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  1. Slytacular

    Evolution of Islamic/Persian/Turkish/Eastern European Armor?

    I am mostly concerned about the differences between 13th century Islamic armor to 15th century. I'm wondering if anybody has better knowledge of the differences of the helmets as time progressed? 13th century Islamic Empire armor seem to be of egg-shaped spangen/conical helmets and chainmail...
  2. Slytacular

    British Museum pictures

    I visited England a month ago and I took a lot of pictures from what was displayed in the British Museum in London. I disagree with the majority of how equipment is displayed in this mod, but I figure you guys (rgcotl mostly) would appreciate this. Samnites/Romans/Etruscans Part one...
  3. Slytacular

    Classical Era Armies in Bronze or Iron?

    In the Classical Era, were armies equipped with more bronze or iron/steel? I started questioning after seeing Rome 2's Hastati which led to other video game's and illustration's same depictions. It weirds me out that the middle class and higher income troops of early Classical Era armies would...
  4. Slytacular

    (history question) Vendal to Viking

    During the Viking Era, would ridge-style, Vendal, and Valsgarde helmets still be in heavy usage, or would the trend and style of the 9th-12th century spangen helmet and potentially imitated gjermundu helmet be more in use? I know some norse stories during the Vendel-Viking Era would talk about...
  5. Slytacular

    Heraldic Shield question

    I am having trouble creating my first heraldic item and adding it to my PW module. I ran the module builder and I received this error: What does ti_on_init_item mean?
  6. Slytacular

    LSP Medieval 3D Art Sly's Armour Pack WIP

    I've been inspired by the 3D artists of the Warband community, and I wanted to throw in some of my own creations for the community. Thank you Narf for the metal texture, I haven't found any better free metal texture that looks good on my models as yours does. Thank you Dejawolf for the coifs...
  7. Slytacular

    The Two Islands (PW Map by Slytacular)

    Hello folks, I am currently working on a new map called the "Two Islands". I will upload more pictures later as I further detail the towns with different processes, import and export stations. This is a very competitive role-playing map and some features are limited due to create role-playing...
  8. Slytacular

    (NA) Vikingr Event 3/2/12

    On March 2nd, we will have another North American Vikingr Event with the Balions this Friday at 8:00pm EST You must have TS3 and/or Ventrilo in order to play and recieve the password. THE SERVER NAME IS: Balion_War_Room ALL ARE WELCOME! The two teams will be between those on the Golden...
  9. Slytacular

    Sources and Books and Stuff

    Hey guys, because I've enjoyed playing Vikingr, it has caused me to pillage my local libraries for books on Vikings. Lately I've been shifting through the threads here in the Vikingr sub-forum and I'm learning more about the Norse than a single expert could fill in his share of a book. I'm...
  10. Slytacular

    I need help in making a map.

    I am currently in the process of creating a PW map. Why are map makers not able to test out their own maps? Like join a faction or become a class? After linking a portal door to another portal door, how come I can not access it? I don't understand how the castle signs work? I also do not...
  11. Slytacular

    43te Infantry Regiment (N.A.)

    Hey guys! Just to let you all know that we exist. We are a regiment that is inside of our Native clan, Golden Kingdoms (GK). We only accept recruits inside of our clan, and the only way to join our regiment is to join GK itself- meaning that you have to go through our recruitment process and...
  12. Slytacular

    Load Texture errors

    Hey, my version of Warband is having trouble with Textures in Shogun. I would like to point out that nothing is wrong with my Graphics Card. It can play the latest graphical games like Napoleon Total War. I also make sure to play the game with the WSE Loader as well. The only problem I have...
  13. Slytacular

    Active Vikingr Clans?

    Is there any active Vikingr clans left? Is there any active US Vikingr clans? I was thinking of joining one but either they speak in another language or they fell inactive? I thought it would be cool to join one for the shield-wall events.
  14. Slytacular

    New competitive maps please?

    On behalf of my fellow map-makers I would like to suggest an idea to the Clan leaders in Mount & Blade Warband that have at least participated in a few scrims. I've noticed in a couple of the scrims I've had with different clans, nobody likes to play with Custom maps in fear of unbalance...
  15. Slytacular

    Screen turns black?

    Hey, I just downloaded the mod (the expanded version). I made sure it was 2.4, I downloaded the hotfix, and I made sure to enable load textures on demand. One problem, when I'm in the middle of creating my first character, the screen turns black, and I can't do anything. Is there a solution to...
  16. Slytacular

    GK Vikingr Event May 4

                                                                            GK Vikingr Event                                                               Every Wednesday at 8:30pm EST That's right guys, every Wednesday at 8:30pm EST on the US_GK_Vikingr server, all the GKs will head down into...
  17. Slytacular

    Help needed for a new CPU to play with

    Hey guys, I'm still new to looking at the guts of a computer and I haven't got a new computer for 7 years, and lately I've been upgrading my hardware. I added more memory to my machine- Great, more space to make and save maps with A new Graphics card- Warband looks sick with it. Now I later...
  18. Slytacular

    US_GK Weekly Vikingr Event

                                                                                                                      GK Vikingr Event                                                               Every Wednesday at 8:30pm EST That's right guys, every Wednesday at 8:30pm EST on the...
  19. Slytacular

    Interested Mapper

    Hey guys, I would like to maps for Mount & Musket, and I'm wondering if anybody knows how to make maps for this mod. I only know how to make maps for Native, and I've made about 3 maps so far (one is currently being tested). I am also currently making maps for the GK Siege server, so if you have...
  20. Slytacular

    Problems hosting game

    The other day, my friend and I wanted to play a one vs one match against each other online, but we couldn't find each others games though. We've checked the little box that says to add the server to the official servers list, still we couldn't find each other. Is there anybody with similar...
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