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    MOVED: Short story influenced by my favorite game.

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    MOVED: Custom Sails collection: Share your Custom Sail here!

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    Viking Conquest Reforged Edition Patch released! (2.023)

    Hello all! Here is the changelog for the upcoming Viking Conquest Reforged Edition patch! This will be coming soon to all versions but is available to try right now on Steam, by opting into the beta (instructions below). Any feedback you can give us on the changes is appreciated as always...
  4. Idibil

    The Most important Poll: Morrigan or Solveig?

    As you know, the personality of each character in Viking Conquest RE has been treated and created with great care. We would like to know what players think about them. What do you think about them? Who you prefer? or they just remain a piece of bits that help you in battle?
  5. Idibil

    Before post: Crash and RUNTIME ERRORs Look here

    Some suggestions in old Brytenwalda guide could help you:,183782.0.html You remeber have Reforged Edition latest version:,336253.0.html How To Report a Bug/Request Support (Thanks Duh)...
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    [Read 1st post] Viking Conquest RE: Issues

    Edit: Hi all, after long time with a little bit of confusion about where to report We have decided to close this thread and ask you to: 1- Check this before:,319760.0.html 2- Search your issue among the already reported/threads issues. 3- Read how to...
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    MOVED: Which trait(s) are best? What exactly do they do?

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    MOVED: [Reforged Beta] Feedback on: General gameplay, combat balance

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    Reforged Edition: Issues

    Post your bugs or problems in Reforged Edition. You remember to check this before:,319760.0.html
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    MAC and Linux users report your problems here

    This is for MAC and Linux users. Please, you remember to add your rgl_log and rgl_config. - fixed Sudden Massive Debt (Mac) - fixed ships speed (Mac)
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    Reforged Edition news: Join the open beta!

    Reforged Edition is getting closer! In the coming days we will begin a process of open beta before the official launch of Reforged Edition. You are free to join and enjoy all the new features before June is over! More news soon! We will open the celebration with some screenshots of each...
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    Question: Storyline Readingum. (Spoiler, only if you have finished SL)

    Is it too tough to beat Sven Bull Neck in Readingum, final storyline? Some players comment that it is near impossible, and I like know if this is, in order to balance it.
  13. Idibil

    Reforged Editions news: now yes, berserkers screenshots!

    Berserkir and ulfheðnar I'll ask of the berserks, you tasters of blood, Those intrepid heroes, how are they treated, Those who wade out into battle? Wolf-skinned they are called. In battle They bear bloody shields. Red with blood are their spears when they come to fight. They form a closed...
  14. Idibil

    Reforged Edition news: Berserkers are coming...

    Berserker screenshots were coming, but Sheena hid them...
  15. Idibil

    Reforged Editions news: Women faces improved

    :mrgreen: Beautiful and ugly, old and young, like in life itself. Random button: Others
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    MOVED: bug jarl rathbarth ragnarson

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    Viking Conquest: Reforged Edition (Lastest features added, page 1) - 31/05/2015

    Viking Conquest: Reforged Edition We're happy to present the next version of Viking Conquest. It's very different from previous updates, since this time many new features and content is being added. It's been reforged. It also explains why it's taking us so long. There are now many more...
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    MOVED: warlords MP mode: let's test it!

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    MOVED: Mercia's Weekly Battle (19:00 GMT)

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    MOVED: battle formation

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