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  1. Village needs..... too many ****ing Cows (Draught Animals), Too many tools too, put a cap on it!

    Cow Herding is something for the peasants. Send a companion.
    BTW: I rarely do that quest. Specially when the village pays with meat. It's not funny to get suddenly overburden because 200+ units of meat drop from nowhere into the inventory while running from some enemy...
  2. Battanian Falxman should get throwing axes!

    Battanian Raiders have a set of Highland Throwing Axes. Battanian Falxmen have no ranged weapon. Battanian Veteran Falxmen have two sets of Highland Throwing Axes. That makes not really much sense. I doubt it would break balance if the ordinary falxmen would get a set of throwing axes too.
  3. Give an option to make the Radagos (Character from Sister-Brother story mission) an companion at the end of the mission!

    It would be cool if we could recruit/hire Radagos the character who help us to find our sister and brother! I hope this will be implemented because its not that hard to make it!
    I oppose: That person murdered the PCs parents. Maybe the PC forgives him, but his brothers and sister? Radagos sold the kids into slavery (imagine what could have happened to the kids in that time)! It's ok not to execute him, but recruiting him would be a slap into the face of the kids.

    Maybe with a choice: You can have either Radagos or your younger silbings in your clan, if you recruit him, they join other clans.
    Or timed: He can be recruited until the first of the children becomes 18. Then he disappaers because he knows she hates him and he doesnt't want to wake up one morning discovering she has sliced his throat in the night...
  4. Should we be able to marry Rhagaea

    I married with her daughter and gets nothing besides her armor.
    You meade something wrong...I married Ira too, and got 5 children. And she's pregnant again. A wife who knows her duties.. But despite a relation of 46 with her mother, I got no fief until I gathered an army and seized a castle (and still needed to spend a gut sum of influence to get majority) And Rhagaea doesn't try to reunite the empire, she ends every war with western and northern traitors after a few days, just to start another war with the fleabreeding horserapers from Khuzait and Asarai. Ira is against it, but as a my wife she has to obey - I am thinking about breaking my oath to her mother.

    Marrying Rhagaea? Why? She's too old to breed, and makes stupid politics.
    (This posting includes 99% roleplay)
  5. [Quest idea] Engineer needed!

    Training Engineer skill requiers sieges, and sieges are a lengthy feature only available for players who joined a fraction. Even with that, its a slooooow learning. Therefore, a quest which uses engineer skill would be helpful. Questgiver: Any notable. Questgiver tells PC that he has a building...
  6. [Quest idea] Send a healer!

    Maybe even two quest ideas to boost healing skill a little, besides other rewards... 1st: Questgiver: Any noble with children. Quest the noble tells the PC that his children suffer from a strange illness, and asks for a healer (min skill 60). If player accepts, he either needs to go for...
  7. Who has only one faction's army?

    Out of roleplay reasons, I prefere not to mix armies in Bannerlord. I've tried with most fractions (except Khuzait):
    Battanians are difficult, as you usually don't find enough ranged, but interesting
    Sturgians: I can't say much. It was hard to get a good force. Everytime I visited a village, it was either raided or some noble took the recruits.
    Asarai needed careful management - their armour seems inferior
    Empire is easy. Masses of archers, legionaires and of course every cataphract you find.
    Vlandrians: even more easy. Protect your core of heavy x-bows until it's time for the knights charge...
  8. When released from being a prisoner

    too encumbered to get to a city to unload my cargo so I was stuck moving at a snails pace.
    I quoted your mistake: Don't overload your party in enemy areas. Never. It's cheaper to drop loot and prisoners than getting caught.
  9. When released from being a prisoner


    Getting back into safe areas to rebuilt a party after being captured is one of the few very challenging things in the game. As the character is usually faster than any hostile party (except very small bands of desert raiders or steppe raiders, those are really nasty), it is, in most cases, just running and avoiding until you arrive at first friedly or neutral settlement.
  10. Cannot complete "Eliminate Northern Empire" (they have 0 towns, castles, or armies)

    Yeah if they have nothing left the only way to get rid of them I think at the moment is to either wait for them to die, or to execute their remaining lords.
    Good idea, but: In my case (link quoted above) the fraction leader sat in another fractions town, with an army of 1+277w that never healed, therefore he never left the town and couldn't be captured for execution. And as he was the son of the beginning NE leader, he wouldn't die that fast, besides the fact he had an army of children...

