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  1. SomeWeirdSins

    Khuzait Culture Bonus needs changing

    the khuzait is one of the many fundamentally flawed ideas in this game
  2. SomeWeirdSins

    tourney's still fubar

    hey guys, so my old post seems to have disappeared but still getting royally screwed over in tourney's. heck last round block seems to have been disabled entirely. previous tourney i still won, but who was the most difficult guy in the whole match? some wanderer that didnt even have single handed skills but who was somehow nastier then the king of valdia?

    why is this this both trying to cheat you and why are the npc's involved inconsistent to the point of not reflecting their traits whatsoever?
    it's because armor is useless in this game. Lords are super easy to beat in tournaments.

    Veteran militia are actually the hardest fights in the arena.
  3. SomeWeirdSins

    Caravans and shops - WTF money waste ??

    Do you understand inner working of caravans (on code level)?
    Yes, they are coded to take your money in Askar and walk directly to Sturgia, the only hostile faction, and attempt to trade with a hostile faction because food prices are high there (not a joke).

    If there are no hostile factions they kill looters, take the looters prisoners, and then die to chain-attacks of looters because they have 2.2 move speed from prisoner penalty (not a joke)
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    Resolved 275 Roguery Perk Not Working

    Increase loot amount by 1% for every skill point over 200.
    Code Analysis (Beta v1.5.:cool:

    By default raided villages/caravans only show 50% of the quantity of each item they have. If the party leader has this perk and a Roguery level of over 200, then this perk changes that number to 50 + ((x - 200) / 2) percent, where x is the party leader's Roguery level. This percentage can't go over 100. For example, at level 250 it would result in 75% of the loot quantity being shown. It stacks multiplicatively with Know How.

    Sounds like the perk is actually just useless. It only increases the loot from villagers, raids, and caravans.

    After 100 years grinding roguery with death off you get more gold from things you only want to do in the first few years of the game.
  5. SomeWeirdSins

    Strategy challenge!

    I think scaling up Armor values and recalculating scaling of damage based on range (similar to realistic battle mod) should balance it but taleworlds is not going to do that because their main aim is to have fast paced battles with minimal tactical control given to player
    yeah that's the point I'm trying to make.
    Only one player has been able to beat sharpshooters in a line with no micro, and only on 1500 instead of 400
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    Strategy challenge!

    Did try it out, total deployed 169, survived 109.
    Army comp- 60 imperial legionary, 30 aserai mamluke palace guard, 29 aserai master archers, 30 vlandian gallants, 20 imperial bucellari.
    Map: desert map 009.
    I had used RTS camera for target specific troop command, without that it's hard to command
    Hugged them to the side of one of those plateau, so no flank from left, most casualties occured when infantry was approaching enemy archers in shield wall formation(very bizarre)
    That's a good result!

    The winner is 100% sharpshooters in a line with no micromanagement.

    Sharpshooters start to lose to mixed armies once fight sizes get very large (750 vs 750). Reinforcement mechanics are the issue.
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    Poll "What your favorite weapon type"

    Poll allowed me only 10 answers.

    I wanted to know about foot\mounted fight. But i had only 1 answer left.
    Bow is by far the strongest weapon in the game on either horse or foot from a power perspective. When supported by the correct perks you can 1 shot pretty much any target within 40ish meters and get over 1 kill a second. Literal 80 kills before the fight starts, then you can choose to command your army or to shoot a tier 2 archer in the back of the head for 50 more arrows.

    For fun? Give me only a bearskin and a 2h axe on foot. I may die, sure. I also may get 80 kills in 30-40 seconds and instantly end the fight.
  8. SomeWeirdSins

    In Progress hand and a half swords not switching modes with hotkey

    Hello, can you please delete the config files(C:\Users\USER\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs) and verify the integrity of the game files afterward. Please send us a save file if this step does not fix the problem. You can upload the file to address. Please paste the link to this thread as description so i can identify it.
    deleted config, reinstalled, still have the same problem. Bug seems quite common from interacting with other bannerlord players

    Save uploaded
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    Resolved [1.58] (and all other iterations before it) - Random Workshop Issue

    So to be clear, every new game the workshops in each town are supposed to be identical?

    For example, Tyal should have a smithy, a velvet weavery, and a wood workshop every single new game?

