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    [BoP: The Fifth Sun] Main Thread

    An announcement from the King of Chactemal, Pawahtuun Kan:

    "It comes with great sadness that I must declare that my beloved wife, Suchil Nito, who had bore me three talented and wonderful children and contributed greatly to the affairs and matters of the state has died alongside what was to be a new infant son of mine during childbirth. She was truly someone who commanded great respect and admiration from myself, and someone I was proud to share the honour of being a monarch with, proud to call my Queen.

    Her legacy will be forever remembered, as I have commissioned a statue of her and that of Ix Chel, and will be instructing the priests to initiate rites to honour the spirits and gods. We will in this time accept all pilgrims and mourners to arrive into Chactemal with the utmost respect and hospitality, and to my relations in Nito: While the official alliance between that of Chactemal and Nito has ended, I personally held Suchil dearly to my heart and hope that communication between our families will continue. Suchil Nito's family is invited to stay within the Royal Palace and be attended to during this time of grief, and a funerary gift will be sent to Nito as well. As far as I see it, you are all still family in the eyes of Chactemal. Suchil's blood flows through her three beautiful children, her strong and able son Ix Copacab, her eloquent and clever daughter Xtz'aak, and her youngest, curious and intelligent Suhuy Pal.

    This loss bereaves me, especially as my youngest daughter- Suhuy Pal, who has proven to be as bright and full of life as her mother- is not going to grow up with her mother's loving care. It has hit my family hard, but both me and all three of my children shall hold our heads high. We have much to be proud of, and we have a kingdom to run. Chactemal, like the great Kan family, shall prevail and thrive. I thank the gods for the time I had with Suchil, and when it is time I shall see her in the next life."

    Official policy and stance from Chactemal:

    Pilgrims and mourners invited to Chactemal. We will also be opening up our markets more for travelers. We encourage all our neighbours to focus on the coming storm and survive the onslaught of the pirates. Now is not the time for petty squabbles- we advise diplomacy and talking each other's issues out. Fighting will only leave us weaker and worse for wear.
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    [BoP: The Fifth Sun] Main Thread

    "The seas froth with vengeance, upon those complacent and disregarding of the threat of beyond. Vigilance has secured Chactemal victory, but there is still much work to be done. When the waves crash upon our realms, will we be jagged rocks that will cut through those who seek to harm, or shall we be a placid beach for them to come ashore and plunder? Ask yourselves this, and weep if you are the latter. Communication attempts have been made, and some of it has been met with considerable reciprocation. Where as others... the call falls upon deaf ears, to their own woe.

    Regardless of the political climate, Chactemal publicly offers its condolences to the victims of Soite. May the gods smile upon them in mercy and offer the grief stricken people respite and recovery with the lessons they have hard learned.

    There are hungry eyes from beyond the horizon. Hunger brings with it its own sense of desperation and evil no matter the maw it belongs to. Never underestimate this, lest one be devoured."

    -King Pawahtuun Kan of Chactemal, in address to the Scourge of the Celestial Sea.
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    BL Other Voice Over Presets: Adding more into the game?

    Hey folks. I have the intention to add more voice over presets into the game and release a mod with some new voiceovers I intend to record myself, as 2 is just too few in my humble opinion and having some different archetypes and characters would be cool. My website if interested in listening...
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    Alpha Centauri BoP: The Colonization of Planet

    Update folks: I'll be continually upgrading and adding to the mechanics, official deadline I am setting myself up for figuring out the mechanics will be this Saturday on the 4th of April.

    I should have everyone's cards out within the following week. As for the deadline of your own reports to submit to me, I'll play that by ear and see how were standing once I get the mechanics fully released.
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    [BoP: The Fifth Sun] Main Thread

    On behalf of the people of Chactemal to 8 Lightning Hummingbird:

    You are just mad that you didn't have the spine enough to stand up for your claim with your over-zealous ally, and did not effectively communicate. The fact remains that the two of your realms owe a debt to Chactemal's armies. Chactemal did not take any territory beyond what it claimed in good confidence, and the fault lies largely upon the Itza for grasping more land than it was warranted.

