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  1. Odin boarhelm

    Better Wonderer Seeds

    I have like, a million Coalbiters
  2. Odin boarhelm

    Auto-block in singleplayer


    As someone who doesn't use it, it should definitely be an option
  3. Odin boarhelm

    Does anyone else get the feeling the game isn't finished yet?

    Yeah, it's Early Access. The development will continue and the game will be updated and fleshed out over time. The game is some way out from being final.

    Hope this helps!
  4. Odin boarhelm

    Massive Changed NEED to be made!!!!!!!

    The Icons and Empire Faction color variation would certainly be helpful
  5. Odin boarhelm

    Holy hell Companions are expensive

    Having a decent time with the game so far, but 800-1200 Denars for one companion?? Sure you had to pay for some in Warband, but others were there for basically free for low levels. Little weird having them all cost so damn much in my opinion.
  6. Odin boarhelm

    Dev Blog 12/09/19

    MedievalMayonnaise said:
    The way lancers hold their spears on horseback is a disgraceful nitpick. The pressing matter here is giving infantry more utility against cavalry.

    Agreed. I'm somewhat frustrated that this is the thing people are dogpiling on

    Edit: Spelling
  7. Odin boarhelm

    Dev Blog 12/09/19

    It might just be me, but the marketplace toward the start of the video seemed a bit dead. There were only a 3-5 people (that I saw) walking around the stalls, and it seemed pretty ghostly, at least in contrast to the marketplace we saw in the Gamescom 2016 singleplayer gameplay, where the market of Dunglanys was packed with people.

    Is this a change that has been made to the game since 2016, or an indication of the strength of the town's economy?
  8. Odin boarhelm

    Well this thread turned into a cluster ****
  9. Odin boarhelm

    Score! - Der Game-Talk said:
    Just a quick update: Since the inbox is still blocked and a lot of people have participated in this thread, I'll draw the winners tomorrow since I have to create a list with all people who have messaged me and replied to this thread. So tomorrow, there'll be two keys for two of you. Thanks!

    Count me in, sire. I'd like a crack at this game, if possible
  10. Odin boarhelm

    Isachsen said:
    good Luck evryone, hope we all get the beta keys

    Indeed. I hope to see you all on the battlefield.

    Good luck
  11. Odin boarhelm

    vicwiz007 said:
    Odin Boarboi said:
    Glad to hear that my lack of a Warband key won't necessarily decrease my chances.
    He said that it wont exclude you, as theyll be targeting different groups over time. What is likely is that the first groups to be chosen will be “veterans” for obvious reasons, which the keys prove. He also said if you submit multiple they will only take one, so it cant hurt to resubmit with your cd-key if you have it.

    Just my two cents.

    Ah, okay. Thanks for the input
  12. Odin boarhelm

    Really crossing my fingers to get selected. I can't be the only person here who considers a chance to play Bannerlord early to be a dream come true.

    Glad to hear that my lack of a Warband key won't necessarily decrease my chances.
  13. Odin boarhelm

    Dev Blog 22/08/19

    I applied to the Beta but didn't enter a WB CD key. Is this going to factor into whether or not I get access?
  14. Odin boarhelm

    Dev Blog 06/09/18

    Dragon239 said:
    Rabies said:
    So, if you join a faction, you can't be awarded a village, and you can only rule a village if you also rule the associated castle or town? So, there's less complexity and depth even than Warband? Or have I got that wrong? There is no management of villages now. At all? You can't improve them or do anything to/with them?

    Yeah, this needs to be confirmed.
    We can't upgrade them AT ALL? This better not be right. Fine, remove upgrading a village with a castle, that didn't matter much to me, but removing the other stuff too? I can't build a Mill, or a watchtower, or anything anymore?

    Also re co-op: Please don't make it so it's just "join the battles" - that makes it sound like it's how that mod for warband was done, where they're disconnected from the game until a battle starts.
    I'd be entirely content with making it so any multiplayer person is a Companion in the host's party, then they can join them when they load into scenes - villages, fights, etc. They should still be able to see the map and everything else. Preferably also pore through the encyclopedia and look at their own skills etc as the host moves the party in the background.

    I'm not gonna lie, this is a pretty damn good idea. Take note, TW.
  15. Odin boarhelm

    VMI - NAS

    Yo, my bro goes to VMI. Glad to see them represented here.
  16. Odin boarhelm

    Dev Blog 08/02/18

    I stand with Garios! Who's with me??
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