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  1. bravesirknight

    multiplayer is awful?

    I haven't played M&B in a long time, finally bought Warband and started it up on my new system. I'll probably get into the SP again, but what is up with multiplayer? There's really no way to say it other than it has no polish at all. I played a Siege and you spawn on a horse in this badly...
  2. bravesirknight

    map a key to overhead sword swing

    Would this be something complicated? I find the mouse easy for side-to-side, but I'd love to just hit a key and use this as a 'finishing move' which is a bit sloppy with the mouse since it changes your camera as well. Anyway, are there examples of changing combat stuff to a key? I'll poke...
  3. bravesirknight

    mb.fx shader editing?

    Is anyone familiar with shader programming or just editing? I notice mb.fx could be edited and what I was looking for was some way to change outdoor shadow map opacity to more transparent/lighter than what it is. (The shadows are too dark on my CRT monitor if you're wondering and gamma...
  4. bravesirknight

    Vote Today in the US!

    No matter what your feelings are I urge you to get to the local polling place and cast your ballot! thanks
  5. bravesirknight

    1.010 full installer broken?

    Um, it gives me a message "The full version of Mount & Blade has not been installed on this computer. Please download the full installer from and use it to install the game" Makes no sense, I AM using a full installer.
  6. bravesirknight

    The millionth where are the devs now thread

    This is getting irritating. I refrained from even thinking negatively about it for weeks, but more than a month has passed since the game dropped to retail. Can anyone even confirm they're still alive and on this Earth? I hope they're all well but we wouldn't know they're even happy about the...
  7. bravesirknight

    SP Native Horse Rebalance Mod for 1.003 finished

    Ok, this is an edit I did of all the horses stats and tested today. Seems to work just great at the advanced stage of game army vs. army I was testing on. The concept is this, instead of the inversely proportioned horses of native (meaning low end 'junk' horses can have very high speed or...
  8. bravesirknight

    PC Zone UK 62 out of 100 - stupidest review ever?

    Man I just saw this on Unfortunately it's a print review so I don't know what it says but wow... what kind of person did they get playing this game? I'm guessing they had an IQ of 70, 2 hours to play the game, and have never heard of it beforehand.  :lol: Oh and I'm sure...
  9. bravesirknight

    Mount & Blade Gone Gold! Historic day ! Woohoo! Congratulations Taleworlds!
  10. bravesirknight

    there's a lot of rep grind now, is it a good thing?

    Well I've put a ton of hours into .960. It's a great version at any rate. What I'm noticing over time though is there's a huge amount of grinding to help make conditions favorable for you. Want to be marshall? You're going to have to do quests for everyone in the faction 20 times, and somehow...
  11. bravesirknight

    last things to polish and make great

    These are just the small things I notice funk with the game's immersion and are annoying sometimes. 1. Allow for a "halt company" order for your men so you can leave them right there and do things by yourself. This is essential for some quests you might get like being a spy if you get it...
  12. bravesirknight

    horses balanced in reverse, good or bad?

    I've noticed horses are very much steeply balanced in reverse now, so that low end are fast and maneuverable, high end simply have armor and little else to write home about. Personally, it's annoying. Maneuverability is too powerful, so that an enemy guy on a basic steppe horse (with 37 speed...
  13. bravesirknight

    high memory usage

    Hi, does anyone else get memory usage of 400,000k - 800,000k when they run the game? I also get long loading times that seem to hang forever rather than be doing anything, but the game runs ok after these crazy long loads. Is this much memory use normal for a game that barely has a quarter of...
  14. bravesirknight

    ideas for Faction related things

    I have a lot of ideas of things to spice up the new faction-based gameplay, so here we go: 1. The ability to attack anyone whenever you want. Of course, if you attack your faction, your oath to the King is considered void, but you can get recruited by another. 2. Bribery, bring back the good...
  15. bravesirknight

    .890 play style vs. 891/2

    Anyone else kind of miss .890? I know some people couldn't handle the river pirates, but if you could that version is an absolute blast. Besides smoother combat that disappeared with the updates, measly opponents stayed measly and let you roll over them from the beginning if you were good. It...
  16. bravesirknight

    fief defense mod ideas for .890

    Well, looking at all the talk in general and my own thoughts on .890, people want the fiefs battles to be more interesting and dynamic ASAP I think. A good way to do that would be to actually give them a defense upgrade tree. Here's a tree I whipped up, note all positions are not...
  17. bravesirknight

    Will the .890 fixes have more features complete or just bug fixes?

    I've been playing .890 since it came out and it is one the best updates in awhile! Cheers for revamping vanilla M&B so much, I'm truly impressed by all your work. I'm curious though, there's a great deal of things that just seem to be feature disabled which are going to make playing it a bit...
  18. bravesirknight

    Properly labeling the release quality level of your mod

    Has anyone else noticed M&B is seeing more mods lately that don't have very good descriptions at what level of development they are at? I know for anyone thinking of downloading the maker's mod this is going to be frustrating. Normally software uses a path something like this: .01-.30...
  19. bravesirknight

    found a fix for geforce 6600 gt / dx9

    I don't know what worked here but I'll tell you the process 1. I deleted options.dat and rgl_config (in documents and settings/yourusername/application data/mount & blade/ 2. turned off AA, AF in the nvidia control panel 3. turned on dx9 in the configurator 4. turned on all graphics options to...
  20. bravesirknight

    editing the horse model?

    Hello there, experienced modders. Today I had the idea of seeing if I could sneak more polys into the horse model so the angles aren't so harsh. Well, right now I have the smd imported into max, and really I'm not sure what to do. I just want to add some more polys around the butt and smooth...
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