    In short, Chactemal did nothing wrong, you're fluffing your feathers up like an attention starved macaw and making noise like a howler monkey over something you could've prevented.

    Talk to us when you have sorted out your petty dispute with the Itza and not a moment sooner.

    -Regards, KING Pawatuun Kan.
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    Alpha Centauri BoP: The Colonization of Planet

    @Dago Wolfrider

    Overall, approved. I strongly recommend a different symbol and flag, something more original and befitting to the faction and setting. Would be willing to draw it should I find the time.

    The Free Society is a fine addition otherwise.
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    Alpha Centauri BoP: The Colonization of Planet

    @Captured Joe The question here is what got this fellow onto the Unity, and what got him a following amongst an international crew. There's definitely been some very ethnically focused factions in this BoP (Space Kibbutz and Habsburgs, looking at you folks-) but the main things they got going for them is mostly that there's an appeal on an international stage for them.

    New Zion appeals to people of Abrahamic faith and folks who want a well structured, supportive sense of community.
    There's also a fair bit they put in that deals with how they confronted the Fall of Earth and what made them valuable upon the Unity mission, which was mainly a good degree of experience that'd likely land Eliyahu on the security council. They also are from an established nation state in this case with good funding and experience in dealing with tons of dangerous problems.

    As for the Neues Kaisertum Österreich (which arguably needs a bit of a shorter contextual name I'd say as a faction, but I'll post a guide soon enough.) they got wealthy connections largely+ a huge amount of focus on AI research and the like that gives them the necessary blade edge so to speak to get on the unity mission. Appeal wise its a society for aristocrats and the wealthy for the most part, for the wealthy.

    So far I am gathering: an ethnically pan slavic (mostly south slav) movement that has the backings of religious leaders (of their region I reckon) who are largely of a terrorist/insurgent/warlord nature, harkening back to Chetniks and various other militant groups throughout Balkan history. I get the historical implications and cultural standpoint; but what brings the Dinara Army into the future? What is the element they bring onto the table for the Unity? What did Vuk Nedić bring to the table in terms of making him a valuable asset on the starship Unity?

    Eliyahu has a wealth of experience with blue collar organization and workplace experience, military experience and a good level involvement with the international scene and government.

    Karl Franz von Habsburg (And the issue of his name being a meme has been brought up) is highly educated and quite invested into AI research and his family lineage gives a huge amount of international connection and a diaspora of wealth at his command.

    That's the main things I wish to address in your case. The initial idea of a guerrilla type movement of some sort, a pan slavic movement definitely can work but it just needs... something more to bring it to the table if you get me. An ideology and premise future wise for people of various ethnic backgrounds and origins to be attracted to. The Hapsburg has their AI and social connections worldwide with a very organized AI backed social system. New Zion its raw experience with environmental and warfare related policies with the ideals of a support driven Kibbutz.

    What does the Dinara army have in this case? Why would the UN cater to what are apparently ethnic warlords?
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    Alpha Centauri BoP: The Colonization of Planet

    @JudgeAlfred , Approved! The name is a complete meme as stated in voice chat but like; I'm not gonna disallow it. I do encourage to change it. Maybe Otto might be a good alternative.
    @Draorn Approved! Welcome sister!
    @MaHuD Approved! Welcome commissioner!

    As for the rest of you, write up your factions and then I'll consider you.
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    If you need the Discord link for BoP, let me know!

    If you need the Discord link for BoP, let me know!
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    Alpha Centauri BoP: The Colonization of Planet

    To Pixel-

    Approved, Zeyda and the Wayfinders are a welcome addition to Planet.

    To BlackTide-

    Also welcome to play as the University! Approved.
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    Alpha Centauri BoP: The Colonization of Planet

    After thorough review; I can state that I've quite enjoyed reading this application.


    Your faction card will be handed out to you once I have processed applications and detailed the mechanical system.
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    Alpha Centauri BoP: The Colonization of Planet

    Welcome! At some point, be sure to flesh out your application. The faction you make (or choose) is mostly just the concept needed, and then mechanically we'll figure that out after.
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    Alpha Centauri BoP: The Colonization of Planet

    Work in Progress

    In Alpha Centauri: Colonization of Planet, every faction has their own inherent societal values, and can further augment their values by adopting different societal models. Certain societies may have bonuses, penalties or tout or prefer certain societal models, while completely abstaining from and avoiding others based off of their ideological stand points.

