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  1. Cant DL Warband!

    God, i tried so many times, it downloads at about 20kb then sh%ts itself. Please where can i download it????
  2. Quick Question about multiplayer option not turning up

    I dont get the option to have a multiplayer battle when engaging units on the map in sp. I have latest version plus fix plus wse, and i run from wse loader as admin. And a new game (not old save). Hope to hear back soon :) Thx Problem solved = First i deleted brytenwalda folder located in...
  3. Are there any plans to continue work on Warband?

    Like the title says, nothing has really been done to it in a very long time, have the devs shelved it? There's so much more potential from this game, it seems a waste to just let it just go.
  4. Bryt 1.35

    Checked the torrent links but at present they are dead, does anyone have an active link?? Cheers.
  5. Suggestion, extreme gameplay 'fix' :)

    My suggestion is; Get rid of money. No more costs to anything. Everything based on renown and honour. No more grind. It takes guts but i think it will totally free the gameplay up.
  6. Battle Time - Brytenwalda - How play multiplayer battles.

    Hey just asking,  has anyone had any luck with the multiplayer side of things? I know i need WSE, i have the newest version, but can someone help me out, i don't know what to do with them? Cheers.
  7. Suggestion... (big one)

    So, what id really want was the ability to travel the lands in 1st person view, that is travelling from one 'battle' map to another, to towns etc etc. Im guessing you'd have to generate from a seed value for each random map, so that they are always the same whenever you return to it, and also...
  8. My answer

    I wasn't around to reply, but since the topic became locked. Anyways i don't want to attract all the twats so il keep it simple. Basically there are very few units on map to engage with. It would be nice to have some variety etc. Anyways that was it, loads of good points to the mod tho!
  9. Britain BC, Video Enjoy.
  10. My criticism

    Is that there is no-one to hunt down! I mean in MnB the game basically relies on you chasing around people and killing them.. But in this mod it seems there is no one to perform this vital function on.. SO i got bored very quickly and quit.
  11. Crashes everytime i enter arena

    So yeah, it has been running fine up until now, i haven't done anything to my system or nout. Anybody else get this problem?
  12. How to raise rewards from the arena?

    Hi that's what i want to do, if it's a text file edit all the better. Thanks for any help.
  13. Is there a save game editor?

    Had a powercut last night while playing..... Loaded up today and guess what, im not level 25 anymore im Level.. 1... I lost every single piece of equipment and all my renown and honour... So i guess it was all illusion, i think i'll join a monastry and bake bread... :(
  14. Hey i get this error - searched but still need more info

    This is the error on loadup; ERROR: get_object failed for body: bo_arena_block_j_a Any help appreciated. I have textures on demand ticked, recent patch applied, and a 32bit OS with an ATI card ;)
  15. CTD When talking to companions

    Has anyone had this happen before? Whenever i go to initiate a conversation i with a companion i get a ctd, happened recently, im guessing it's since my recent rise in renown/honour, since i now have the option to tell drunks "Do you know who i am??!" So i guess it's perhaps a new line of text...
  16. Founding your own faction

    How do you do it? Is it just a matter of taking a castle/town by siege whilst being neutral - no alleigances to any lord or faction? Thx P.s. Also as a side note, i've tried using battlecry and warcry in combat but nothing happens... keys u and b, is this normal? Or are you supposed to hear...
  17. Once i have a fief or two....

    I have employed a staff member to take care of my accounts, but the problem is now, the money doesnt seem to be arriveing in my 'purse'. I should be making 500 to 1000 a week but my scillingas are unchanged... Is there something im missing or is this a bug? Also where is my court...?? lol wth...
  18. Hi looking for an older version...

    Hi i can't run the 1.131 patch for some reason, i get loads of errors so i was hoping to go back to 1.127 and play this mod. Is there an older version of this compatible with 1.127? Thanks.
  19. test server needs someone to join

    Hi i just put up a server, called Test - plz join to see if its working...... I just want to know if all my efforts with port forwarding have paid off. Thankyou.
  20. Mod reccomondation

    Hi i have tried a few mods and looked and looked for others. Are there any that favour small groups? Or at least allow the character to do more by him/herself without having to become a general of some kind. Any help appreciated, thx
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