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  1. LeeCalabrese

    It's in EA... Should it excuse "everything"?

    Quite dissapointed tbr, gonna wait a couple months and see how the game holds up
  2. LeeCalabrese

    Why do characters look even uglier than Warband

    I get the whole "muh graphics don't matter" but Jesus why do all characters have the dead eyes of a low-income porn star. Not to mention they all look even fatter than Viking Conquest characters, and at least those were buff-fat. It's gotten to the point where I prefer to look at Rolf's bloated...
  3. LeeCalabrese

    Constructive feedback after playing a few hours

    I ignored it but it's actually pretty immersion-breaking to know that your siblings have been kidnapped by a brigand and are nobody-knows-where and you're just like... Meh, I'll just do my adventures and not think about that anymore, especially if you're playing a honorable and brave knight who would litterally travel the entire world and face an army by himself to save his family if he had the option to. :confused: I can ignore the quest but I just can't forget it magically, unfortunately :unsure:
    Wouldn't it be pretty easy to just give the choice to follow this main quest or not right at the end of the character creation, leaving you play a "blank state" character if you want to ?
    It really surprised me that they didnt just do it the viking conquest way, you choose at the start of the character creation whether you want to or not participate in a storymode, hopefully they add it in sooner rather than later
  4. LeeCalabrese

    Constructive feedback after playing a few hours

    I agree with pretty much all of these tbh
  5. LeeCalabrese

    Will Mount Blade Bannerlord 2 have private servers for the calradia map

    I mean couldn't they make it work simply by having the battles be played together (or against eachother) and pausing the other's game when he's doing whatever task he's doing. Though I guess a big part of the game is gonna be those tasks so it would be a bit annoying.
  6. LeeCalabrese

    Under 24 hours

    My life got absolutely ****ed, PC is arriving somewhere between 10;00 and 14:00. Which means I can go up to 4 hours without Bannerlord
  7. LeeCalabrese

    My head-canon is that Rhodoks are Battanians

    I assume the Swadians are based upon the Germans in the Holy Roman Empire (Swabians, hello) and the Rhodoks the Italian city states that often rebelled and were at odds with them.
  8. LeeCalabrese

    Give away 30th march

    I've already lost at 2 give-aways **** my odds
  9. LeeCalabrese

    """Main Quest""", Why is this a thing?

    Which hypocricy? Do you think those guys are the same people? Like single players have some kind of hive mind or something?
    No one is telling him to just go play Warband, except ironically. Hell SP players would always say "I'm happy with Warband but better" or whatever but suddenly when we want a combat system that is at least at the same level of Warband that's unacceptable to say. But Aruda's right, this is not the place to have that discussion and I shouldn't have gone into it.
  10. LeeCalabrese

    Will Slavery be a feature in Bannerlord?

    Well i think thats more of a history thing, where they were inspired by the real mamlukes, like other nations have similar things, but it would be cool if you as Aserai would actually turn your slaves into their special elite unit.
    I'd hope they'd have something unique for it, we'll see soon enough
  11. LeeCalabrese

    """Main Quest""", Why is this a thing?

    This is not the place for this. Seriously why on every thread are MP guys complaining about literally everything and hating everything SP?

    Also, the questline can be ingored.
    He's not complaining or hating anything SP, many of us MP fans enjoy SP as well. He's just pointing out the hypocricy.
  12. LeeCalabrese

    Will Slavery be a feature in Bannerlord?

    I'm pretty sure they said the Aserai had a minor faction for slave troops, like the mamlukes basically
  13. LeeCalabrese

    """Main Quest""", Why is this a thing?

    I wonder what the story will be about, heard some **** about the Emperor's death or smth, could be noice
  14. LeeCalabrese

    Beta Controversies and Criticisms of Bannerlord Combat.

    Accidentally chamber blocking is the only chamber block I can do
  15. LeeCalabrese

    Give away 30th march

    **** it, might as well try my luck
  16. LeeCalabrese

    Reporting SkullDrinker, the griefer.

    Skulldrinker griefed his images too, tragic.
  17. LeeCalabrese

    Taleworlds, this is false advertising and you know it

    People who dislike warband MP just got btfo'd by some naked crackhead teabagging them and then quit.
  18. LeeCalabrese

    Taleworlds, this is false advertising and you know it

    I have got to admit - I am sick of this beta community and sick of this forum. Joining this group I honestly thought would be a great experience and for a time it was - I feel like my voice amoungst many others pushed alot of key changes.

    But now it has just devolved into petty, *****ing, moaning and in-fighting and I hate it.

    This community has ruined any excitement I had for the release... quite genuinely as it's just left me with a long-lasting distaste as to how pathetic it has all become.

    I think this thread is it for me - Noudelle was genuinely a great beta tester for so long and has just lowered himself to this level of pettiness. I am so glad the release date draws near so i can put all this **** behind me and just play and enjoy the game for what it is.
    Don't act so dramatic it's a bit of a ****post with some valid criticisms
  19. LeeCalabrese

    Taleworlds, this is false advertising and you know it

    And I can't believe how someone can say Bannerlord combat is worse than Warband combat, but I understand it. You dont like it, then stay in Warband
    I can imagine how you may say that Warband combat looks goofy, but it feels so much better than Bannerlord.
    I've been looking forward to Bannerlord for ages, and truth be told I'll still play it but I want to see it's MP in the best state that it can be.
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