    Every societal model will alter the stats of one's society, and social engineering is an expected part of this BoP.

    But it should be noted that not all societal models are accessible from the start! As some may require certain social and technological developments to occur within one's faction and society.

    Societal models are split into politics, how the government is ran, economics, how the economy is run, values, what the society overall values culturally, and future society is reserved largely for specific technological and social breakthroughs.

    Each social model is described as follows:
    Political systems
    Frontier politics represent the informal governing arrangements made in early colonies, before populations reach levels requiring more advanced forms of government. Frontier politics provides no bonuses or penalties.
    Police States use oppression and high security to keep their citizens in line, and allow their leaders great power over military decisions. But oppression of this type also decreases economic efficiency.
    Democracies allow citizens to participate in government, and forgo oppression and the stability it confers in favor of growth and efficiency. But citizens remain suspicious of large military deployments, and civilian oversight creates large military bureaucracies, so military support costs increase.
    Fundamentalist politics unite a society behind a strong, dogmatic religion. Evangelizing the populace can create loyal, even fanatical military forces, and tends to immunize citizens against (other forms of) brainwashing, but technological research tends to suffer under the continual assaults on intellectual integrity associated with such regimes.

    Economic systems
    Simple Economics describes the informal, ad hoc economy which develops in the early years of planetfall, before more organized economic systems can be put in place. Simple Economics provides no special benefits or penalties.
    Free Market economics turns market forces loose in your society. Unfettered market economics can produce great wealth quickly, but in the context of Planet’s fragile emerging economies can also lead to extremes of pollution and ecological damage. Also, citizens rendered suddenly poor by the actions unscrupulous moguls may revolt against their energy-fattened masters.
    Planned economics promotes stable industrial and population growth, but sacrifices efficiency. Either a semi-market economy kept in check by fierce governmental regulation, or a completely state controlled economy.
    Green economics strives to integrate sentient progress with the needs of the biosphere. Green economies use resources efficiently and tend to avoid the excesses of industrial development which could provoke Planet’s native life, but population growth necessarily suffers for lack of space.
    Survival is of course the all-encompassing first priority of early human space colonies. Survival as a priority provides no special bonuses or penalties.
    Power seeking leaders build strong, well-paid military forces to enforce their will. But Economic and industrial infrastructure may suffer from bloated “defense” budgets.
    Knowledge seeking leaders desiring intellectual enlightenment will pour resources into research and education. They will also tend to promote the free exchange of information, which increases efficiency but also carries greater security risks.
    Wealth seeking leaders will concentrate on building economic and industrial infrastructure rapidly. They achieve rapid growth and development, with possible side effects being decadence and moral decay.
    Future Societal Models
    None, or no Future Society, simply means that your society has not yet evolved to a far future society. No bonuses or penalties apply.
    Cybernetic, In the far future, citizens may turn many of the tasks of governing society over to artificially intelligent computers, increasing efficiency and freeing individuals for more creative tasks. But will workers displaced by computers sink into despair, poverty, and possible unrest?
    Eudaimonic! Perhaps the most pleasant to contemplate living in, this far future society takes its name from an ancient Greek word for fulfillment and happiness. Eudaimonic society encourages each citizen to achieve happiness through striving to fulfill completely his or her potential. Population, Economy, and Industry all experience healthy growth. Violence fades as society grows more tolerant and just, and even when this society’s hand is forced it often shoots to subdue rather than to destroy.
    Thought control, the ultimate in “Big Brother” methods, Thought Control effuses subtle neurochemical triggers into the atmosphere to render its population obedient, loyal, and resistant to outside ideas. But significant resources are required to maintain this level of control.

