? If you could explain what this script extender does I would be grateful. Also, I've noticed that some buildings, in fact, only two have strange white graphic problems (don't know if you know what I mean). It's like the trims are white, its definitely graphical. Any ideas on why this is happening?
    PS: what I've done so far is downloaded v24 old version (as it says on nexus) then i got the patch and finally I go the music. Is this the correct way?
    EDIT: i get a error when launching WSE. it says i'm missing a certain dll file, I believe modex dll?
  11. Floris Evolved (Sub Mod - Released)

    Okay so I've installed it to the main warband directory but everytime i try to launch via the exe created on the desktop I always get a "Can't find mb warband exe". It keeps coming up with an error.
    I'm pretty sure this has been answered before so I do beg forgiveness :razz:.
    PS I can run the mod via the warband launcher no problem, but like many have stated, I get red text appear on lower left corner.
    Also quick question about the mediator: the first box has two options, whenever I choose one the second box has no option.. Tbh I'm not quite getting the hang of the mediator.
    I'm sorry if this has been answered before
    Cheers, really appreciate the work put into this module :smile:
  12. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    Have I got to edit the troops txt? 
  13. SP Musket Era [WB] Winds of War: Blood and Steel - 1870

    Fantastic. Really glad you guys are dedicated to the project. I've been watching this mod for awhile now and obviously i'm eager to see a beta ASAP :grin: Seriously, Good job guys!
  14. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    Hey, Long time since i came on this forum
    I just started playing version 2 again and I noticed whenever I go to the factions menu I always get a white block. Is it intended or are the faction banners supposed to show?

    EDIT: does the AI have drummers in they're armies?
  15. SP Musket Era [WB] Winds of War: Blood and Steel - 1870

    Oh my days... African faction. Nice call mate, would like to see that happen
  16. SP Musket Era [WB] Winds of War: Blood and Steel - 1870

    Someone please help these Wonderful people!! Great job guys and I am.over the moon to hear tht there will be a soon-ish release. Keep it up guys.
  17. This mod seems dead as **** right now,

    What you said is VERY true. We need hope. This mod has soo much potential as I have mentioned before. Thank you for the comment :smile:
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