    Could it be the case that whatever refactor(?) that re-aligned all the nobles with different items in 1.59 also impacted shops?
  10. SomeWeirdSins

    Feedback on Prison Breaks

    It is absolutely ridiculous that Raiding villages isnt the best way to level up roguery.
    technically you could kill peasants and ransom them to hit 275 roguery.If you killed arounf 60% of them with a blunt weapon (or captured with doctor's oath) you could hit 275 roguery in...
    about 400,000 peasants. Get started! The reward will feel better if you earn it. That's part of the narrative.
  11. SomeWeirdSins

    Feedback on Prison Breaks

    What is even the point of doing prison break ? People stay prisoner for like 2 minutes of real time.
    it's the only way to level roguery
  12. SomeWeirdSins

    Bannerlord Armor System as a bottleneck for tactical gameplay

    Well read last 5 pages of this thread as well as that other post about archers been stupid. It all full of me supporting that conclusion.

    Basic premise is simple:
    Archers are overpowered when used by player. They are underpowered when used by the AI => logical conclusion: problem is in the AI and not the archers or armor.
    You make a lot of unfounded/incorrect claims in this thread that you refuse to support.

    You literally cited a battle (Crecy) with a cannon where the French had no commander and were killing each other on purpose (French knights were killing their crossbowmen for being cowards) while the English slaughtered them with cannons and a half-million arrows to 'prove' that 11th century archers pierce high-end 11th century armor.

    Why should I take anything you say more seriously than a magic 8 ball's results?
  13. SomeWeirdSins

    Bannerlord Armor System as a bottleneck for tactical gameplay

    It's an issue with AI, not with archers or armor. Stop exploiting AI and issue will disappear.
    A bold conclusion. How do you support that?
  14. SomeWeirdSins

    Bannerlord Armor System as a bottleneck for tactical gameplay

    When you show me battle where you have wiped out floor with equal or higher number of t5 AI units using low tier archer spam with "crappy bows", then I will agree that you have a point and there is something wrong with arrow/armor balance.
    Try the strategy challenge and tell me if you can beat the current best score and how you did it. If you object to the test conditions (map size, map choice) then tweak them and let us know

    The fact is that for the vast majority of the game 100% ranged in a line while not touching the mouse/keyboard is more effective than a micromanaged mixed army, and that's anti-fun.

  15. SomeWeirdSins

    1.5.9 Ok where are the Crossbows?

    Just simple as that. After a long time we have our Noble Bows back and also High End Armor appeared in the shops of the towns. Now I play my first Crossbow playthrough... guess what its year 1092 and the Bound Crossbow can nowhere be found, all other stuff is since 1090 in the market. Only the "Arlabest"(?) and the Hickory Crossbow can be found. Is it only a Problem in my Game or do you have recognized it also?
    Crossbows for the player aren't implemented yet.
    They are fine to clear hideouts for a non-combat build or as a tool to level riding/athletics on day 1.
  16. SomeWeirdSins

    Strategy challenge!

    One part of being a good tactician is choose the field of battle...
    The Right field of battle.
    okay try it on a battlefield of your choosing then
  17. SomeWeirdSins

    Plz fix broken simulation! 19 cavalry vs 7 looters one heavy cavalry die!

    i mean, I don't want to spend 80% of my playtime killing looters

    A simple solution is to choose a formation 'zero' that keeps units out of the fight (would be great for non-combat companions if playing with death on as well).

    Tactics doesn't level at an appreciable rate. It's worse than medic/roguery. No idea what a high tactics player character would actually do.
  18. SomeWeirdSins

    In Progress 1.59 teleporting spouse

    Do you have a save file of session that you experienced this issue? With your save file, we can reproduce the issue much easier and faster. For more information regarding how to send us your save files, you can check this thread out. You can find your save file here:
    C:\Users\username\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Game Saves

    You can send your save files to us via site. Please write your username and this threads URL into the description box so that we can find it easier. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!

    The teleporting happened after I married the spouse. She was pregnant with our first and I was trying to get a second heir ready to go.

    Please keep in mind that this bug happens every game with some amount of companions. In-laws seem to be the worst as neither the encyclopedia or the clan tab reliably tells the player their location

    At this point I don't even bother using companions anymore because I waste 20% of my gameplay time finding them if I take silly fights and get captured (which is fun). Companions aren't worth using with death on anyways.

    In this run I'm doing a maximum choppage run, so I want heirs. I'm assuming at some point I get captured and chopped back.
  19. SomeWeirdSins

    Strategy challenge!

    sounds like a rather bad strategy not to use the best unit on the field at all :grin:
    i can see that the forum community is only capable of killing recruit spam with a mass army of khans guards. I'm also trying to make a point to the developers about combat design/balance with this challenge, so I'd like a fair amount of participants if possible.
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