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  1. EomarthofRohan

    Help finding a song

    What is the name of the song in the files as min_fight_while_mounted_1?
  2. EomarthofRohan

    SCATLUNB ARMEI!!!!!1!1111

    Dis iz mi uber sweg mlg pro clan wee swegifi all enamiez plz joine sxcrubs
  3. EomarthofRohan

    The Tragedy of Sclithii Markus- A One Log Short Story

    I know my last story was a complete and utter failure, but here's something new. A short mini story written down as a log of a companion's stay in an inn. It follows the adventures of Sclithii Markus, told by a local bard of Praven about a hero who tried to restore the Calrad Empire. Enjoy. I...
  4. EomarthofRohan

    HD map?

    There are a lot of various HD mods for Warband. Is there a chance you could implement any of these, either for the map or battles?
  5. EomarthofRohan

    The Letters of Rignan Uuthbrook

    (I will not be writing the actual updates yet) There was once a Nordic man with a dream. He was a true Nord, straight for Nordland. He departed from his family, scars of bullets in his hand and knives on his back. He set sail for the new land, at least to them. He set sail for Calradia. His...
  6. EomarthofRohan

    Are there any "Beyond Calradia" mods?

    So, my mods folder is crammed to the brim with mod upon mod. However, there is one experience that I have yet to enjoy in a mod: a beyond Calradia experience. A lot of the NPCs or companions in the game mention realms or cities outside of Calradia, and I was wondering if anyone had ever found a...
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