    The 1+277w army seems to be caused by a different bug, in my 1.5.4 game yesterday I encountered a hostile marked minor clan army of 1 - the leader. I attacked it, easy win. Afterwards I had 40+ liberated soldiers and 200+ prisoners. It seems that under some circumstances NPC armies don't heal
  11. Discouraged with 2 hours of game

    If our longtime plan is to support western empire, do that quest. If not, just ignore it - you gain relationship, but as soon you get at war with Western Empire, it is worth nothing.
  12. Resolved deliver herd to a city quest

    There have been multiple changes made on this quest. Are you still having the same problem on our current build?
    Not noticed. I will try to force it by buying workshops and doing those quests personally (usually I send companions...) in the hope some herd shall be delivered to one of the former workshop owners.
  13. Cannot complete "Eliminate Northern Empire" (they have 0 towns, castles, or armies)

    Have you had the same problem on e1.5.4 live or e1.5.5 beta branches? On a campaign created on e1.5.4 or e1.5.5?
    Just checked - I stopped to play that campaign on 11. Nov because of the bug and kept a save file in case someone needs it. Versions are still 1.5.3..

    1.5.4. seems to run smooth, I managed to destroy the empire once, but in that campaign no realm was wept out such early than in previous versions - i think the bug was caused by realms being destroyed before player even started the quest.
  14. Give back the weapons and armour of dead heroes

    You mean they are properly marked as dead in the battlereport? Ofc I read battlereport... sometimes too close! But never have I noticed a companion in the red dead column.
    All deads companions were correctly marked in the red column, yes.
  15. Give back the weapons and armour of dead heroes

    If you noticed that they died, yes. There is a small note during the battle only. You get another notice when returning to campaign-map but then it´s too late.
    That's why you should look at the battle results statistics. You can read exactly how many kills your companions scored, if they got skill levels and, most imprtant, their fate.

    There is really no need to return the stuff of dead companions automatically.
  16. I destroyed the empire...

    and now? I chosed to support Battania this time, and despite some stupid lords who made peace with empire fractions at really stupid moments (siege of my army in progress...) I finally destroyed the last empire fraction (to be exact, Aserai did the killing blow...) And now? The end was quite...
  17. Saving Your Family In Less Than 40 In-Game Days

    That might work, but doing practice fights ad nauseam? That sounds really real time consuming, and boring. Besides, I dislike x-bows (unusable on horseback) thrown (too quick out of ammo) and one-handed (not enough damage). And hiring no companion? The first companion I try to get is a good medic to lower own casualities and faster recover. Without a healer, a lowtier soldier party suffers too many losses and wounded even against a same size looter groop.
    My usual campaing start: grab a few recruits, check available companions, run to get healer. If suitable looter groups cross my path, do them, otherwise just run. After I got the healer, gather the other 3 possible companions - one of trader type, one with good rogue and one possible group leader (no engineer yet, no scout yet). Collect a force of 17, and now I do every available quest while looking for the nobles for the banner quest and slaughtering every stupid bandit group that crosses my path.
    If I think about it while playing, I try to recruit the 20th men in an area where the hideout are mountain raiders - but in most times, I don't think much about that. Me and 9 maxed imperial bowmen cut through every type of hideout.
    And I don't like the brother char in my party. He steals my xp and needs an expensive outfit (his is really poor) - and he has such many redded skills that you can hardly develop him. His quatermaster skill is quickly matched by a trader companion.
  18. Great hotfix, now my wife dies every single battle.

    And if you are one of those players who strip your mate for her or his equipment - she (or he for female main chars) needs another good set as replacement.
  19. What just happened ? Siege Slaughter

    As others have said, ignore siege towers for now.
    I like to bring a range weapon with a single quiver, a shield, and a pole arm.

    Help clear the walls of some of the archers until you’ve used most of your ammunition (you don’t have to be that good with the weapon, in particular a light crossbow, to knock a few out.)
    I don't think ladders are much better, the problem is soldiers ignore one of two ladders in same way they ignore ladders of towers. Considering the cover towers give, I still use them.

    My weapons of choice are a two handed falx sword, the best available bow and two quivers of bodkins - polearms are nice, but if you are inside a tower, you lack room to swing it for maximum damage. And I don't storm the walls as one of the first - I try to find a place from where I can shoot at defenders who enter the towers drawbridge, prefered left from the tower (defenders unshielded side).. That helps my troops to leave the tower and enter the walls.
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