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  1. Krik

    Monitor Issues

    My computer monitor lately has had a lot of trouble turning back on. If it loses power or gets put on standby, turning it on will get the purple Benq screen covered in static followed by an almost immediate automatic power off. Turning it on again will do the same thing but with slightly less...
  2. Krik

    The Island of Misfit Drugs

    Been suggested multiple times since the smokeshack is meant for marijuana, and I'm sure there's TW'ers who don't like the derailment of other threads. This is for anything from mushrooms to heroin to coke and anything in between. As for myself I love psychedelics and dissociatives more than any...
  3. Krik

    Random Freezing

    So recently my laptop has been locking up temporarily whenever it uses a lot of resources. The mouse and sound never stop responding but the taskbar and any application running will lock up. It will stay like this until I press CTRL+ALT+Delete, after I press that it'll come up with the normal...
  4. Krik

    Unofficial Computer Issues Thread

    So 2-3 days ago I was playing ArmA 2 with a friend, which always sort of pushes my computer to it's max, and then my computer made a ****ing horrible sound like someone ripped the sound card in half or something. Simultaneously, the screen went completely white and locked up so I turned it off...
  5. Krik

    Internet Problems

    So recently, after my internet has been running a while it's speed drops incredibly. Whenever that happens, I'll go unplug the cable-to-ethernet modem and the wifi router we use then plug 'em back in and it goes back to it's normal speedy self for a while until the speed drops again eventually...
  6. Krik

    Laptop Charger Issues

    My laptop charger broke, so I ordered a new one. This new one of course is being weird and I'm not sure if it's the charger or the laptop. The charger will charge for anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds before the battery light turns a blinking pink color which means that the cord is plugged in but...
  7. Krik

    Offensive Combat

    Found this game, it's a parody of most FPS games but the result is actually decently fun.
  8. Krik

    Unban Request Unsure- NW Official Server 1

    Well this is a bit of an unusual request, I was given a serial key by somebody only to find out that I'm banned from NW Official US Server 1 on that key. I can guarantee they aren't using this serial key anymore and it's now linked to my steam account, anyway I can't really get any of the...
  9. Krik

    Random Pausing Help Meh!!!

    Yesterday out of nowhere my laptop started pausing for 5 or so seconds every 30 seconds to a minute. I've restarted it and that didn't help so I went online looking for a solution, one person recommended turning off the laptop, taking the hard drive and ram out for a few minutes, then turning it...
  10. Krik

    Hey! Krik's Gonna Try and Build a Desktop

    So I got $400 last week for graduation, I wanna build something solely for gaming but I've never built a computer from scratch before. I've put parts together and such but you guys know a LOT more than me about this stuff so I'm gonna be posting here a lot for help. This is just for use for...
  11. Krik

    Laptop Overheating

    At least I think it's overheating however I bought one of those fan things you put your laptop on and it helped nothing. It seems to be overheating because I can surf the web for hours but if I play something like New Vegas or even Minecraft it runs perfectly fine but about 6-10 minutes in just...
  12. Krik

    APB Reloaded

    Ze Link This is a pretty fun game as far as MMO's go and it's free to play, so why the **** wouldn't you try it? Anyway I've been playing this game for a week or so and I pretty much love it and was wondering who else plays this game?
  13. Krik

    Help with computer speed, possible virus

    So when I got home from school yesterday, I found my brother had installed a new game on my computer. I asked him where he got it from and he responded with "pirate bay", so I immediately began removing it and deleting the .iso in my downloads folder, and now my computer is running like ****...
  14. Krik

    Help with forum

    No idea why it's doing this but I can barely read anything on the forum, no other sites have this problem.
  15. Krik

    Computer Help

    We seriously need an official thread for this. Anyway, my problem is one I've never had before. When running nearly any program while having music playing in the background, anytime the program I'm primarily using increases in usage the music makes a horrible digital, screeching sound. It even...
  16. Krik


    Really random but does anybody know of a cheap way to soundproof a room?
  17. Krik

    Johnny Got His Gun (Movie) Just saw this movie in it's entirety for the first time and it was ****ing amazing, first movie that actually made me feel anything other than dissapointment in a long time.
  18. Krik

    Epic Guitar Solos

    This thread is obviously about awesome guitar solos so post your favorite guitar solo(s). Mine would definitely be Floods by Pantera
  19. Krik

    Mike Portnoy Quits Dream Theater

    This sucks ass. EDIT: Also anyone else think this makes the rest of DT seem like douches for not taking a break or even letting him join up for small parts in the future?
  20. Krik

    Slipknot bassist dead at 38 Don't really like slipknot anymore but it's still pretty sad.
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