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  1. darksider

    Mountin i Blade for LEFT-HANDED people

    U sayin im possesed by the devil because i left handed
  2. darksider

    B Fantasy [WB] GRIM AGE - Skirmish MOD is CLOSED

    Any word on when this mod is out cause i love warhammer and this mod looks awesome!!!!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:muhuhahahahahaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT TILL ITS OUT!!!
  3. darksider

    Which future faction?

    Id love to see greeks in the game.Imagin Spartans facing off against nords/rhodoks in a gigantuan battle f***** EPIC :twisted: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  4. darksider

    Better sieges

    Wat i mean by pushing the siege towers is men actualy have to put weapons away and push the wheels it would be better than just standing next to it while it magically moves. soldiers in medieval times dont have telikinesis [lets u move stuff wit ur mind] If men did push the siege towers
    they would be vunerable and they would die alot more often but that would just make for more realistic causulaties :neutral: :!:
  5. darksider

    Better sieges

    I've been playin mount&blade warband alot and i kinda got bored of the sieges. the sieges in game are nothin like real sieges like all u have to do is wait till the siege tower magically moves towards the wall and there are are catipults but they only there for show. I think the developers...
  6. darksider

    Gore and dismembering

    This game needs more BLOOD and GORE and DISMEMBERMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please vote.  all of ye mount&blade warriors out there must show the game developers what ye want u decide
  7. darksider


    oN the next version of mount&blade I would like to see some sort of a building feature added so that u could build ur own cassles and villages start ur own kingdom up from scratch
  8. darksider

    How to get modules folder for mount&blade warband

    In program files mount and blade warband is not there and I do not know where else to look for the mount and blade warband modules folder

    I have a ton of modules for m and b 1 and I dyin to get some for warband someone help :cry:
  9. darksider

    How to get modules folder for mount&blade warband

    When I go into the mount and blade warband folder what comes up is

    The native file folder which is empty? but I can still play on native
    The Scandanavian Mod file folder which is full of stuff!
    The screenshots file folder which has screenshots!
    And Rgl_config is there

    When i go into the opening thing i go into select module and native is the only one
  10. darksider

    How to get modules folder for mount&blade warband

    I looked up on the net how to use modules.It keeps sayin you move the files into mount&blade/modules folder I tried that but I do not have the Modules folder in the mount&blade warband not know how to get it. I need help!!! I am dying to play new modules but...
  11. darksider

    The Boring Arena System

    I'd like to see tournaments were they kill each other.It is kinda lame being knocked out all the time like 3 arows in da heart and he is unconshis.

    what about old roman style arenas 1 on 1 to the death.i would kill all in dat :twisted:
  12. darksider

    Playing Without a Mount

    I prefer fighting on foot because I cant throw axes on horse :sad: but the good thing about fighting on foot is that it is way easyer to use heavy weapons  :smile:  my caracter is on level 42 and pretty well armoured so I can just  charge in bradichy waving for some splatter and shrug off the wee little taps off the enemys pokes.

    The thinng is if you are fighting against lots of cavalry just send in yours! and hang back with all of your infantry. when the enemy cavalry is dead or the last of them have killed yours just charge with your infantry.
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