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  1. Dekkers

    Unresolved Realistic shadows on plants issue when set on full

    When I put 'realistic shadows on plants' on full, the grass starts becoming quite blurry. This occurs on all Warband mods that I have installed and I have have had this issue for a long time. Unfortunately I do not remember when it started occuring. I have already tried fixes like reinstalling...
  2. Dekkers

    Implementing new skyboxes

    Hello, I've been trying to implement new OSP skyboxes for a mod that we're working on, but I have failed to do this properly. OSP mod: So I downloaded the mod and then: 1. I moved over the resource file and textures of the skyboxes to the...
  3. Dekkers

    Osthill City [Finished] with download!

    Introduction: I am Dekkers and I've made many Persistent World scenes such as Skyrim, Rhadaron, The Holy Lands, the Stormlands, Game of Thrones (Edit of Mike's remake and the original), War of the Three Kings and the North. I've always wanted to create a city map, but with my old PC it was...
  4. Dekkers

    Dekkers´ PW Scenes

    Just wanted to post these here, I am bored. Skyrim: This trailer is from an older version! Trailer made by Legend. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rhadaron: This trailer is from an older version! I don't...
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