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  1. Zombie Warrior

    corona? :(

    Agreed, and in addition, those mods are a bit of a leftist Gestapo permabanning people who would have clean records here. So, not a good example of moderation.
    Honestly, the gestapo, politically aligned to a side on the spectrum or not, is a bit everywhere nowadays. They should clone the TaleWorlds forum moderators and put those in charge of other communities haha

    Vaccines will always generate some fears. However those fears are exacerbated in these times due to the pandemic scale of the disease we're trying to prevent. Also those clot stories are bad news, most people fear death and will thus try to avoid it even where it is unlikely to happen. This is so severe than over here people for whose turn it is to get their shot refuse to receive the vaccine if it's astra zeneca... which will just make the third wave bigger with all those people who are waiting for more doses of moderna or Pfizer.

    Speaking of vaccines, have you guys heard? Chile has agreeably surprised everyone by having one of the best vaccination rates. Good job Chile, you've done a better job than many countries which have much bigger budgets for healthcare! Now, if you'll excuse me I have a plane and a shot to catch
  2. Zombie Warrior

    Debating implementation of a Reaction/Like system

    aren't +1 and -1 posts against the rules anyways? It's not like we need a solution to replace them, but rather a way to prevent them from existing. +1 and -1 have the same effect as thumbs up and thumbs down and thus they should be more strictly prohibited.
  3. Zombie Warrior

    What made you awestruck or astonished today?

    Started teaching in coronatimes and holy Moly, MS Teams is like a really really handy piece of work. Convenient, easy to use, easy to navigate. Love it. I tried Slack some time before in some other project, but this Teams things is next level. Would recommend.

    (this message was not paid for by Bill Gates, I promiss)
    Agreed, Teams is very optimized for classrooms. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I tried it. Slack has nothing on Teams. Though, in the end, I still prefer Discord for everything else, so for the sake of having everything on the same platform...
  4. Zombie Warrior

    Tolkien Modding Community @M&B

    I'll have to check it out!
  5. Zombie Warrior

    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    I hope you're being ironic. What's happening in Myanmar is dangerous for the health of its democracy.
  6. Zombie Warrior

    Darker Than Blue Forum Theme

    I finally took the time to take a look at and modify the small screen layout. Also includes small fixes.

    - Return of the border for post blocks
    - Removed the bottom border of category names (as before)
    - Header scroller (for smaller viewports)
    - Canvas menu (for smaller viewports)
    - expand link
    - temporary fix for quote blocks inside of editor
    - fixed alerts
    - fixed conversations

    btw, if there's interest in other colour palettes or a border free version, I can look into that.
  7. Zombie Warrior

    Tolkien Modding Community @M&B

    I wish them good luck! Especially in covid times where there are many more people doing game jams and just modding/game projects in general, artists are in high demand everywhere.
  8. Zombie Warrior

    Armenian Genocide (?)

    I know, and I literally don't care because it's completely irrelevant here.
    I always wonder what's the point of that argument though. You'd think they'd know by now it makes no sense.
  9. Zombie Warrior

    Darker Than Blue Forum Theme

    The newest update screwed up with a lot of things. It wouldn't have been that bad if it didn't add yet even more !importants :rolleyes: and overall the new css is as impressively stupid as before, so nothing new on that front. The code was pretty spaghetti before, but now it is ten times more messy. You can tell that I consequently enjoyed updating the theme. I think I lost a bit of my soul in there. By the way, if you spot any inconsistency, please report it here. I'll fix it as fast as I can.

    * Fixed bbcode toolbar
    * Fixed category border
    * Fixed calendar
    * Fixed tooltips
    * Fixed bbtable
    * Fixed groups
    * Fixed selection
    * Fixed save/cancel bar in editor
    * I was tired of the current header image so we went back to the pre-v7 header image
    * Some minor stuff
  10. Zombie Warrior

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    @Callum @Janus
    Can we put the "Like answers" option to the forum? It is unnecessary to give text messages like "I like it, you are right, yes" to every comment I like...
    IIRC you aren't supposed to write such empty replies like e222's in the first place.
  11. Zombie Warrior

    Tolkien Modding Community @M&B

    Congratulations to the KoA team!
  12. Zombie Warrior

    La Taverne : "Du rhum, des femmes, de la bière nom de Dieu..."

    Bonne année 2021! J'aurais recommandé un recours collectif contre Dieu/Odin/Zeus/Le Karma/Boudha/etc afin de demander un remboursement intégral de l'année 2020, mais j'ai peur qu'on se refasse refiler le même citron. Je ferai donc de gros efforts pour oublier l'année précédente.

    Certains disent que 2021 sera l'année de l'espoir; espérons-le! Sur ce, tchin!
  13. Zombie Warrior

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    Infinite scroll – you would scroll indefinitely in threads (until the messages end). No need to click the next page. Also could apply to scroll threads in the main forum pages.
    Maybe on a phone or tablet it could be better to a certain extant, but on pcs? That's a solid no for me. I have dropped the forums and webcomics which do this because it becomes harder finding specific posts or pages. If you want to go to page 20, you have to manually scroll down to page 20 and some comments just become unavoidably lost. I think that kind of system works well for something like youtube's comment system due to the sheer number of people on there and how messy the comment order is anyway, but on a forum, it just doesn't work at all that well. If a thread is very long, it becomes more tedious scrolling down than actually clicking next first, last or the page I want to go to, and I generally don't like scrolling down when I'm on a pc in comparison to when I'm on my phone, which I never use for forums anyway because the screen is too small for me.

    There's an add-on available for this. We'll discuss it.
    I speak in my name because I don't have any statistics on appreciation of or knowledge about how user friendly this feature actually is, but I believe there at least a few others who support my point of view and we should matter too if the add-on is discussed.
  14. Zombie Warrior

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)


    I don't know if it has been asked before, I couldn't find it, but would it be possible to have the "Show new replies to your posts." option in the new forum?


    It was a very efficient way to keep track of the threads you had commented in. I might be missing something obvious but I find quite a hassle having to pro-actively watch every single thread I have posted in. Thanks.
    Time for my shameless self advertising
  15. Zombie Warrior

    corona? :(

    I lost some weight while self-isolating, though, which is nice.


    I also managed to lose some weight since it all began. I use the transit time to do more exercise and I have less money for junk food, so it must have helped.
  16. Zombie Warrior

    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    That's an odd way to spell Turkic.
    That's an odd way to spell Persian Empire.
  17. Zombie Warrior

    Notre communauté ne comprend pas ce qu'est un francophone

    Je suis ouvert au fleur de lys comme symbole, je trouve que c'est une bonne idée. Je suis aussi d'accord avec FR pour francophones. Je crois que ce sont des symboles encore mieux que le drapeau et les couleurs de la francophonie, qui comme Roudrac le dit, est aussi un organisme politique.
  18. Zombie Warrior

    Notre communauté ne comprend pas ce qu'est un francophone

    Je trouve aberrant le fait que quelques français se soient approprié le terme francophone comme s'il était un simple simple synonyme de citoyen de la France. Malheureusement, ces quelques français répandent un usage incorrect d'un mot qui a une définition simple: quelqu'un dont la langue d'usage...
  19. Zombie Warrior

    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    This is but a brief respite. I can hardly believe the war is over. But it is. It seems the Armenians are pretty upset about the outcome, I can understand that, you can hardly be glad to be on the losing side. Especially since this is a war borne out of hatred more than anything else. But I hope the two sides can figure out how to resolve their conflicts peacefully and come to a compromise which makes them both happy.
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