    Societal effects are as follows:
    Economy - The raw strength of a society's energy economy. Determines the amount of energy generated on a general basis through both production and commercial trading.
    -5, -40% energy each base!!!
    -4, -30% energy each base!!
    -3, -20% energy each base
    -2, -10% energy each base
    -1, -10 % energy at HQ base
    0, Standard energy rates
    1, +10% energy each base
    2, +10% energy each square!
    3, +20% energy/base +1 commerce rating!!
    4, +20% energy/base; +2 commerce!!!
    5, +25% energy/base; +3 commerce
    6, +30% energy/base; +3 commerce
    Efficiency - Energy costs to run your society. Higher efficiency means the cost of running infrastructure is reduced by a percentile value.
    -4, Economic Paralysis, 20% increased costs for running infrastructure!
    -3, Murderous inefficiency 15% increased costs for running infrastructure
    -2, Appalling inefficiency 10% increased costs for running infrastructure
    -1, Gross inefficiency 5% increased costs for running infrastructure
    0, High inefficiency
    +1, Reasonable efficiency 5% decreased costs for running infrastructure
    +2, Commendable efficiency 10% decreased costs for running infrastructure
    +3, Exemplary efficiency! 15% decreased costs for running infrastructure
    +4, Paradigm Economy!! 20% decreased costs for running infrastructure!

    Growth - How well your society can handle population growth and accommodating for people's needs through efficiency. Effectively discounts nutrient costs for population growth and sustainment.
    -5 Agonizing famine!!! Population decreases by 25%!!!!
    -4, Mass starvation! Population decreases by 15%!
    -3, Near-zero population growth
    -2, -20% growth rate
    -1, -10% growth rate
    0, Normal growth rate
    1, +10% growth rate
    2, +20% growth rate
    3, +30% growth rate
    4, +40% growth rate
    5, +50% growth rate!
    6, Population Boom!! +60 Growth rate!!!

    Industry - Mineral production costs are related to this value. The higher the industrial value applies a percentage discount to your production of units and infrastructure.

    -5, Mineral costs increased by 50%!!!
    -4, Mineral costs increased by 40%!!
    -3, Mineral costs increased by 30%
    -2, Mineral costs increased by 20%
    -1, Mineral costs increased by 10%
    0, Normal production rate
    1, Mineral costs decreased by 10%
    2, Mineral costs decreased by 20%
    3, Mineral costs decreased by 30%!
    4, Mineral costs decreased by 40%!!
    5, Mineral costs decreased by 50%!!!
    5+, Mineral costs decreased by 50%!!!
    Morale - How well trained and motivated your military forces are upon their creation and in general. Does not determine their equipment, solely their battle prowess as individuals. Higher morale equals better motivated and mentally prepared soldiers. Exceptions to the rule can apply for specific units.
    -4, -3 Morale; + modifiers halved
    -3, -2 Morale; + modifiers halved
    -2, -1 Morale; + modifiers halved
    -1, -1 Morale
    0, Normal Morale
    1, +1 Morale
    2, +1 Morale (+2 on defense in base)
    3, +2 Morale! (+3 on defense in base)
    4, +3 Morale!!

    Planet - The relationship you have with Planet, whether or not your society is harmful, disruptive or pollutive to Planet's environment and its creatures. Higher planet score increases the chances of healthier and more positive interactions with native life forms.

    -4, Intentional ecocide! -40% off of native eco yields, hostility increased
    -3, Wanton ecological disruption; -30% off of native eco yields
    -2, Rampant ecological disruption; -20% off of native eco yields
    -1, Increased ecological disruption; -10% off of native eco yields
    0, Normal ecological tension
    1, Ecological safeguards!; Increased chances of healthy interactions with native life
    2, Ecological harmony!; Increased chance of native life positive encounters, +10% off of native eco yields
    3, Ecological wisdom!!; Maximum chance of native life form encounters going positive, +20% off of native eco yields!
    4, Ecological symbiosis!!!; Maximum chance of native life form encounters going positive, +25% off of native eco yields, bases have increased native life form growth.

