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  1. Saptor

    SP Native Free Settlement Give Away

    Download Nexus Mods Description As of Bannerlord e1.10, the decision to propose to give settlement away in the Kingdom menu costs 400 influence even for one's own settlement. Even after that, it actually bugs and starts a second voting when there is no need. This simple mod enables players to...
  2. Saptor

    BL Coding Harmony Failing to Patch due to Optimization

    Starting in yesterday, I made some tweaks to Bannerlord using Harmony. When I used the Debug configuration to build the .dll files, it worked without problem. However, when I used the Release one it simply acted as if the mod wasn't loaded. I checked the Release configuration and realized it...
  3. Saptor

    [Solved] PW - Bank System and Drop After Death Problems

    I am currently trying do develop three systems for PW, the first is a bank system, the second is a logging system and the third is a private house system. [Solved] The first problem I need help with is that when a player quits, a part of his or her money drops as a money bag. With which...
  4. Saptor

    [H5] High Five

                    Hakkımızda Kuruluş tarihi 11 Ocak 2012 olan klanımız, 3 yılı aşkın süredir gerek Mount&Blade Warband, gerek diğer oyunlarda bulunarak oyuncularımız için güzel bir arkadaşlık ortamı hazırlamış ve büyük bir eğlence potansiyeli oluşturmuştur. 2015 yılının yaz...
  5. Saptor

    Windows vs Wine (Linux)

    I want to build a PW server that will use scripts. Which is the best for the performance? And how much does it difference?
  6. Saptor

    Need Guiding About Event Handling in PW Module System

    Hello  :). I have experience with Python. Can anyone tell me about events in PW Module System? How can I handle something like event during game? Example: A method or a script calling when a player attacked to another?
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