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  1. Memoefe

    Türk yapımı 'total conversion' modları başladı mı?

    Hiç planlanan ya da yapım aşamasında olan bir bir mod var mı? Bir kaç çalışma yaptım eğer bir ekip varsa katılmak(en azından konuşmak) isterim yoksa yabancı ekiplere bakacağım. (Modelleri 5'er dk gibi kısa bir zamanda hazırladım, tarihi gerçekçilik ya da ölçeklilik kaygısı güdülmeden yapıldı)
  2. Memoefe

    Suggested Crushthrough Changes

    One of the most frustrating things in battles for me is when I ride my horse at full speed and swing my heaviest axe onto infantry, but a soldier(even a peasant) blocks my attack like its nothing with a one handed sword. I don't know if momentum affects chance of crushthrough chance but even if...
  3. Memoefe

    Horse types needs renaming

    When you buy horses, or camel they are both called 'horse' as the type. If they are put into the same category they should be called 'mount'. Other than that these 'horses' have types, called 'horse types' (yes even if its a camel). There are 2 types but with non-identified ones there are 4...
  4. Memoefe

    Locked inventory item should be remembered as locked

    Title describes it but to give an example. I have many armors in my inventory for different purposes. Sometimes I equip/unequip them, this causes that armor to be unlocked and sometimes I sell them unknowingly(which is a huge deal). So maybe atleast armors and weapons should remember them...
  5. Memoefe

    BL 3D Art Modelling for Bannerlord

    I have done architectural modelling in 3dmax and some beginner modellings in blender. Is there anything to be careful for modelling for the game. Is there any tutorial or footage of full process in youtube that you can recommend that suits bannerlord?
  6. Memoefe


    Right now while playing bannerlord I don't do quests. As a lord I don't like going to random village and asking for a quest. What bothers me about the quests and what I wanna discuss is how quest are presented to the players. Currently quest are most acquired by asking for it. There are no...
  7. Memoefe

    Siege development stage

    There is a lot of things to impro in sieges imo (commands, ai etc). But there is an "easy" QOL I can think of. While In development stage selected troops cant be differentiated from others. If there were a glow around troops, just like in tw series, this would be solved.
  8. Memoefe

    While pressing "alt" show platoons destined location.

    Just like in total war games show where your troops are going while pressed space. Bannerlord can add this function to alt key.
  9. Memoefe

    First person view needs work

    A lot of people play this game in third person, including me. I only play fps for better aim with bows. And i feel like fps mode is untouched simce warband and the game is not designed for fps. My main problems with current system is as follows: 1) In melee most of the time player doesn't...
  10. Memoefe

    Unresolved Southern ornamental pommel (crafting virtual bug)

    Southern ornamental pommel cahnges angle depending on where you look at it. Saw this bug in one handed sword crafting, before crafting, while rotating sword.
  11. Memoefe

    Can AI understand if their/enemy troops have shields

    Its fairly simple yet crucial in my opinion. I don't think ai commanders can understand which of their troops have shields. They always put shielded inf mixed up with non shieded ones. In sieges inf without shield escorts battering ram etc. I know this could be seen as nit picking but i think...
  12. Memoefe

    Dividing troops (F7 button)

    In bannerlord there is an option to divide your troops, in battle, to different groups in order to control them separately. I am such a fan of this thought. It gives great dept to the battles. However its so impractical to use and so lacking, it is frustrating. 1) I would like to choose...
  13. Memoefe

    Campaign button

    This one is simple I press 'Campaign' mistakenly, which takes a long time to load and go back. Please change it with 'New Campaign'
  14. Memoefe

    Early access post should be organized

    Just like in the beta there should be sub-folders like; Suggestions, Bugs & Crashes, Feedback etc. There is chaos in the forum, and this is partly because of its the first week, and part because of this section is not organized.
  15. Memoefe

    My pixel art submission

    Its not a pro work, neither it is full finished but i did wanted to make this as a pixel art so:
  16. Memoefe

    Physical copy

    When the game comes out I will buy it immediately. However just like i did with Warband or Fire and Sword, I would like to buy a physical copy, or even special edition with concept art book or/and a statue etc. This will, hopefully, support devs more and satisfy us. Do you have any plan for...
  17. Memoefe

    Stances and weapon push/bash

    In devblog n40, its mentioned that there will be weapon push/bash (not kick or shield bash, it might be converted to that tho) and especially 'stances'. Are they still a thing or did devs removed(transformed) those features. Lastly how likely we will be getting something like that, if there is...
  18. Memoefe


    After 2016 Taleworlds didn't mention about crafting system. I would like to see the details of weapon crafting. Moreover, eventhough they said there will be no armor crafting, I wonder what is the chance of we getting it (Atleast as a mod).
  19. Memoefe

    Mount & Blade'de Deniz Savaşları

    Arama yaptım ama bu konuda anket bulamadım...Benim çok merak ettiğim konuydu sizinle paylaşmak istedim. Şimdiden oylama yaptığınız için Teşekkürederim... :D Dipnot:Önerilerinizi de bekliyorum.
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