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  1. Janycz

    SP Medieval Ruthenia 13th Century

    Hey folks, I am glad to announce remake and continuation of the mod 'Rus 13th Century: Way of the Warrior' for the game Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord -- the mod named 'Ruthenia 13th Century'. Description: The years 1237-1242 were a huge test for the Eastern Slavic lands. The Crusaders from...
  2. Janycz

    [Tool] Converter tch -> dds (alpha)

    For Bannerlord modding... 1) It supports only DXT1, DXT3, DXT5, BC5, BC4, because it's ****ty 2) The program do not check file existence, because it's ****ty 3) If you want convert nor DXT1 nor DXT3 nor DXT5 nor BC5 nor BC4, you must use donor-dds 4) Maybe, I will write later plugin to some...
  3. Janycz

    Bug with saving game in steam workshop.

    Hello! I uploaded my mod (,305591.0.html ) in steam workshop. I used this program: In result, I uploaded mu mod in steam workshop under name "Rus 13th Century: Way of the Warrior" (...
  4. Janycz

    Native LSP 3D Art Coat of Plates And Surcoats Retexturing by Janycz

    Hello, everyone! I am developing a mod Rus 13th Century: War of the Warrior now. And I decided to replace old models from M&B v1.011 with the new models from Warband. I decided to post some reworked models as LSP. So, LSP contains: 5 retexturing of 'Coat of Plates': 2 retexturing of 'Surcoat...
  5. Janycz

    Problems with change_screen_buy_mercenaries

    Hello! I have problems with the operation change_screen_buy_mercenaries. So, here is my code: So, I fulfill all the conditions for a dialogue "You are known as a good warrior and you have done a lot for us, so you can hire our good cavalry.", but the hiring window does not appear. Instead, a...
  6. Janycz

    Color of messages of the death of a soldier.

    Hello! So, I learned how to kill a soldier without showing a message "X killed by X". ⇒ I can display my own message about the death of a soldier. But standard messages about the death of a soldier are output in a certain color. I do not know this color. And I need to know this color. In...
  7. Janycz

    Recovering scenes.txt

    I have a problem with scenes: 1) I have scenes (.sco files); 2) My team lost scenes.txt. So, I have good scenes in sco-files, and inappropriate scenes.txt. Therefore, some scenes do not look like they should: So, I want to ask: can I somehow restore the terrain codes (in other words scenes.txt)...
  8. Janycz

    Problem with mission template(warriors don't spawn,strange behavior of soldiers)

    Hello everybody! I have mission template and two problems: First problem: When a trp_teuton_brother dies, new warriors do not appear (I wrote it in code) (but dialog window appear) Why?  :?: Second problem: Strange behavior of soldiers: trp_lit_exp_archer just stand. They do not attack...
  9. Janycz

    Player does not spawn in scene

    Hello everybody! I have a scene with entry points: ("start_lietuva", sf_generate, "none", "none", (0, 0), (100, 100), -100, "0x000000013000007f000ffd66000041ef00005ae800003c55",[], [], "outer_terrain_plain"), The initialization of the situation on the stage is as follows: In the game I go to...
  10. Janycz

    Font texture bug

    I experimented with the font. But the font works with bugs (black spots): Font texture in Paint.NET: How can I fix it?
  11. Janycz

    editing font_data.xml

    Hello everyone! I have a need to add to an existing font some characters, that I've drawn in I'm trying to understand the definition of character in font_data.xml. <character code="33" page="0" u="1006" v="4" w="1027" h="76" preshift="1" yadjust="82" postshift="23" /> But I only...
  12. Janycz

    B Medieval Rus 13th Century: Way of the Warrior

    Mod's Version: Way of the Warrior 2.5 "Time for the Sword" (updated 11 January 2020) Version Required Warband: 1.174 Recommended WSE version: 4.7.0, 4.7.1, 4.7.2 (included in mod, but can play without WSE) Download (v2.5, Installer): ModDB, Google Drive, Nexus Download (v2.5, ZipArchive): ModDB...
  13. Janycz

    Warband IDE

    Hello, Everyone! Recently made a single program: Warband IDE to create mods:   This program is designed for editing a modular system;   This program has the following features: syntax highlighting, indentation, autocompletion and folding.   Screen:     Download:     IDE...
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