    Police - This determines how orderly your society is, and how prone it is to social unrest; and how well your society can manage social unrest. Also affects how many drones (malcontent citizens, basic workers and impoverished underclass people) are in your society.
    -5, +20% extra drone population growth, constant crime and full on banditry.
    -4, +10% drone population growth, crime is a daily fact of life.
    -3, +5% drone population growth, crime happens often and touches most of society.
    -2, Cannot use military units as police. No nerve stapling. Criminals have more leeway in society.
    -1, One police unit allowed. No nerve stapling. Crimes happen more occasionally.
    0, Can use one military unit as police. Relatively insignificant crime rates.
    1, Can use up to 2 military units as police. Response time to crisis and crimes is competent!
    2, Can use up to 3 military units as police! Society is relatively safe and orderly!
    3, 3 units as police. Police effect doubled!! Society is in complete order and control with nigh zero crime!

    Probe - This is how effective your espionage activities are, as well as your defense against elements of subterfuge. Probing actions often require energy credits in order to engage the necessary bribes and cloaking methods.
    -3 -50 cost of enemy probe team actions; counter intelligence is nearly non-existent, non-aligned informants likely selling information to random bidders.
    -2, -50% cost of enemy probe team actions; enemy success rate increased
    -1, -25% cost of enemy probe team actions; enemy success rate increased
    0, Normal security measures
    1, +1 probe team morale; +50% cost of enemy probe team actions
    2, +2 probe team morale; Doubles cost of enemy probe team actions!
    3, +3 probe team morale; counter intelligence is a honed and ruthless force to be reckoned with! Units are incorruptible.

    Research - How fast and efficient your research and laboratories are. This effects your RP (Research Point) generation per turn.
    -5, Research output decreased by 50%
    -4, Research output decreased by 40%
    -3, Research output decreased by 30%
    -2, Research output decreased by 20%
    -1, Research output decreased by 10%
    0, Normal research rate
    +1, Research output increased by 10%
    +2, Research output increased by 20%!
    +3, Research output increased by 30%!!
    +4, Research output increased by 40%!!!
    +5, Research output increased by 50%!!!!

    Support- This determines the cost of supplying your created units and expeditionary forces. Higher support means that costs are lessened, meaning you can support bigger armies, exploratory teams and new settlements easier without penalties.
    -4, Each unit costs 20% more mineral cost to support; no free minerals for new base.
    -3, Each unit costs 10% more mineral cost to support; no free minerals for new base.
    -2, Support 1 unit free per base; no free minerals for new base.
    -1, Support 1 unit free per base
    0, Support 2 units free per base
    1, Support 3 units free per base
    2, Support 4 units free per base!
    3, Support 4 units, double starting mineral resources for new base!
    4, Support 5 units, double starting mineral resources for new base!

    Technology follows a tree roughly similar to that of the original game, following the traditional tree- but players coming up with their own technologies and innovations is possible as well. The full tech tree is recorded down but generally speaking:

    Everyone has the basics for life support and providing oxygen and creating basic power plants and other such things through fission reactions (and fossil fuels if found), and there is the basics of hydroponics and other technologies from Earth. However heavier infrastructure and things such as trains, larger ocean going vessels, space flight, the creation of vehicles of any sort and especially for the sake of being adapted to Planet's atmospheric and environmental conditions has to be researched from scratch.

    A full list of the technology tree can be found here: for their base descriptions, but overall do note there will be some discrepancy for them.

    When making your faction, they should come with a set of bonuses and disadvantages, and perhaps a preferred societal model and perhaps one they are repulsed by (but not necessary in every case) and maybe some benefits or disadvantages for using one.

    For example, one faction may be "Robust" with Planned Economics meaning that it ignores the penalties of planned economics, but said faction may be averse to the social value of wealth and not being able to use it, with its preferred ideal being knowledge.

    Factions can have more abstract bonuses too, such as "Starts with an additional cache of energy credit wealth" or "Has an increased rate of probe success in settlements with higher drone populations" and so forth.

    And in finality, some factions may start with a technology, but do keep in mind that the higher tier/more advanced the tech, the more unlikely or some sort of penalty will be associated.
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    Alpha Centauri BoP: The Colonization of Planet

    Welcome everyone! To Alpha Centauri. Prologue: This BoP will be based off of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, a marvelous and critically acclaimed turn based strategy game and arguably one of the best 4x turn based strategy games of all time, inspired by it's rich setting. I remade this...
  15. Comrade Crimson

    [General] BoP Main Thread: Host Pixel,385443.0.html Signup thread for Alpha Centauri!
  16. Comrade Crimson

    [General] BoP Main Thread: Host Pixel

    So, before I decide to make a full on thread for this- In the BoP discord I've been discussing this for some time but figured to bring it to light here on the forums.

