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  1. Comrade Crimson

    BL Other Voice Over Presets: Adding more into the game?

    Hey folks. I have the intention to add more voice over presets into the game and release a mod with some new voiceovers I intend to record myself, as 2 is just too few in my humble opinion and having some different archetypes and characters would be cool. My website if interested in listening...
  2. Comrade Crimson

    Alpha Centauri BoP: The Colonization of Planet

    Welcome everyone! To Alpha Centauri. Prologue: This BoP will be based off of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, a marvelous and critically acclaimed turn based strategy game and arguably one of the best 4x turn based strategy games of all time, inspired by it's rich setting. I remade this...
  3. Comrade Crimson

    New Dieselpunk/Technomagic RPG book

    Just figured to bring this all to your attention. A technomagic-dieselpunk world war 1 inspired RPG book on kickstarter right now. I was commissioned to do its trailer, but aside from that I am...
  4. Comrade Crimson

    Dialogue for claimants

    Hiya there, I am wondering what all the possible dialogue branches and the amount of lines each claimant and the ruling lords of a faction have with each other, and the format you have to use coding wise to implement those specific lines.
  5. Comrade Crimson

    Most incompetent soldiers/warriors/armies

    Right, much like the other "Best whatever" threads, I decided to do one for history's losers and under-achievers. The worst militaries, most hilariously under performing battles and other such nonsense. For starters, the Austrian Hungarian empire in the Battle of Karansebes, which may or may...
  6. Comrade Crimson

    Alpha Centauri, Mods related to it and sprite modding shenanigans in general.

    Alright folks; before you hamper me for not using the search function to find out if there is no other threads about Alpha Centauri- I friggen did And all I found of relevance was Pixel's Forum Let's play from the odd score of years ago; of which the factions mostly pertained to forum...
  7. Comrade Crimson

    Thought experiment, alternate history:

    Hey folks, I got a thought experiment for you. Notes will be taken from this experiment to help me with potential brainstorming of a project I intend to do. The question here today is: What if Hitler never existed, and the Nazi's never took full power of the German Weimar Republic? Note...
  8. Comrade Crimson

    Occassional AAR: The Story of Stoltz

    This thread is going to be... a sorta dump for my screenshots. I often have found myself in a habit of taking photos in my games on Steam, and sometimes come up with marvelous results. I have a library of hundreds of photos and I upload them often. Why I do this... I do not know. I have no idea...
  9. Comrade Crimson

    Some tips for surviving.

    If you plan to play this; here is some tips for survival in this mod. 1. Don't bother with spears. For the most part due to armour penetration and how easy it is to close in on someone they are completely useless- there isn't enough horses in this game either to warrant them for the most part...
  10. Comrade Crimson

    2 minor problems.

    I am having issues where I cannot dismiss certain companions from my party nor can I see my custom coat of arms on any of the painted shields- I also cannot see other lord's coat of arms on their painted shields, everyone's is black. (I am playing in singleplayer storymode, for your awareness.)...
  11. Comrade Crimson

    Can someone do me a favour?

    I like this DLC, I loved Brytenwalda; but can someone do me a personal favour. When all of the major bugs, missing content and major technical bugs are patched and dealt with, can someone message or inform me when things have progressed to that point? I want to play this but I want to avoid the...
  12. Comrade Crimson

    Theives don't charge

    Prior to downloading the hotfix, thieves/ruffians charged at me no problem. After I downloaded it, they just stood there. All of them. This can be very frustrating when just starting out the game and you are crushing bandits to level up, but you can't easily find them on the map and you have...
  13. Comrade Crimson

    Music bug

    So far everything's been really smooth for me- but the music stops and keeps looping. Oddly enough if I minimize the game the music works just fine or during cutscenes, but in battles and stuff it just keeps jittering.
  14. Comrade Crimson

    Famous characters/NPC's

    For starters, I am honoured to make the first topic in this section!  :lol: But onto business. Given the setting, could someone give a list of all historical personalities inside the game? I know Ragnar's sons will make an appearance and a number of others, just wondering who to expect to find...
  15. Comrade Crimson

    Plus Size woman admiration thread Poll (Closed)

    The poll for this thread is finished, and it there was a fair amount of people who voted positive for the thread creation. This one shall be closed, I will paste all images to the new one. Thank you for voting!
  16. Comrade Crimson

    Voice Acting offer: To any who wish it.

    Hello, I am a hobbyist voice actor and I have voiced several characters across many mods such as Rise of the Reds for Generals Zero Hour, the Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 1 and 2 database and numerous other CnC mods such as Crystallized Doom. I have voiced many many characters, and I will upload...
  17. Comrade Crimson

    ComradeCrimson's Soundcloud

    I figured since this was the section for media, this would be an appropriate section for some voice acting stuff... I am a voice actor for various projects- and have done numerous voices. Many warhammer 40k things and CnC generals mods, and as a shout out to anyone here I would be happy to...
  18. Comrade Crimson

    Rhodoks and Swadians and some other issues- an opinion of a humble fan.

    I have played numerous Warband mods for a number of years now- and I like Silverstag for a variety of reasons. For the most part, it avoided the problems Floris had by being too overloaded with mods and what I detested the most of that mod (and keep in mind this is just my preference, I am...
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