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  1. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Possible to get different fencing styles in Bannerlord?

    A YouTube video explaining some differences. I thought it could be fun to see it in Bannerlord. For starter perhaps only in the Tournament scene to see if its balanced.
  2. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Historical Archery, Lars Andersen & Shadiveristy Co Op 2020

    Should we get historical archery in Bannerlord and lords or bandits named after Lars Andersen and Shadiversity?
  3. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    400+ hours and you are not making it easier to play Bannerlord

    Its Early Access, so lots of stuff are not working, but at the same time you are also trying to balance stuff that works to good. In the process ruining it or making it plain boring. You are killing more than you are fixing. If veteran players find something that makes it easy, doesn't mean new...
  4. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Malware or Windows, what is happening?

    I was making room for video on my SSD but somehow either deleted something or perhaps got some malware when I was downloading free video editing stuff. My pc starts to "think" when i right click a video or picture and it takes several seconds if not a minute or more before its back to normal...
  5. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Trying to appease the Khuzaits they leave my Caravans alone. I went in to take out some roaming bandits and found a hideout, I destroyed the hideout thinking now they will like me. And then my royal ******* declares war on the Khuzait and im stuck in enemy territory. I met the Khuzait Field Army early, while they still...
  6. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    More keys than 1-8 please

    I want to divide my army into smaller units and have better control of who does what and keep several units in reserve. I was thinking if its possible to make some shift+1 to shift+8 and ctrl+1 to ctrl+8 etc?
  7. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Co op for hideouts and battles?

    If possible to have some kind of instance, where players who want to do a hideout can check to see if others want to help. Would be really nice to clear hideouts in Co op. Like its still single player but other single players can choose to be on a online list to join for hideouts and perhaps...
  8. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Spearman Video series

    I want to hire this man for a seminar for my Vlandian and Aserai Recruits (and Bedouin Rover etc). I am not sure he knows what he is doing... I didn't hear any "AAAARRRARGGGHH!!!!" Medieval Spear Play by Dimicator One day I too will be a master spearman in Bannerlord 😅
  9. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Realistic and Challenging Balance lacking

    I was thinking about balance for the open field battles I want my army to be clearly victorious, not just in one battle and then have the need to go home for reinforcements. So for this reason I spend the extra time and gold to get the best soldiers around. So what are the best soldiers for...
  10. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    The Beni Zilal now bugged?

    I just loaded into battle (e1.3.0) and some carry bow, javelins, sword, spear...=4 .. where are the arrows? Others again carry 2 quivers of javelins AND 1 quiver of arrows and one sword. These are the guys that save me from disasters.. now how can I repay them and fix them asap, please The Sons...
  11. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    New tactical Party Panel and Inventory, please

    The Party Panel Should support military level tactical groups not like today, where I have 100s of different units but no other way to organise them effectively and they get mixed up when I upgrade troops or get new troops. I cant even sort them by class today, much less tier or faction and...
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