    I am planning on hosting a Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri focused Balance of Power game.


    What can you expect from it?

    1. This BoP takes place in the future, the year 2100 on Chiron, a planet in the Alpha Centauri system. Humanity has launched the UN backed ship the "Unity"- a large ark that carried a large population of people to the new world back in 2070. Captain Garland, it's main head was assassinated prior to reaching the planet and during planet fall the ship divided itself into 7 factions. The planet has life on it and it is very different from our own. That as much will be said.

    2. There will be 7 total player slots at the start. More may open up in time. Each of these slots are all going to be the factions from SMAC.

    (Although I may be open to the suggestion of people designing their own factions that follow some guidelines instead of the originals, but that is going to be a case where EVERY faction will have to be designed- and I will call a vote on that if that's the case.)

    Those factions are:
    Morgan Industries, led by CEO Nwabudike Morgan- a diamond and business mogul from Nigeria who leads a faction of monopolistic, corporate capitalists, who see it as their right to exploit resources as they see fit.

    The Human Hive, led by Chairman Sheng-Ji Yang- a former official of "Great China" (presumably a nationalist-revival of the monarchy type regime) who leads a faction based on social experiments and totalitarian collectivism.

    Gaia's Stepdaughters, led by Lady Diedre Skyre, a ecological scientist from Scotland who leads a faction based on peaceful harmony with the new planet and overall is environmentally focused, even if that means sacrificing what it means to be human.

    The University, led by Provost Prohkor Zakharov, a Russian scientist who leads a faction based on the acquisition of knowledge and scientific progress at all costs, even with the pursuit of unethical science if it merits an advancement of knowledge.

    The Spartan Federation, led by Colonel Corazon Santiago, a female Latin American militarist who leads a faction of survivalists who believe in a completely militarized society, believing that a superior military and a society enveloped in it will ensure prosperity and survival.

    The Lord's Believers, led by Sister Miriam Godwinson, a physicist and prophet from the southern United States who leads a faction of Evangelist style fundamentalists who follow (presumably) a new form of Abrahamic/Neo Christian faith, and who are wary of new and dangerous technologies- even to the point of dogmatism.

    The UN Peacekeepers, led by Commissioner Pravrin Lal, an Indian bureaucrat who sat on the UN council who leads a faction that tries to preserves the ideals of Earth democracy and humanism, despite the radically different world they may be on and still suffering the same old problems that old Earth government had.

    Each and every faction has its own ideology that helps dictate their bonuses and flaws.

    3. Unlike the actual game, this BoP will not include every single gameplay aspect of the original game in its original form and instead be more roleplay based, with some resource expenditures, research and other elements being more loose and player driven. Research is also technically "blind" in the sense that whatever is discovered is the result of your policies. More on this will be explained later.

    4. This BoP will focus a lot on the actual colony settlements that people produce and be more local scale, with events that you as leaders will have to respond to. There will be characters you will encounter and deal with over time, and your interactions with them may have lasting consequences. Energy, mineral and nutrient expenses also will have to be managed, as well as the general happiness and needs of a population.

    Let me know if any of you are interested in this here! Also, I need help with the BoP tool and getting the permissions for it.

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    [General] BoP Main Thread: Host Pixel

    Pixel, you're nothing but a cuilonyotl.

    I am voting for Mesoamerica inside this thread.
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    Random Media v.4 (Comedy Optional, Interesting Optional)


    That seems oddly appropriate.

    "Like Vladimir Putin, you always keep your cool, even under circumstances that would cause others to break out a sweat. Normally you keep a low profile, but when an opportunity arises, you decisively spring into action, catching others off-guard and making the most of the opening presented to you. Take care to reign in the smartassery, though, or risk antagonizing others to the point of provoking massive retaliation."

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    [BoP: 1910] Balance of Power: Europe 1910 - Game Thread

    "Waffles waffles, weapons of waffle destruction something about Congo" -probably the King of Belgium
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