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  1. khuzait haircut

    Need More Info Villagers not acquiring new work horses

    Once I buy workhorses from a group of villagers they will no longer have any in the future. The same group years later will not have work horses to carry their goods.
  2. khuzait haircut

    Resolved 1.5.3 Horse Archers now referred to as Footmen or Soldiers in Battles

    When selecting group 4 (Horse Archers) and giving orders, female character will call them Footmen or Soldiers instead of Horse Archers.
  3. khuzait haircut

    Resolved [1.5.3] Pick Joined Scouts during Khuzait Character Creation Gives 0 Scout Skill

    When creating a Khuzait character I pick the scout career and my character still starts with zero scouting. How does this make sense?
  4. khuzait haircut

    Resolved 1.5.3 Mounted Archery has very big penalty now

    Upon starting a new game with Khuzait scout I found the mounted archery accuracy penalty is extremely high The aiming reticle takes up nearly the entire screen. This is a big change when playing a new game with 1.5.2 with the same starting stats. If this nerf is intentional then please consider...
  5. khuzait haircut

    Sheep texture and model does not look correct

    Hello, Per your last patch notes sheep texture and model does not look correct. I think its wrong. Can you make a better one?
  6. khuzait haircut

    Can we please have perks implemented?

    TW, I'll keep this simple: In game you have us leveling up and clicking on perks that either DONT WORK or are COMPLETELY UNIMPLEMENTED. Please see and please listen to a simple reasonable request: If the perk does not work do not have it in the game. That's...
  7. khuzait haircut

    Khuzait Golfing

    Had a fun time golfing this weekend:
  8. khuzait haircut

    Post 1.4.1 trading (no smithing)

    How do you all feel about the changes made to the world economy? It seems at least in a post 1.4.1 world food is much more plentiful unless a war is raging so I found my old routes of selling fish to earn my first 20k doesn't work as well. It appears that the existing caravans in the game world...
  9. khuzait haircut

    Need More Info 1.4.1 GPU pegged at 100% usage and FPS drops below 144

    Hello, Before the recent 1.4.1 to default branch I was easily getting 144 FPS with both vsync and the frame limiter set to 144 frames per second. Now, with 1.4.1 I'm dipping below that even on the campaign map. This seems like a big drop in performance compared to 1.4.0 I use a Geforce RTX...
  10. khuzait haircut

    1.2 beta towns and gold

    Is it just me or do towns have very little gold now?
  11. khuzait haircut

    [1.1.0e] Bandits become aggressive near hideout

    When chasing a steppe bandit, for example, they will run away if out numbered. However, if you go to the hideout and chase them as they are close to the hideout they will attack. It's almost as if they are counting the troops in the hideout in their proximity check. Those troops in the hideout...
  12. khuzait haircut

    Khergit Troop question

    Hi all, I'm having a blast with the Native Expansion. I am currently playing under the Khergit faction, with an exclusively Khergit army, but am confused on the roles for: Mangudai, Darga, and Tarkhan. It appears that Tarkhan are the best mounted archers (excluding elites), and Darga are the...
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