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  1. Omega_007

    NW - No sound or smoke for newly added musket

    I've added a new model of musket to my NW items.txt, a Brown Bess carbine (longer than the Paget version, naturally) for the Inniskilling dragoons, but it doesn't emit any sound or particles like the others? What do I need to do to correct this? Thanks.
  2. Omega_007

    Animated flags, lance pennants and their attributes

    How are these animated? I looked up these models with OpenBRF and saw that pennon_shader was the common link between lance pennants and flags, what does the "Requires: 8192" mean? I searched the text files as I thought it might be a script of some kind required to enable the animations and...
  3. Omega_007


    On which scenes are organs present? I can hardly wait to play Bach...
  4. Omega_007

    Lords qualities

    When playing a warband campaign I find one lord indicted for treason in the first week, only a few games I've played feature this, what can I tweak to ensure faction lords behave to any point short of defecting or being charged with treason? Failing that, what can I tweak to determine lord's...
  5. Omega_007

    Activating a non-steam Warband in Steam

    I have heard one can activate non-steam products in Steam and given the achievements that can be earned for Warband I wondered if I could be enlightened as to the procedure? Unsure whether or not this is the correct thread in which to post...
  6. Omega_007

    Custom Battle Heroes Variety

    How do I add more heroes to the standard list to choose from(like regimental officers in addition to the generals etc) even though I'd have to stick with them throughout the game and keep them breathing? For example, each side has four ai units and in addition to the general a choice of...
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