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  1. Darian

    Buying the Game

    Warband is listed on Amazon.com for US$30. The TaleWorlds price will probably be similar.
  2. Darian

    (v.1.011) OnBoard Sound Card Compatibility Issue

    Your audio driver is ancient (dating back to 2004) which is potentially the source of this problem. The first thing to do is get the latest driver from Dell Drivers and Downloads (the dxdiag doesn't specify your system's model so I can't give you a more precise link, sorry). You may also be able to get an updated driver via Windows Update, but manufacturers' own drivers are preferable because they are often newer.

    You should also install any and all "critical" and "recommended" Windows Updates, including Service Pack 3. You should also run the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer to ensure you have all the optional DirectX compatibility files (it will find and download them automatically).
  3. Darian

    Not a valid Win32 application?

    It's possible that your security software has broken it in its attempts to "quarantine" the supposed trojan. Try downloading and installing it again with your security software disabled the whole time.

    Alternately, stop using AVG and get Avast!; it has a similar feature set but better detection and a lower false positive rate; it never complains about any version of Mount&Blade or Warband.
  4. Darian

    Warband on a thumbdrive?

    del_diablo said:
    Jacking over loads of register files will do the trick, if you got R/W permission on the schools computers.
    Mount&Blade activation data is tied to the particular hardware hash of the system you activated it on. While gradual hardware upgrades will pass just fine, a totally different system will not because its hash won't match.
  5. Darian

    Warband on a thumbdrive?

    In order to play on any different system you need to reactivate the game. Copying the activation data from your home system will not work.

    Another thing to try if you haven't already is to restart the system in "Safe Mode with Networking" mode (hold F8 during boot). Running in Safe Mode temporarily disables security software and other such things that could be interfering with Warband.
  6. Darian

    Character won't export

    If you are using Vista or newer the CharExport data is located in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Mount&Blade or similar (the VirtualStore path reflects the folder structure of where the game is installed to).
  7. Darian

    vista troubles

    You can do one of the following:

    1. Copy the files to a non-protected location (such as the desktop), make the changes, then copy them back (confirming the change when prompted)
    2. Run Notepad in administrator mode (right click it in the Start Menu to do this) and then open the files you want in it. You can do this by manually browsing to them within Notepad or by dragging them into its window.
  8. Darian

    Fuzzy textures.

    In your video card's control panel, try setting the mipmapping and antristrophic settings to "quality" or "high quality". If you are using the simplified control panel layout, do this with the quality slider instead.
  9. Darian

    Finding CD key?

    To clarify the above, your original Mount&Blade key is not in the registry. The one stored there is the special one generated from a combination of your key and your hardware hash. While this activation data will generally be OK across hardware upgrades it will not work on a totally different machine. Contact eSellerate through the link Drahcir posted above. For best results it helps if you remember and have access to the email address you used when buying the key.
  10. Darian

    Cannot save my modified module.ini file, help please!

    Program Files is a protected location. Changing files there requires admin elevation. There are two ways to edit this file:

    1. Make a copy of the file somewhere, edit it there, then copy it back (confirming the overwrite and admin prompt when asked).
    2. Launch Notepad in administrator mode (right click on its Start Menu entry to do this) and then navigate to the file you want to edit.
  11. Darian

    Playing Warband on desktop and laptop

    Mount&Blade is allowed to be activated on up to two systems within any 60-day period. It is common for software to allow you to install it on two or three home systems from the same license in this sort of manner; however, Warband probably requires each connecting user to have a unique serial.
  12. Darian

    Mount&Blade: With Fire and Sword Standalone

    Schmea said:
    it makes me smile a bit to hear that Armagan and Taleworlds are making some mullah off this project.
    I think the word you are looking for is moolah; if Armagan is Muslim he will already have a mullah. :wink:
  13. Darian

    Mount&Blade: With Fire and Sword Standalone

    This game isn't even out yet, let alone with an English version. Give it time. According to the GameCorner interview it will have a proper storyline which will vary depending on which faction the player joins. Aside from Storymod there has been no real effort to give Mount&Blade a full-blown, story-based questline, so this sounds very promising.

    CD Projekt is committed to patching and improving the titles they produce (The Witcher, first released in 2007, has just recently had a free "Director's Cut" content patch), so this isn't just a quick money-grab. The interview indicates that Warband's improvements will be made available once Warband has been released.
  14. Darian

    Mount&Blade: With Fire and Sword Standalone

    The text of With Fire and Sword is in the public domain so anyone can make works based on it. Because of this the modders making their own interpretation could only get in trouble if they specifically use designs or whatever from one of the film versions or from CD Projekt's game. The existence of the film versions might lead to trademark issues in certain countries if CD Projekt want to release this as With Fire and Sword there (which is how the book's title has typically been translated in English-speaking countries).

    At the moment this game is only being marketed in Russia and Poland (with other European countries possibly following); there is no indication of it being released elsewhere, but if one of the releases includes an English localisation you could buy a key or whatever and play it anyway.
  15. Darian

    Beta Installer Marked as Virus

    You simply need to add Warband to NOD32's whitelist (which might be called "exceptions", "safe files", or something else along those lines). This will then allow you to play it without further interference. You may need to repeat this process each time a new Warband patch is released, however.
  16. Darian

    AVG Anti-virus will not allow you to install/play the beta.

    Cormac BAMC said:
    Of course, won't there need to be a new false positive update with every iteration of beta?
    No, they just need to improve their detection accuracy so that Mount&Blade won't be caught at all regardless of what form it takes. I've never had Avast! complain about any build of Mount&Blade, for instance, including Warband.
  17. Darian

    Problem with menu

    Go to where you installed the game (C:\Program Files\Mount&Blade by default) and delete binkplay.exe.
  18. Darian

    Mount&Blade Warband version 0.560 is released

    Huh. Well, in that case the other possibility is that your antivirus software is interfering with Themida.
  19. Darian

    Themida Error !!!

    Some antivirus programs interfere with Themida's behaviour. Disable all active security software, then reinstall Mount&Blade and activate it (if it asks you to do so). Then try running it. If it works, re-enable your security software; if the problem shows up again you should add Mount&Blade's files and/or directory to your antivirus's whitelist (which may be called "safe files", "my trusted files", "ignore list", or some other fancy name).
  20. Darian

    Mount&Blade Warband version 0.560 is released

    Tibertus said:
    When trying to start from the shortcut, I get this.
    If I recall correctly, 0xc0150002 is one of the Data Execution Prevention error codes.

    Right-click on Computer and choose Properties. Choose Advanced system settings from the list on the left (if using Vista or newer) and then on the Advanced tab of the next window click Settings under Performance. Click on the Data Execution Prevention tab. Either set DEP to the top option or use Add to add mb_warband.exe to the exceptions list.
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