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  1. stevepine

    I'm genuinely curious.... why is it so difficult to get troops going up ladders and siege towers correctly?

    I mean I know it depends on the structure of the castle and the walls.... but come on.... surely it can't be that hard? or ...... do you think they are just waiting until the game is fully 'scened' and all of the castles are 'in-game' before they finally go and fix it?
  2. stevepine

    Which Cosmetic Changes Would be Important for You?

    We all know the big things that the game needs : more scenes, sieges to be fixed, diplomacy, AI... the dire need for new mule and chicken textures 😉 But I was thinking... it would be interesting to ask you fine human beings which smaller or more cosmetic changes you would personally like to...
  3. stevepine

    Do you Think Bannerlord Will be More 'Feature Complete' than Warband was When it Leaves EA?

    So I came to Mount and Blade relatively recently through a friend who was a total addict... and in the end convinced me to give Warband or Viking Conquest a try. In the end, I tried both and after initial scepticism, got hooked. So I'm not super 'old guard' .... but have been playing for a few...
  4. stevepine

    Any Progress on the Development of Casus Belli?

    @mexxico , Hi there! Hope you are doing alright! :) Just wanted to ask the title of this thread? Has Casus belli been in development? Or is most of the focus now on the new battle terrain system?
  5. stevepine

    Do you think 1.5.9 is worth a new playthrough ?

    I'm quite tempted... but I think I'm probably going to wait until the 'battlefield terrain system' is at least partially in game before I put in another 50 or so hours . What do you think? is 1.5.9 worth it?
  6. stevepine

    What is the one thing you're waiting for before doing another serious playthrough of Bannerlord?

    For me I think it's for castles and towns to have much more unique identities and (most crucially) functionality. Then.... these in the following order: At least semi-intelligent and slightly nuanced diplomacy Villages to have more reason to exist - again added functionality Taverns to be...
  7. stevepine

    A Mod to Resurrect WarBand... but with Bannerlord's Engine?

    Just curious, what do you think of the idea of someone doing a "SkyBlivion" style mega-mod project to revive Warband with the new capabilities of Bannerlord ? (With all the old features - the feasts, the man-hunters, the deserters, the amusingly voiced bandits, the Rhodoks back of course...
  8. stevepine

    The Latest Major Patch Announcements - TaleWorlds Communication

    A plea to Taleworlds , As I woke up this morning, I watched the latest Development Diary and I was really pleasantly surprised. But should it have been such a surprise? No, it shouldn't. I had no idea at all that the battlefield terrain system was even close to completion... none of us did...
  9. stevepine

    If (via modding) You Could Replace the Empire with a Different Faction, Which Would you Choose?

    Some people won't even like the basis of this question. If that's you... then ok. Please go and have a nice afternoon. lol But, lots of us see the Empire as very lack lustre and a bit of a boring group of factions. Now, of course, they could be tweaked and improved to give more identity to...
  10. stevepine

    Asking a Stupid Question re: The capabilities of the Modding Tools

    So I was thinking about what will really needs to be done to salvage the game by modders..... and it struck me that in ALL of the videos I have seen of the scene editor in action... they have all been of the exteriors of castles. I have not seen a single video of someone properly crafting an...
  11. stevepine

    Anyone planning to make a mod to disable the short-cut to NPC conversation buttons?

    I really hope that someone makes a mod to do this? So then you have to go into the taverns and into the town centres to find NPCs before you can talk to them. For me, this massively adds to game immersion and gives people a reason to visit different places and scenes. It helps you to feel part...
  12. stevepine

    Suggestion: A Player Relations Summary Screen

    I think it would be really helpful to keep track of who likes you and who hates you. Kind of like a football 'league table' of your current relations score with every faction leader / noble in the game. It could even be colour coded = green part of the table for they like you... yellow for...
  13. stevepine

    Seeming Lack of Activity

    So, I noticed that from tomorrow, it will have been a full week since there was any activity (of any kind) on Steam Database. It makes me wonder if TW have hit another significant development glitch or obstacle? - amazingly the development of the game seems to be slowing down, not speeding up...
  14. stevepine

    Which Faction Needs the Most Love and Work?

    Since the mood in here is kind of a mix of confusion, dark frustration, sadness and anger... I thought, what the hell ! why not add to it? 😁 So which of the factions do you think is definitely the least inspiring in terms of culture, lore, territory and units.... (and why?) and actually...
  15. stevepine

    The 'Consolization' of Mount and Blade and Bannerlord

    OK, so this is a rant thread. I admit it. But I have been one of the most supportive members of this forum in terms of asking people to be patient and asking people to have faith in TaleWorlds and the game in general. Indeed, over the years 95 percent of my threads have been constructive full...
  16. stevepine

    Do TaleWorlds Plan on allowing us to Make Camp? As in Previous M+B Games?

    Making camp (along with some actions to actually do in camp) is another thing that would add some much-needed depth to the game. (Plus I don't think it would needs lots and lots of coding?) But I can't remember if this is actually planned by TW?
  17. stevepine

    What's Happening with Taverns ?

    I was hoping that every tavern would be unique. Different town... different tavern. Different lay out . Bannerlord is partially a RPG or at least has RPG elements. And in any rpg , taverns are important places, for talking to people, picking up quests, drinking and gambling, hearing gossip...
  18. stevepine

    A Discussion About What CAN Actually be Done with Villages

    @mexxico, because you said in a different thread that you (please yes) will work on this .... and we can discuss it in the forum .. I thought we should do exactly that: discuss it in the forum, like you suggested. (If you think this thread isn't helpful in any way - just say - and we can have...
  19. stevepine

    So,is it known if TW plan to make villages 'upgradable'?

    I really hope that this will be done since villages seem pretty pointless now apart from being passive income generators. We need a reason to feel like this is MY VILLAGE and I want to take care of it, spend money on it and help it to grow and prosper. Warband and Viking Conquest had this...
  20. stevepine

    Law Speakers - Your Vote

    I would be genuinely interested to get the community's thoughts on it
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