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  1. Bandit and looter troops

    Bandit troops should be recruitable and upgradeable when you take them as captives having the veteran respect perk at level 150 leadership is ridiculous. Early game getting looters and upgrading them would be fantastic. Not so needed when you have a hundred and fifty leadership mid to late...
  2. Sturgeons underpowered

    Sturgeon units are two outclassed by other nations they need superior archers. At least they should have some substantial armor if they're going to be poor archers. As if they don't rely on the bow. Currently there missile units are all pretty much trash and can't compete toe-to-toe against...
  3. Smithing armor and arrows

    Smithing seems to be missing a few items that would make the game more interesting and wouldn't flood the market system with manufactured crafted weapons. Being able to manufacture armor while smithing would add a nice layer to the game
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