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  1. dimchick1

    SP Musket Era Honour & Glory 1.9

    Thanks team - this is my favourite mod.
    Before I start 1.9, ? ETA 1.91 ( only because if soon, I will hold off .......... )
    Yeap, better wait 1.9.1. The version will be released in a week
  2. dimchick1


    Please, upload V5 on ModDb
  3. dimchick1

    B Dark Ages More Pictish painted bodies (Skill-bonuses now added, Save-compatible) for 2.012

    Fortunately, I managed to download and reload this mod for my site
    If you want to download...
  4. dimchick1

    B Other War of Battle Sounds v2.2 for 1.011 and Warband

    Where you find this sounds? Need write credits
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