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  1. Eafa

    diplomatic event: New Angle settlers arrive Britannia soon!

    New Ships are seen at the east coast of Britannia! Hundreds and Thousands of new angle settlers are on the way to Britannia to conquer Briton Land and they are led by Eappa the one eyed, the twin brother of Cyning Eafa Cuthwulfing. He have heard rumors of the great achievements of his Brother...
  2. Eafa

    Battle in Anglia: Eafa and Krisvk vs. Arthur and his welsh lord

    so Ballista will play as the welsh lord. I hope you all have time for the battle tomorrow, Krisvk please send me a PM beacause the money you want to invest.
  3. Eafa

    troop balancing...

    We alwas need much balancing at the troops: The battle yesterday, where I fought for Beron against Ballista, was like a bad joke. The Angle infantry have bashed the forces of murtagh and ballista, just with a few losses and I attacked up a very steep mountain!! We made another battle on a map...
  4. Eafa

    guys without names are tking

    hello on the hrafnabjodr server are TWO guys without names that are teamkilling all the time could an admin help pls? its really confusing, many players had left the server isnt their someone who can do something against this ****?? ????????????????????????????????????
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