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  1. nereid

    In Progress [1.5.9] Misnamed bandits on the map

    Summary: Sometimes groups of bandits are named as looters on the map, in the example the group should be rightly called Sea Raiders, but can happen with all other types of bandits too How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video):
  2. Bando

    In Progress Hundreds of Sea Raiders

    So I've come across this bug since updating to 1.5.8 where sea bandit hideouts are pumping out sea bandits like it's a factory. All other bandit types have disappeared too, literally travelled all over calradia to find some Forrest bandits to convert. I'm finding them across the northern parts...
  3. Bratok

    Loot from battles need some kind of rework

    What's really off is the chance of acquiring GOOD loot.

    It seems that every unit has a loot table with drop chances and this table is either very limited or the chances are microscopic - like 0.000001% or something.
    I fought countless bandits, and while looters seem to drop everything they have (except stones, where are the stones??), high tier troops (forest bandits, mountain bandits, sea raiders) drop the MOST cheap and useless items ONLY. Even in bandit lair raids. I can capture 20 bandits (including high tier ones, bosses with really good equipment) alive and get NONE of their items. Calradians are so noble they won't even confiscate captives' weapons and armour... I ransom them fully equipped and get a couple of coins for a bandit boss, whose outfit costs literally THOUSANDS!!!

    I can defeat 50 fully armoured sea raiders and get ZERO helmets and not even a ****tiest piece of mail! But hey, no worries, bro! You can have their scarfs, fur hats and some broken weapons!!!
    I have managed to find only ONE helmet and ONE round shield in my 20 hours playthrough (mostly fighting bandits).

    In WB we got coins from every fight, at least some small amount. It was a steady income for early-mid game.
    In Bannerlord money loot is very rare. Even bandit lairs usually lack money loot.
    This system sucks, it breaks progression. With inflated prices (hyperinflated with irreplaceable RBM mod) on weapons and armour, combat loot is THE ONLY way to equip your PC and your companions in early-mid game, and get some profit for paying wages. And don't let me start on those useless tournament bets and "prizes".

    Do you remember how this worked in WB? At any difficulty level we:
    1. Solo some looters, get fur armour and cool beanie hats.
    2. Train some peasants while fighting looters and gang on some mountain/fores bandits. Dress in gambesons or leather armour.
    3. Try to fight sea raiders
    4. Get raped by sea raiders.
    5. Try again.
    6. Get some good byrnies and hauberks, Norse shields, helmets and weapons.
    7. Buy lots of butter with all those looted coins.
    8. BEAT THE **** OF SOME WEAK LORDS and so on.

    In WB we had a separate skill for looting, which really DID something. 10 points in looting gave us 140% more loot. In Bannerlord we have Roguery. which is painfully slow to level up, and contradicts some role-play factors (not everyone wants to be a scoundrel, deal with bandits and gangs) and it increases loot chances by how much? 10-15%? It's not even in the perk description.

    In Bannerlord I command an army of top tier heavy armour-clad infantry and horsemen, while wearing a patched gambeson and a pair of worn boots from dead looters. With no helmet, cause all Calradian helmets have a built-in self-destruct mechanism in case if its owner dies.
  4. hihowareyou

    I kill 2 looters rest runs off like coward?

    ...recruits in my army and enemy has 13 looters. But whenever we kill 2 of them, the rest are escaping like a coward. It is also happening in Sea bandits too. It is not logical to run off like that. My question is, is that a bug or normal feature? Thank you. Version:1.5.8 Mods: No mods, only...
  5. More bandit variety

    I'd like to see more bandit variety in the game, the one's that already exist give little added flavour from those that were present in warband. Some ideas I've had. Runaway slaves Would be around the Imperial factions, plenty of broken chains present on their persons, armed with pitchforks...
  6. Bannewbie

    Bandit spawn rate issue

    It seems something is broken then. Maybe lords stopped solving issues when they enter settlements (when they solve issue related to hideout it is cleared). Will check at monday.
    - Additional Reports -

    I've met Sea raiders in Forest bandits's hideout and Mountain bandits troop named Sea raider.
  7. 1.5.8 For me I have deemed unplayable

    I actually decided to keep playing a bit as well. Just ran into a group of bandits labeled Sea raiders but had mountain bandit colors on the icon. Attacked it and sure enough, it was mountain bandits. Have also seen a couple of lords parties zip across the screen so fast that if you blinked your eyes, you missed it.
    I call right now the sea raider challenge, trying to keep a tiny party alive in a sea of.....well, Sea Raiders in Valandia. I call my save on this playthrough Raidercon V

