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  1. JimmyCakes

    This is the only game I've played that makes me verify local files after a patch

    In order for the game to recognise there's been a patch quite often I have to verify local files so the patch actually works.
  2. JimmyCakes

    Can I have my siege back please?

    Since "release" I've only ever played Siege, and now the Siege servers are all gone!
  3. JimmyCakes

    Why does the game still use 100% of the CPU?

    It's been a year and the game still uses 100% of the CPU, it actually prevents me sometimes for accessing my other drives because it's ragging my computer so much even at the main menu.
  4. JimmyCakes

    Stronghold Warlords is out

    For those that like Medieval themed games - Stronghold Warlords is out!
  5. JimmyCakes

    Either allow horses to climb steps normally or not at all

    Why do we still have this hacky way of climbing up steps on horseback instead of just being able to smoothly climb? It was like this in Warband too, either you have to reverse your way up, or in Bannerlord you can now go zigzag.
  6. JimmyCakes

    Theories on why Americans don't like this game?

    Even during the days of Warband it was Europeans that populated the game and kept it alive, why is this? Is the learning curve too high for American population? Bannerlord at peak has around 15 NA players in a TDM server.
  7. JimmyCakes

    Fix multiplayer browser

    The browser has stopped saving the order in which servers are prioritised, I used to keep them organized by name so I can easily find the EU siege server, it scrambles it every time I started the game now.
  8. JimmyCakes


    5.2GB of new patch, what could it be, new multiplayer siege maps? New weapons and armor?
  9. JimmyCakes

    There is nothing worse than being Khuzait and using this class point system

    You've waited 10 minutes for a game to finally begin, you're hyped and excited, you get killed because of lag or your block was too slow even though you clicked in time and you die. Now the only role available is a Khuzait peasant. What do you do? I ALT+F4.
  10. JimmyCakes

    Suggestion: Decentralize Taleworlds

    Decentralize the power structure at Taleworlds into strike teams to get content out more efficiently for different areas of the game. Right now from everything I've gathered from former and current employees the development process is slow and I presume it's not because all the developers are...
  11. JimmyCakes

    All servers keep restarting

    All servers keep restarting
  12. JimmyCakes

    0 players in Siege server (Saturday Afternoon)

    The server is empty at peak time, did Cyberpunk destroy Bannerlord of did Bannerlord destroy itself?
  13. JimmyCakes

    Is playing a Khuzait peasant the lowest of the low?

    I'm stuck playing Khuzait on Siege which is bad enough, I get a few kills on my horse and for whatever reason that doesn't get me any gold so when I die my only option left is a Khuzait peasant and I sit there pondering to myself can it get any worse? Why don't I just stop playing?
  14. JimmyCakes

    I admire the determination of the players despite constant crashes

    1 out of every 3 siege games crashes and yet players still come back, sometimes we even have a full server for an hour or two.
  15. JimmyCakes

    I don't want to alarm anyone but Siege still crashes regularly mid-game

    Something in Siege still causes the server to crash in the middle of a game and it's been this way since March
  16. JimmyCakes

    Why make it so difficult to close gates?

    Just expand the radius of the door volume or something, no reason why opening and closing gates isn't working smoothly.
  17. JimmyCakes

    Jump into a game and I'm forced to play a peasant

    I hate this class system, I want to join a game and have fun with the class that I enjoy not care if I'm getting enough kills to be worthy of accessing it.
  18. JimmyCakes

    Why does it feel like sometimes my sword won't swing?

    In the middle of a fight sometimes my sword seems to get stuck half way into a swing. Other times it feels like sword swing is significantly slowed down.
  19. JimmyCakes

    Crashes still happen on Siege

    Not sure if the devs are still aware but 7 months since the release of the build and 1 in 3 games crashes if playing on the Siege gamemode.
  20. JimmyCakes

    How to make Khuzait fun for multiplayer?

    I find this faction lack luster especially when it comes to siege and melee, even the archers aren't anything special. What ways would you come up with to spice them up? I was thinking a powerful spear class, kind of like how some of the other factions have the 2 handed swinging polearms that...
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