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  1. saxondragon

    Free Medieval Music

    Hi folks, A few years ago I stumbled across a gentlemen who has dedicated most of his free time to recording early renaissance music. These tracks are free and I used many of them in the earlier versions of Prophesy of Pendor. An excellent resource for your creative efforts...
  2. saxondragon

    [BUGS] Support Thread for v3.8+

    As this is made up of volunteers, we can only support the most current version of Prophesy of Pendor. Post your questions and bugs and we will collect them up and if needed, release patches addressing these issues.
  3. saxondragon

    Another reason to never give due dates
  4. saxondragon

    3.7061 pre-release discussion

    Hello Everyone. As I write this the upload to ModDB is happening.  A long laborious process that I hate just as much as you hate the time to download. I thought I would share some thoughts on this release.  Please bear with me. Here is the change log from the previous version. Rolled back the...
  5. saxondragon

    [DISCUSSION] Tales of Pendor (V3.7)

    Pendor Tales Version 3.7 Share your -funny - surprising - odd - amazing - heroic- Tales of Adventure (Really- I want to hear your observations - SD)
  6. saxondragon

    Prophesy of Pendor 3.705 Bug and Support Thread (Ask all of your questions here)

    Bug and Support Thread Version: 3.7063 Dated December 20, 2015  This topic for all issues and questions related to POP 3.7061-3.7063 only. A SINGLE PLAYER TOTAL CONVERSION WARBAND MOD We can only support the 3.704 version. Should you have an issue, bug or odd behavior with earlier...
  7. saxondragon

    Best wishes to all in this holiday Season!

    Hello Everyone! A Toast to joy, peace and [SIZE=32px]good will [SIZE=16px][font=comic sans ms]toward everyone this holiday season! [font=comic sans ms][size=12pt] Kindest regards, Saxondragon
  8. saxondragon

    So, 450 days in and I get this message...

    Seriously? Noosers?  Was that you who snuck this in?  My wife walked by and saw that and said in a matter of face tone "Now THAT is Butch!". Lovely. Regards, Saxondragon
  9. saxondragon

    Most Memorable Moment in POP

    In the years I have been playing, play-testing and testing this game I have several moments that clearly stick out in my mind.  I was curious if others had similar moments/events that they hold as particularly noteworthy and would like to share. My first moment was just starting a game in the...
  10. saxondragon

    The tone of support - split topic from Quick questions/Answers

    This issue goes to the heart of my contention that modding, in it's current form,  is not sustainable. We have a group of talented people who desire to donate their spare time to create something unique.  They are engineers, artists, writers, and designers. Some of these folks wind up going to...
  11. saxondragon

    MOVED: War of the Roses

    This topic has been moved as it is not part of the Warband discussion or the Module it was posted under.
  12. saxondragon

    Huzzah! We are the Jatu!

    The lands of the Jatu were suppose to be sort of a nomadic no-man's land.  Implementing their equipment and fast horses we created something that has played out to be amazingly more potent that was originally intended.  What is thought provoking is that their stats, weapons and armor are not...
  13. saxondragon

    Interview Questions answered.--

    Good question CrymsonChaos. In retrospect your question is valid.  At the time however, I was trying to solve a problem. The problem essentially was: Once a player has a castle.. the game becomes a matter of mopping up the map with Knights.  I decided that we needed another focus or another...
  14. saxondragon


    This topic has been moved to The Anachronist's Guild - Off-Topic Chat.
  15. saxondragon

    Overview, Game Manual and Strategy Guide

    [i][b][font=Georgia] Overview, Game Manual and Strategy Guide [color=Maroon] :arrow: An excellent compilation of thousands of Forum Posts and user Guides. for Prophesy of Pendor Versions 3.0 to 3.411 for WARBAND [color=red]Download here:
  16. saxondragon

    Prophesy of Pendor 4.0 Developer Notes

    Introduction: Stories: Major Previews: <-- Last Updated November 22nd PoP 4: Dev Blog The Pendor 4 Dev Team would like to extend thanks to both all of its fans, and all of the wonderful people who have contributed to Pendor over the years. People have come and gone, problems have...
  17. saxondragon

    A tribute to Fawzia dokhtar-i-Sanjar

    Hello Everyone: Life is a humorous adventure to those who really stop and consider where our travels take us along our journey from cradle to grave.  Sometimes we are invisible and we pass others like a shadow of the wind, never leaving a trace of our presence. Sometimes the most innocent...
  18. saxondragon

    Prophesy of Pendor 4.0

    Hello everyone, First, thank you for your support and love of this very interesting project that has been growing every month since November 2008.  It has been your posts, PM's, and overall positive feedback that has fueled us to do what we have done to create this offering. I am pleased to...
  19. saxondragon

    The Discussion - Not a conversation for everyone -

    Hi Harry, Again, thanks for the post.  I would like to answer your questions in reverse order. Bandit Lairs: I love this idea, and indeed, this was the original concept for the “treasure chests” in prophesy of Pendor: to have scenes that the player would discover, then have to go in and with...
  20. saxondragon

    Announcement - Warband Port - Led By Mad Vader

    Hello Everyone, Moving Forward with this next phase of the evolution of this offering, Mad Vader is leading the Prophesy of Pendor Development team in porting the 3.0 version to Warband. Due to real world commitments I will be stepping back for an indeterminate amount of time from this...
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