    There is one bright side to this buggy mess. Since the sea raiders destroy and loot every caravan coming into the area food and trade goods are not a problem :smile:
  8. "i'LL MaKe OnE oF yUo bLeEd" says a group of 5 looters...

    honestly, if they were an actual threat, like sea raider or steep bandits, then I wouldn't care, but they're just so weak, man. why won't they just give up!
  9. gronaz

    In Progress [1.5.8 Beta] Haven't seen any roaming bandits in over 100 days, is it intended ?[.sav]

    In my battanian game started with version 1.5.8, there are only a few sea raiders left. But I don't see any looters or mountain or forest bandits anymore even next to their hideouts.
    Big issue for bandit related quests.
  10. Bandit spawn rate issue

    I am having a similar issue except I'm getting masses of sea raiders in their spawn zones, but not bandits of any type in other spawn zones.
  11. Bandit spawn rate issue

    It has been fixed with the latest hot fix : )
    Although personally I find I am missing the bandit hordes as it made for some welcome variety and with a bit of judicial purging I'd been able to keep them under sort of under control (albeit I had sea bandits which are easier to catch than some) and I'd pity any one unfortunate to have to face forest bandit hordes.
    Do you had to start a new game or it worked in the same save?
  12. High Solar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    So i was walking around Omor and north west of the city where the vast tundra is located i saw ALOT of sea raider parties naturally i started fighting them and got rich in no time. Now i really like this because i dont have to farm silly little looter parties, but i have a huntch this is either a bug or some really awesome RNG with the bandit hideouts.

    You guys ran in to the hordes of sea raiders in this location or some similar situation with bandit hordes in different areas ? I think this is awesome there should be these hordes of bandits roaming the steppes and deserts with the corresponding bandit types of course.
  13. LeoWubs

    Bandit spawn rate issue

    From what I can tell, it seems that one kind of bandit in one area dominates. It might be different every time.

    Currently for me it's Sea Raiders in Vlandia. I struggle to make it to some of their cities with a party of 100. Although I'm loving my Sea Raider chief converts. Saves me going looking for Sturgians. My update stream is constant Vlandian lords being captured, so I don't imagine they're going to do well if someone attacks them.
    It's literally the hideouts being way out of control, so if there's a hideout, a certain type of bandit will control the region. I have seen a mix of different types due to hideouts being relatively close. Charas/Jaculan have a Sea Raider and Mountain Bandit hideout relatively close to one another so you'll be able to see a mix of them if they both spawn.
  14. High Solar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    I have to say encountering often and fighting high tier bandits like sea raiders is fun BUT this is ridiculous, this needs fixing but they need to be encountered in certain location way more often than normal.
  15. What's up with hideouts?

    You guys ever see this "seaside Hideout". I think I took this in1.5.6, it was just a normal searaider hideout but it was named differently
    i knew that there can be one because in the early version half year or more ago i just killed sea raiders to push my soldiers xp and the loot is just the best bandits can have.
  16. Because

    Bandit spawn rate issue

    Anyone can confirm the bandits have been fixed? I'd check myself but won't have access to a computer for a while :sad:
    It has been fixed with the latest hot fix : )
    Although personally I find I am missing the bandit hordes as it made for some welcome variety and with a bit of judicial purging I'd been able to keep them under sort of under control (albeit I had sea bandits which are easier to catch than some) and I'd pity any one unfortunate to have to face forest bandit hordes.
  17. Dnin - Bandits base quest

    When 'Bandit base near Dnin' quest is accepted, the hideout appears on the other side of the sea (bay). That doesn't make much sense, those bandits cannot be a threat to the village. Also it is hard to accomplish the quest in case of war with the faction that controls the way to the hideout.
  18. Console commands - delete parties on world map?

    After I upgraded to beta patch 1.5.8, the bug with bandit spawning has basically ruined my campaign. It took me a long time to notice because I never go down there, but the entire southern desert is just a sea of literally thousands of desert bandit parties, they eat every caravan or peasant...
  19. Roguery

    Absolutely agree! I burn 100+ towns ransom 40k Khuzaits and get 200 roguery. They need to speed up it!

    Thats a rlly good skill cuz your bandits get +20% xp, -20% wage, -50% consume food, +2% attack. Also +2%1h swords and+2%2h for all troops. I collect Forest bandits +Sea raider chiefs and they good
  20. Lesbosisles

    My concerns about the approach of TW to feature additions and their prioritisations

    What do you need these for? In Viking Conquest ships were the least favourite of the features for me. Very clanky. And if you pick some quest like "Kill bandits" they may be at sea for months and you won't find them. But at least, in VC there was a huge water territory, which is not the case for Bannerlord.
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