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  1. Janycz

    SP Medieval Ruthenia 13th Century

    Hey folks, I am glad to announce remake and continuation of the mod 'Rus 13th Century: Way of the Warrior' for the game Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord -- the mod named 'Ruthenia 13th Century'. Description: The years 1237-1242 were a huge test for the Eastern Slavic lands. The Crusaders from...
  2. Janycz

    Possibly unreleased lore and information

    the second one. personally i pronounced it like /æsəraɪ/, but i heard other people pronounce it differently so thats why the pronounciation is left vague. in the sound files its pronounced like /asəra/.
    Thanks. But I pronounce it as /azɛraɪ/ or /azɛraj/ or /ʌzɛraj/.
  3. Janycz

    Possibly unreleased lore and information

    The Aserai isn't pronounced like "as-er-eye", but pronounced more like "as-er-ah".
    Please explain to me, what is it. as-er-eye -> /asɛraɪ/, as-er-ah -> /asɛra:/?
  4. Janycz

    What Empire Faction do you join?

    None of these three factions. But I prefer Garios because his faction is army (the army is order, and the army is the pillar of the Empire), Empress's faction is hereditary absolute tyranny and Senate's faction is a bunch of thieves, schemers and traitors. For simple man, military dictatorship of Garios is better than tyranny of Empress or corruption of Senate.
  5. Janycz

    31 March and 50 Bucks what do you think?

    Eternal expectations, promises, but what is the result? Early access?
    TW could not stand under strong pressure of workers fans, and firstly gave the beta of the multiplayer and after announced early access, as: eat, but please do not hate, we are trying.
  6. Janycz

    31 March and 50 Bucks what do you think?

    I think tw has the worst fans. They want it to fail. They hope for it.
    TW had good fans, butTW have spoiled their fans. TW deceived their fans and now deserve the attitude when people will be strongly attack TW for fails. People will not forgive fails.
  7. Janycz

    31 March and 50 Bucks what do you think?

    Вы ахуели!!!!!!!!!!! заткните свое старое дерьмо себе в жопу. такие деньги за что
    Мое первое мнение было таким же, ну я потом немного подумал, и оно немного сгладилось, плюс, я надеюсь, что для СНГ будет дешевле (региональные цены). Да и купить можно будет не в стиме, что меня окончательно успокоило. [But after I thought a little, and my opinion smoothed out a bit, plus, I hope that game will be cheaper for the CIS (regional prices). Yes, and it was announced that game can be bought not only in the steam, it finally reassured me.]
  8. Janycz

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Early Access Announcement

    Okay. I agree to $50, because I can buy game not in steam and not in epic.
  9. Janycz

    Price for Russia

    I think that it will cost about 1500-1800 rub (and I hope that regional price will save me).
  10. Janycz

    31 March and 50 Bucks what do you think?

    Fifty bucks. Su** bl***, it is toooooooooooooo much money. The current game state do not deserve $50. I hope that regional prices save me.
  11. Janycz

    Bannerlord Beta - Terrible Netcode

    Netcode is very ****ty, I am enduring frequent disconnects.
  12. Janycz

    What Mods would you like to be made?

    A mod about medieval Ruthenia.
  13. Janycz

    What character names is everyone planning for their first character?

    It depends on the faction I will serve. So, pattern of name will be as 'Title' + 'Name' ( = Jan) + 'Nickname'.
    For example, Duke Jan the Bloody.
  14. Janycz

    B Medieval Rus 13th Century: Way of the Warrior

    Thanks, Drax70.

    1) Enterprise, which extracts resources for business, does not give profit. Player must bring materials self (for example, from a village granted by ruler - in this mod villages give goods to player instead of money, or buy at a cheap price) in order to enterprise can give profit.
    2) The cattle doesn't follow me. It designed so. As in vanilla.
    3) The Tournament field in Ribe is very inclined... Where? I do not understand name of town.
    4) is not compatible with morghs.
  15. Janycz

    B Medieval Rus 13th Century: Way of the Warrior

    Mod Updated! New version - 2.5.
    Details in the first message of the topic.
  16. Janycz

    [Tool] Converter tch -> dds (alpha)

    For Bannerlord modding... 1) It supports only DXT1, DXT3, DXT5, BC5, BC4, because it's ****ty 2) The program do not check file existence, because it's ****ty 3) If you want convert nor DXT1 nor DXT3 nor DXT5 nor BC5 nor BC4, you must use donor-dds 4) Maybe, I will write later plugin to some...
  17. Janycz

    Native LSP World Map Map Icons Pack

    @The Bowman, I see that battle_political_consequences does not work good. Invalid party appears there too.
    I think, that it is needed draw icon, using alive party from set { root_attacker_party, root_defender_party }
    e. g.
    (assign, ":party_to_draw", ":root_attacker_party"),
    (neg|party_is_active, ":root_attacker_party"),
    #maybe, I should insert extra conditions here...
    (assign, ":party_to_draw", ":root_defender_party"),
    (call_script, "script_draw_battle_icon", ":party_to_draw"),

    instead of
    (call_script, "script_draw_battle_icon", ":root_attacker_party"),

    Note: snippet is untested.
  18. Janycz

    Native LSP World Map Map Icons Pack

    Yes, like this.
  19. Janycz

    Native LSP World Map Map Icons Pack

    @ᚱᛟᛒᛟ, oh, I forgot to write about party template 'battlefield'. Just create in party template 'battlefield'.
  20. Janycz

    Warband Script Enhancer 2 (v1.0.4.3)

    Does this tool fix some bugs of standard Warband, e. g. CTD's?
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