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  1. ageust

    1860s - SAY or ASK WHATEVER U WANT !! ( a KIND way...)

    PPQ_Purple said:
    A question. What's with the whole of Canada and bits of the middle US being pink cities and towns owned apparently by bandits that work basically like an open field encounter with a bandit gang?

    He made a Canada faction... and then removed it for reasons known only unto himself. The pink cities were left behind just to taunt Canadians and all those who dream of British intervention in the civil war.
  2. ageust

    SP Native Modern The Parabellum (WW1 in Calradia)

    I've been waiting for this since red wars died  :grin: downloading now 
  3. ageust

    Propaganda Department: Screenshots & Videos

    Schwarzer Reiter said:
    Woofy1863 said:
    but without all the silly stuff like AK-47s and Nazis as well as a few other things I can't quite remember.

    Heresy! Without the Swazis this mod just wouldn't be the same.

    indeed, the swazis are the core of this mod. the AKs though... those were weird...
  4. ageust

    Propaganda Department: Screenshots & Videos

    actually kind of tragic, it was just getting good but it was left in a super buggy state.
  5. ageust

    This mod seems dead as **** right now,

    That's fine that they've moved on, i understand, but did they have to leave it so horribly broken? Most of the villages are flying and half the castles are transparent...
  6. ageust

    This mod seems dead as **** right now,

    As i understand it theres a delay because they are trying to colate Red Wars' lore and map with Imperial Age/Calradia 1870
  7. ageust

    Official Screenshots and Video Thread

  8. ageust


    This is almost certainly the wrong place for this, but i can't really find a better one. The issue i'm having isn't a bug or anything, but it's an issue of the starting alliances. The issue is that England starts out the game at war... with everyone. This includes, somewhat disturbingly, their long time allies; the Iroquois confederacy. This results in almost every english settlement being looted within the first few days of the game, then they start loosing towns and forts on all sides. I tried to correct this myself by changing the faction relations in the 'factions.txt' file, but all i succeeded in doing was having them start at war with a high relationship. Can someone direct me to where i can adjust the starting wars/alliances? It's annoying to have to kill people who should really have been my allies for about two hundred years.
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