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  1. EliteArmedForce

    Encyclopedia wrong character display (beta_1.4.2)

    This post to report the bug I encountered after upgrading to 1.4.2 (beta) with a new campaign. Whenever I click the name of the person in a dialogue (lords captured dialogue screen, or hiring the companions' dialogue screen, etc) it displays my character in Encyclopedia. That's kind of annoying...
  2. EliteArmedForce

    Hideout Instant Crash (beta 1.4.2)

    I believe someone has already reported about this bug for version 1.4.1, today I encountered this in v1.4.2. This happens once the character is close to hideout, instant crash (3 times) and the worst part I don't get the prompt to upload crash files. Can anyone help? How can I fix this?
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