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  1. KiriKaneko

    Diminishing returns on lord fiefs?

    Does anyone know if there are diminishing returns on lord fiefs? I'm playing Gekkokujo and there's a huge amount of territory but not very many good lords. Ikko Ikki has 3 but no way I'm using buddhist rebels so that's 3 down and leaves me with 16 good lords total, 17 including Tojiko who I...
  2. KiriKaneko

    Which campaign AI results in the least faction death?

    I'm sick of factions in mods like Brytenwalda and 1257AD dying so fast. It takes me a while to get my businesses running, get me and my companions geared and to a decent level, usually 6-12 months and by the half the factions are dead and another half are dying. I usually play good campaign AI...
  3. KiriKaneko

    Difficulty setting to reduce the rate of faction death?

    I'm sick of factions dying off extremely fast before I'm ready to join them, especially in mods with lots of factions like Brytenwalda and Gekkokujo. What difficulty setting will give the lowest chance of factions being completely knocked out? I usually play good campaign AI and can expect half...
  4. KiriKaneko

    Empire Armoured Crossbows OP?

    I've been taking over the map by myself with empire crossbows. Even when the garrison sallies I can just order my companions to charge to buy some time for my crossbows to get into position and then even the fierds get massacred. it's just blue text everywhere and they can even beat armies...
  5. KiriKaneko

    Capital of the Kingdom of Pendor?

    Where was the capital of the Kingdom of Pendor prior to it's fall?
  6. KiriKaneko

    Why is magic so rare in mods?

    I've only seen 2, arguably 4 mods with magic useable by players featured: 1) Phantasy - obvious ones here, tons of magic, very high fantasy and magic is easily accessible and widely used even by low level units 2) Light and Darkness - magic is exceptionally rare, only certain hero/villain...
  7. KiriKaneko

    Companions guide

    So I couldn't find a companion guide so I worked it out myself and thought I'd post it here for other people Companions dislikes, starting level and stats: (adjacent character dislike each other) Linda L1 S6 A9 I11 C6 Gerald L7 S9 A10 I9 C10 Noble Jeremy L4 S8 A7 I13 C7 Biotech Joe L7 S9 A9...
  8. KiriKaneko

    My question thread

    Could we have a frequently asked question thread sticky please? I feel paranoid about making question threads on forums people get upset with me  :( So anyway I'll just put any questions I need to ask in here rather than make multiple threads and update this first post as I go 1) Do soldiers...
  9. KiriKaneko

    Character Creation options

    I couldn't find a list of character creation options so I made one myself. It goes without saying but if you want to roleplay you won't need this, but the character creation options are very different with some clearly stronger than others, and your choices will lock you into a certain role or...
  10. KiriKaneko

    Weakest faction units in defensive siege?

    I have a plan to start my own kingdom. I want to get good relations with a faction's lords, then help another faction nearly wipe out the first faction, then renounce my oath and finish off that faction by attacking their fiefs and steal all of their lords to join me. I'm curious which faction...
  11. KiriKaneko

    Is there a cap to the number of troops a lord can get from fiefs? What's best?

    I know lords have to pay for their troops so they can't have more troops than they can pay for (they disband them) If I gave a lord like 20 villages so he has tons of cash and gave him like 5 towns and 15 castles he wouldnt end up with 1k+ troops right? But then, he has the cash income from all...
  12. KiriKaneko

    I want to indict some lords for treason, consequences?

    So I'm playing Clash of Kings and I was having a hard time getting lords to join me. I got several castles but the upkeep was too high for me to manage and they were giving me any money, so eventually I just gave them to some baddy lords that joined me Now I've finally got enough land that I...
  13. KiriKaneko

    Looking for fast conquest videos

    Looking for videos of players completing the game within a year on normal damage settings. I play high AI normal damage and it usually takes me a few years but I'd like to watch someone do this incredibly fast to learn more and become a better player, it's usually mid year 2 before I even start...
  14. KiriKaneko

    Loot sharing mechanics?

    So I found this on the PoP wiki and assume it applies to warband in general: "Loot 'shares': Think of a share as being a token for getting some loot. Your companions do not draw equal shares out of the pot. The distribution is 10 shares for your greedy little PC(you), 5 shares for EACH...
  15. KiriKaneko

    Speed runs?

    Are there any world conquest speed runs? I would like to watch and maybe learn some new tricks
  16. KiriKaneko

    King personalities?

    I'm aware that some kings are better than others, with some being very generous and others being very greedy or stingy. For instance in vanilla the Swadia and Sarranid kings are very selfish but the Vaegir king is very generous. Is there a way to determine the personality type of a king by...
  17. KiriKaneko

    Affiliate to family as a woman

    I'm playing Gekokujo which has diplomacy integrated and having trouble trying to affiliate to a clan First I tried to affiliated to great lord ryuzoji, he declined saying he had better plans for his children. He didn't have any children tho but that isnt what I meant, I figured the problem is...
  18. KiriKaneko

    Need help affiliating with a family

    I'm playing Gekokujo and I want to affiliate with the Ryuzoji clan, the only playable Fujiwara offshoot faction. Great Lord Ryuzoji says he has other plans for his children, but he doesnt even have any children. From what I can gather, he thinks I'm asking for marriage to one of his children...
  19. KiriKaneko

    Need advice keeping factions alive

    I'm about to start with realistic saves enabled and I want all the King legendary weapons. It will be a long time before I have CKO and have a chance to take their weapons so I think my best bet is to try and keep the factions alive til I have a monster CKO to start stealing their weapons. I...
  20. KiriKaneko

    Wow rents!

    Villages are still the crappy 500 per, but I just got a town and it gave me 5k in rents and 15k in tarriffs! Was that the accumulated tarrifs from the 2 weeks my king wasted twiddling his thumbs before giving it to me or is it gonna be like that every week? If so then this actually makes...
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