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  1. scarface52

    In Progress You can't sack the town if the army leader dies during siege assault

    If the army leader dies during siege assault, the game thinks that the player (and probably other lords too) is not part of the army that took it. As a result, you can't participate in the sack of the town.
  2. scarface52

    In Progress Using the "Character Customization" menu changes character weight

    Summary: Using the "Character Customization" menu changes character weight. How to Reproduce: Open the "Character Customization" menu by pressing V and click done. Media: Before After
  3. scarface52

    In Progress Tooltips are broken for battle gains

    Summary: Tooltip for renown gains is bugged as shown in the screenshot. Influence and morale tooltips don't even show up if they are supposed to. Media:
  4. scarface52

    Need More Info Cavalry troops bend too much with new cheering animations

    Summary: Cavalry troops bend too much while cheering to the point it causes some unrealistic visuals. How to Reproduce: Won a battle and watch cavalry cheer until they do it. Media:
  5. scarface52

    In Progress Forest Bandit Boss has incorrect skills

    Summary: Forest Bandit Boss has 120 One-Handed, 160 Two-Handed skills while using a one-handed weapon. It's also incorrectly tagged as a ranged unit in bandits.xml. Media:
  6. scarface52

    In Progress Army pop-up overlay issue

    Summary: Black transparent overlay that appears after clicking on army members while leading an army appears to be misaligned. How to Reproduce: Create an army and after someone joins it click on their portrait at the right bottom corner of the screen. Media:
  7. scarface52

    Resolved Number of corpses option appears twice

    Summary: "Number of Corpses" option appears under both Video and Performance tab in the options menu.
  8. scarface52

    Resolved Dismount effect doesn't work

    Summary: Dismount effect doesn't work by any means. Here is a detailed explanation from @bm01 that points out the source of the issue:
  9. scarface52

    Prisoner recruitment improvements

    Some of these are probably on your to-do list, but a post wouldn't hurt I guess. 1) Assuming that prisoners share conformity like XP, have a bar to show conformity progress and requirement. There is no explanation of this mechanic in the game currently. 2) Show morale changes for prisoner...
  10. scarface52

    Show consumed horses for troop upgrading

    Pretty straightforward. Show consumed horses on the tooltip of the done button (similar to trading) while upgrading troops. Like this:
  11. scarface52

    List gains for troop and prisoner donation

    We can gain relation, renown and influence bonuses by donating troops and prisoners to settlements. Problem is, we can't see what we will gain during the transaction. Showing these gains would be helpful. It can be shown similar to troop upgrade costs or inventory transaction tooltip (hovering...
  12. scarface52

    Don't show troops in ransom broker screen

    When selecting prisoners to sell in tavern or to give them for the "Landowner Needs Manual Laborers" quest, party screen lists troops in our party. Since there isn't any interaction regarding our troops in these situations they just bloat the screen. Having troop list minimized or hidden in this...
  13. scarface52

    Resolved Damage Report Inconstancy

    Summary: Damage report on the right feed and the middle feed shows different numbers. Occurs very frequently in all sorts of situations including tournaments and field battles. How to Reproduce: Deal damage. Media (Screenshots & Video):
  14. scarface52

    In Progress Can't Right Click on Some Troops in Hideout Troop Selection Screen

    Summary: In hideout troop selection screen, hovering over units changes the button color and cursor icon which indicates that you can right click to access encyclopedia page for that unit. But this behavior doesn't work consistently. In the image below I can't right click to Vlandian Footmen...
  15. scarface52

    Resolved Health Bars Appears for Troops in Hideout Selection Menu

    Summary: Health bars which should only appear for heroes also appears for 'single' units in hideout troop selection menu. How to Reproduce: Have any troop type with a single unit in your party and attack a hideout. Media (Screenshots & Video):
  16. scarface52

    In Progress Long Named Tournament Prizes Overflows the UI Box

    Summary: Items with long names such as "Segmented Cervelliere Over Padded Cloth" will overflow the UI box when selected as a prize by the game. How to Reproduce: Find a tournament with a long named prize. Media (Screenshots & Video):
  17. scarface52

    Resolved Cancelling Caravan Trade Creates Free Loot Pop-up

    Summary: After getting into a trade with a caravan on campaign map, using "cancel" button presents the "you are leaving hard earned loot" button. How to Reproduce: Talk with a caravan master and check out his products. In the trade menu click "cancel" button. Media (Screenshots & Video):
  18. scarface52

    Resolved String Error for "Enable Tutorial"

    Summary: Hovering over "Enable Tutorial" text in the campaign options reveals an error message. How to Reproduce: Hover over "Enable Tutorial" text in the campaign options. Media (Screenshots & Video):
  19. scarface52

    Mercenary Recruitment UI

    Current way of recruiting mercenary soldiers through UI looks like this: As you would agree current implementation is not on par with quality of UI in rest of the game has. You can't see the soldier you are recruiting and you can't get any info about it without typing to the encyclopedia...
  20. scarface52

    Save Status of Map Bar

    The map bar in question: Every time I enter my save game, I extend this bar before doing anything. It would be great if this information about it's size was saved. This one click can get pretty boring after a while.
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