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    Pwease sign this Petition to get Deacon to update the threads, it seems this is the only what he will!
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    Balion Mercenaries - Official Clan Thread 3.5 (Recruiting Role-players)

    Balion Mercenaries - Official Thread                                                 Current History of the Balion Mercenaries As recorded by Balion_King_Legolas, "head_explosion" approved by the infamous Hoboknight_McBeverage. [center]As the tales and stories of the Balions grew so did...
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    Forum Legend

    I would like to know the legend of this interesting person I found on the forums : The most sinister Mr. Pavlov and The Pavenis
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    The Pointless Story Thread

    Sometimes I get bored and this is one of those moments. So, here comes the pointless story thread. The rules are simple. You are allowed one sentence to add to the story, it can be anything you want so long as it is a full sentence. It also has to relate to the previous sentence in some way...
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