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  1. crodio

    stupid game for phoneposters

    do you guys want to do this? the post before you provides an initial word, you type the word and then use the word prediction thingy in your phone a few times. Hillary Clinton ensues for example chicken housing can be decomposed into the gulag just like the basic premise of the future will...
  2. crodio

    El rey ha muerto, que viva el rey!

    Bueno no murió en realidad... Algún español querría darme su punto de vista? España debería ser una República? Todo esta bien asi como esta y nada debería cambiar? Saludos
  3. crodio

    Learning German

    Hi all! sorry if i speak to you in english, but that's the reason why i'm here. I want to learn the german language, can you people help me? my knowledge about it is absolutely null so i would like to start from the most basic stuff, like greeting and presenting yourself and all that stuff. Any...
  4. crodio

    problem with towns names etc..

    hi, i have warband with some unofficial translate that change english to spanish. the problem is that the mod have the old names from native cities and other stuff like that. i read this thread: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,136401.0.html and i do what it says and still equal, can...
  5. crodio

    problem with spanish traduction

    hi, i have a problem, i have the game translated into spanish with a non-official patch and everything is ok, except that  the name of the factoins and some cities is changed, holy roman empire is sarranid sultanate as a example.  :mrgreen: if you can help i will be very obrigado
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